The Tale of the King

By Ellie All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


King Edward needs an heir to the throne. But he doesn't think that monarchy is fair. The solution? Select five young men to compete in the Quest to collect and gather all seven ancient heirlooms that have been in the royal family for centuries. And the winner? They become king. The losers? They die. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Just avoid dying and find a few objects. Well, think again...


“On September 18, 2046, an unknown country bombed Washington D.C., destroying most of the city, including the White House. Around 200,000 people were killed and more than 400,000 were injured.

A few weeks after the bombing, the president at the time, President Andorra Greene, gave an order to the military to bomb the capitals of every country once a day in revenge.

‘I don’t think this is a good idea,’ a citizen said. ‘You can’t just bomb every country in the world, especially when most countries, if not all, are innocent. Greene is just asking for war.’

Despite the protests, the military complied. One by one, almost all the countries declared war on the United States. This was the start of World War III. On July 24, 2058, World War III was declared the bloodiest war in human history. By the end of the war, the only place left on Earth that was still habitable was the western part of the United States. President Andorra Greene, along with many other rulers was killed in the war.

The remaining rulers decided to split the territory into equal parts and turn them into monarchies. The first king of the Kingdom of Imperium was King Charles Alienora.

However, the great-grandson of King Charles, King Edward Alienora, decided that having a monarchy will not benefit his kingdom. On March 28, 2143, he declared that the next king shall not be his son. He decided that the Test shall occur whenever the current king is close to death. In the Test, every willing man shall take a test to determine their knowledge. The five smartest men shall be chosen. Their names will be made public in the Announcement, and their families will be notified beforehand.

These men shall be known as the Competitors. The Competitors will then get paired up with the Enforcers (the king’s sons, daughters, or advisors) who will, as the name implies, enforce the rules of the Quest.

The Competitors and the Enforcers will enter the Quest to locate all the royal family’s heirlooms. The heirlooms are a medieval tiara topped with jewels worth millions of dollars, a scroll of ancient poems that is said to give the user unlimited knowledge, a deadly dagger tipped with poison that has murdered thousands of people, a piece of brick from the White House, a reminder of what the world used to be like, a book of powerful magical spells from the early 1600s, a shard of glass allowing the user to communicate with anyone they wish, and the Excalibur itself.

In the Quest, the men may go anywhere they wish in the kingdom to search for the heirlooms. They can kill other competitors and steal their heirlooms. They are not allowed to harm the Enforcers in any way.

When there is only one man alive or when all the heirlooms have been collected, the heirlooms shall be counted and the man who collected the most will win and become king. The rest will be executed.

Through the process of the Test and the Quest, only the best of the best shall become king. The first Test is to occur on May 23, 2143.

-From The History of Imperium

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