Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 8

It took her five hours to get her final conclusion. But, she was not sure if she could tell Cohen about it just yet. Although her heart was against keeping secret from Cohen, Amanda valued her life. She couldn’t die without helping him to get Mira back. It didn’t matter if his mate was resurrected or not. They just needed to get her back. That was the goal.

Yes, it would be better if Mira was resurrected. At least, that would give Cohen a second chance. But, Amanda feared someone resurrected Mira for a bigger goal that hung between life and death.

The white witch returned to the pack mansion and prayed that she wouldn’t face Cohen. Three Enforcers came from the office and carried the broken desk and chair before another group of Enforcers came with the new replacements. Amanda entered the office and let out a sigh of relief. There were just Liam and a few Enforcers as they were picking up the scattered notes and books from the floor. One Enforcer was fixing the wall where Cohen had punched yesterday. This was what kind of maintenance team should be. They fixed everything right after something was broken.

Nah, this was just another familiar experience to them. The white witch knew this wasn’t the first time they had to fix the office because none of them looked surprised.

“You’re here,” Liam said but his tone was being sarcastic as if he didn’t want her there.

The Beta had seen his Alpha in the worst condition but he never saw Cohen was that mad.

“Could we talk in private?” Amanda requested.

She knew how much the pack was looking up to Mira. Amanda didn’t want them to think she was dishonoring their Luna because of the conclusion she had made.

“Guys, could you leave us for the moment?” He asked from the Enforcers.

They nodded and stopped what they were doing to leave the office. The last person to exit, he closed the door behind. Liam crossed his arms and his right foot tapped impatiently on the floor.

“I know you’re mad at me for what happened yesterday.” Amanda began. The Beta wanted to say something but she signaled him to shut up for now. “Just hear me out, okay? What I felt in Cohen’s mind was no joke. I’ve seen Vincent’s case. And I know how to differentiate between breaking and reconstructing.”

“Maybe you could have just keep your finding to yourself for the moment and wait until Cohen is stable enough to handle every news about his mate or his mating bond.”

“Liam, are you saying I’m lying?”

Liam rubbed his face. “Look, Amanda. I’m tired. You’re tired. We’re all tired. Every slight news could cause a catastrophic disaster especially if you involved a berserk Alpha in it. I’m not saying you’re lying or anything. Just think thoroughly before you say anything in front of Cohen.”

Amanda nodded in understanding. “I understood. There is something I wanted to tell you about.” She took a deep breath as if she was about to talk at a conference. “I think someone had resurrected Mira.”

“Amanda, this is—”

“No joke. I get it.” She cut him off. “But I’m certain she had been resurrected from the dead.”

Amanda dug into her mountain of books with her eyes were scanning for something she was desperately looking.

Liam stopped her, “Amanda, do you know what this could mean? If this gets to Cohen’s ears without any proof, he could go mad again.”

“I know but I also know I’m not wrong.”

She explained about Cohen’s mating bond was reconstructing in his mind, the white roses appeared on Mira’s grave and the unnamed tombstone. When someone was resurrected from the dead, white roses was the first sign of such an event because white roses were the sign of a new start. Resurrecting a dead person also meant it was a new start for that person.

Cohen’s mating bond was reconstructing because his mate was back from the dead. Usually, the mating bond would weaken if someone lost their mate to give the surviving mate another chance of having a second mate. The bond would break completely if the surviving mate had marked his second mate. But, Cohen hadn’t had a second mate so his mating bond with Mira was reconstructing again. That was why he was in a pain every time.

The unnamed tombstone happened because the person was back from the dead. It was an insult to have their name written on a tombstone after they were resurrected. But that wasn’t just the explanation.

“Stories were told,” She paused.

Again, witches were really good at listening to stories.

Amanda dug her books again until she found the one she was looking for. She flipped a few pages until it was the page she intended to show. A myth about the resurrection spell.

“When someone was resurrected from the dead, you could do many things to them — like making them forget about their past or making them do your bidding. Whoever resurrected Mira surely didn’t want her to find out about her past.”

“What you are trying to say is that resurrecting a dead person is possible,” Liam massaged his forehead for so much information.

“I couldn’t find the spell in any books. Many books and scrolls were destroyed when the Great War happened between all four species.”

The Great War happened thousands of years ago which broke the peace between the four species. Since then, everyone was at each other’s throat and wars happened at every corner.

“And there’s more,” She pointed to the second paragraph on the page. “If you want to resurrect someone from the dead, you have to pay it with life. A life for a life. That is the final ingredient. The price you have to pay.”

“Unless someone put someone else’s life as the final ingredient and payment.”

“The spell is too strong. Not even the strongest witches could do it.”

Or a necromancer.

“How do you know not even them could do it?”

Amanda’s expression changed, “The last time they tried to resurrect someone, the entire village was infected by a deadly disease. Four hundred people died overnight. Every time they tried to resurrect someone, something catastrophic happened. Thousands of lives have perished. So, they destroyed all the evidence related to the spell. At least that was what mentioned afterward.”

“Look, you’re going to find out more. But at the time being, we keep this from the Alpha. Understand? Do I have your words?”

“Do you think he would like it if we hide things from him?”

“The last thing we wanted to tell him is that his mate is out there—resurrected into a different person by an unknown person. Cohen would explode, you know. His mind isn’t even stable enough to handle the news that his mating bond is reconstructing. Let alone finding the possibility his mate had been resurrected.”

Amanda nodded. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

“I don’t,” he replied. “But, we’re living close to a town populated by over 4000 people. It’s better to be this way for the sake of everyone. We would tell him when the time comes.”

“You have my words until then.”

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