Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 6

He crawled on the wooden front deck as his body was gradually returning to his human form. He tried to reach for the doorknob but unable to. His body was weakening for some reasons and the pain was throbbing harder than before. His wolf kept trying to force him to shift once more but Cohen resisted the temptation. Ever since he had lost Mira, the transition between his human and wolf forms was always excruciating.

Cohen just curled on the front deck, naked. The pain was too much again. Too much for him to bear at this point. Every muscle in his body numb. Every breath he took was just adding more pain to his chest as if something had crushed his chest.

Too much pain to bear.

He was suffocating. He needed something to survive. No, he needed his mate to survive. At this rate, Cohen didn’t know if he would ever stop mourning for her.

With teary eyes, Georgia came to the aid of her son and placed a blanket over his body. She never wanted to see him this way — broken and hopeless. All she wanted was her son to be the previous version of him when his mate was around. Now, he was just too broken to bear even the slightest news. No mother would have wanted to see her children suffer like this. If there was a way for her to take away Cohen’s pain, she would have done it by now.

If an adult couldn’t bear this pain, what else to say those who lost their mate at a young age? Being a werewolf could sometimes be a curse.

A mother could only hope for the best.

“Mama,” Cohen mumbled weakly, resting his head on his mother’s lap while he lay down on the front deck and looked to the sky full of stars.

Tears slipped from his eyes. Georgia knew how much pride and ego Cohen had inside himself. He wasn’t the kind of man who would show his vulnerable side. He would rather keep his own emotions to himself even though in the end it would break him down. He didn’t want his people to see him as a weak Alpha.

But even the strongest man alive would soon be defeated by his own emotions.

“I am here, my dear.” She patted his chest softly, humming a lullaby.

“It’s so painful, mama.” he rubbed his right hand on his chest, trying to ease the aching on his heart. “It’s so painful,”

He took a sharp breath. A sharp and painful breath.

Georgia sniffled, cradling his big body into her embrace as she hummed softly, “I know, honey. I know.”

“Dear Goddess, I pray for you. I pray for you to ease the pain my son is feeling. Heal his broken heart. Heal his broken soul. What sin had he committed to deserve this unbearable pain? What mistake had he committed to suffer like this? I’m begging you with my soul. Ease his pain. Show him the way. Guide him to his destination.” she prayed in her heart.

Cohen’s eyes started to play tricks on him when he saw Mira. He knew it wasn’t real but oh Goddess, he hoped it was real. To see her smile again. To hold her again. To hear her voice again. Was that too much to ask? Was it too much to ask for a happy ending after what they went through?

Why the Fate was so cruel to him? Giving him a mate just to snatch her away from him?

He closed his eyes, imagining her again.

“Cohen, no,” She giggled, securing the blanket around her naked body even more.

She tried to escape from him while only covered in the blanket. Cohen knew how much she liked to tease him especially when she slept naked by his side every night. Despite she was very reluctant at the beginning of their meeting to be his mate, Cohen was glad that in that short time she was beginning to warm up to him. If he must have to say it, she warmed up a lot more than he expected.

He grabbed her by the ankle and pulled her below him, “You’re such a seductress, do you know that?”

“Maybe,” She winked. “Your seductress.”

He leaned in to kiss her but she looked away on the last second and caused his lips to touch her cheek instead.

“Babe!” He pinned both of her hands above her head and using his free hand, he kept her face still. “How dare you tease me this way?”

His anger was evidently mocking her.

He wasn’t really angry at her. Mira never took his seriousness to the heart because she poked every nerve in his body in every chance she got.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” She leaned towards him.

Just as her lips were about to touch his, she managed to free her wrists and quickly slid down him. Having a soft blanket was covering her, it made her job easier to escape his embrace. Mira laughed as she ran to the bathroom with her nakedness and slammed the door closed.

“A moment of vulnerability would cost you a lot, darling!” She shouted from the other side of the door.

“You know I could kick the door down, right?”

“I dare you to try.”

Cohen got up from the bed, “Well, since you’re asking for it,” He kicked the door down.

“There’s a key, darling! A key!” She pointed to the key stuck on the broken doorknob. “Use the key.”

“Let’s put that aside,” Cohen slung her over his shoulder as if she was some kind of backpack. “And, we shall get back to bed.”

He threw her on the bed. Mira bounced twice before he crawled on top of her and kissed her as if his life was depending on it. Her arms curled around his neck, pulling him closer. His meeting that was supposed to start ten minutes ago was long forgotten as all he could think of was making love to his mate again.

“I saw her,” Cohen told his mother. “Mama, she was so beautiful.”

He raised his right hand as if he was trying to reach for her. As if she was right in front of him. His gesture was only causing his mother torn apart. They were taught how to love their mate — how to be a good mate and everything. But nobody taught them how to survive without one after losing them.

That was the hardest and almost impossible lesson to learn by himself. Cohen wasn’t sure if he could go on without her at all.

“She is always with you, Cohen,” Georgia whispered with her cracked voice. “In here.”

She patted on his chest, right above his heart. Cohen gave a weak smile — not the usual smile where his eyes would wrinkle and his dimples would show. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as tears fell from the corner of his eyes.

They were right. The dream was better than reality.

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