Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 7

Amanda forgot how many times she had come here and stared the same grave over and over again. She was hoping to spot something she missed before. Everything was the same. Maybe her eyes were too accustomed to looking at the grave. Perhaps she could ask someone to lend a help to her. A fresh pair of eyes to look at the grave would always be welcomed because her eyes couldn’t spot anything else except for the white roses, a clean casket, and unnamed tombstone.

And not to forget about Cohen’s mating bond. As much as Amanda wanted to admit of a certain spell could be truly existed, she wanted to make sure that she didn’t miss anything yet. It was too early to make a final conclusion. Thinking about how the Alpha would react to anything else she would say about this case, Amanda would need to say things carefully around him if she valued her life.

The white witch sat down and brainstormed harder than before. Why would someone go through so much trouble breaking her spell to take Mira’s body? And who on Earth would be able to do that? That spell was the strongest spell. Yet, the robber managed to break it.

She knew a demon wolf-like Mira would be very valuable to those who wanted to exploit her. That was why Amanda warded the grave to prevent this thing from happening. But apparently, there was someone else stronger than her who was able to break the spell.

Could it be another minion of Damien? Perhaps Emma Kincaid? That woman vampire was conveniently dropped from the face of Earth on the day of the battle. It was too convenient. Even if Emma Kincaid did involve in this, she was no witch. There was no way she could break the spell on her own.

The white witch grunted and pinched the bridge of her nose. Too many ‘maybes’. It led her to nowhere.

There were too many questions were popping in her mind. She was desperately in need of answers. Staring at Mira’s empty grave for hours wouldn’t give Amanda the answers she was looking for.

What did she miss here? Cohen’s mating bond? The white roses? The unnamed tombstone? Empty grave with no evidence indicated Mira’s body decompose?

“Tell me, Mira, what I missed,” She mumbled to herself.

“Maybe you were looking at the wrong angle.” Her voice rung inside Amanda’s ears.

She huffed and stood up, “Well show me, master.”

“Tracking someone isn’t just about sniffing for their scent or looking for their footprint.” Mira began as she crouched down to inspect the footprint on the damp soil. “It almost means pretending yourself as that person. Figure out where he could have been running. Broken branches. Drops of blood. The tears of clothes. Look for anything suspicious. Not just the footprint and scent.” She stood up. “You wouldn’t want to go against the wind. Where is the direction of the wind?”

“To the west,” Amanda pointed to the left.

“Good. Going against the wind would make his body temperature drop faster. He wouldn’t want that if he wanted to survive in the wilderness.”

“How did you know?” Amanda asked as she followed Mira to the west.

“I learned from the hard way.”

Mira taught her everything she knew. Tracking, killing, talking, extracting information — anything that could contribute to their survival because Mira knew what it felt like not having anyone to teach those to her.

“Wrong angle.” Amanda got up from the ground. “I was looking at the wrong angle.”

She was looking in the angle of Cohen’s mother who found the grave was dug out. She also looked at the angle of those who investigated this grave. Amanda didn’t bother to look in a different angle because she thought she had spotted everything she needed to see.

Turned out, she hadn’t seen everything. She hadn’t seen in the angle of Mira when she dug out by someone.

“What?” Oliver asked.

Liam had tasked two Enforcers Oliver and Jay to be around her all the times to help with anything. Well, there was nothing for them to help at the moment because Amanda was close to her final conclusion.

She jumped into the grave and lay down, pretending as if she was the one inside the casket.

Oliver and Jay stared at her action, waiting for her explanation. Amanda closed her eyes. If there was one thing she learned from Mira in every hunting, the redheaded huntress saw everything in every angle. Mira never missed a spot which why she was the best huntress. Her eyes would always look around her surroundings and spotted the smallest detail to the biggest detail.

There was one assignment where Amanda joined her. They were in the bar at the peak hour. Mira’s eyes looked around. She remembered how many waitresses walked in the bar, how many exits, how many drinks the bartender had served from the moment she was there, how many chairs in the bar and etc.

Amanda opened her eyes. There was a faint blue energy lingered around the casket like a shield. This was no ordinary spell that could be cast by anyone. Sure nine months were good enough for a body to decompose but with this spell, the body could survive for eternity.

Could it be a necromancer? A dark witch whose skills aimed to reanimate the dead and exploit them. But, a necromancer couldn’t use a particular spell. They weren’t strong enough to use it. Also, all the knowledge related to the spell had been destroyed.

“Is she alright?” Jay looked concerned. “Should we tell Liam?”

“She’s working her brain out.” Oliver hushed the other guy. “Let her concentrate, man.”

Amanda touched the burnt mark on the door of the casket. There were two spells cast on this casket. A spell that prevented Mira’s body from decomposing and another one — a spell that Amanda never thought would actually exist.

“So, the spell actually exists,” She told herself.

Cohen’s mating bond was reconstructing. The white roses. The unnamed tombstone. It was all fitting. These three things didn’t happen without reason. And, they didn’t happen in coincidence either.

“Are you okay down there?” Oliver peaked his head to the grave.

“Do you think she had gone crazy?” Jay nudged him.

“Dude show some respect. This is our Luna’s grave.” Oliver glared. “Or whatever it is left of it.”

“Goddess, I am so stupid,” Amanda mumbled.

It was official.

Whoever took Mira’s body had an intention to resurrect her back to life. Amanda had a bad feeling about this.

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