Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 5

There must be something that could explain Cohen’s mating bond. Why would it reconstruct after his mate died? It was supposed to be breaking or weakening. Amanda couldn’t get a clear explanation on why his mating bond was reconstructing. Did he found the second mate? No, it was impossible. The Alpha didn’t look like he had found a new mate.

With a swift movement from her right hand, several books opened at once. Amanda flipped from a page to another page, trying to look for anything similar to what happened at Mira’s grave and the connection with the Alpha’s mating bond.

Amanda needed an explanation because right now, Cohen didn’t look too happy about what she had told him. Not because he wasn’t happy that his mating bond was reconstructing. It was because he thought Amanda was playing with his mind.

“You’re playing with me, aren’t you?” he snarled, slamming his hands on the mahogany desk of his.

Nobody knew about this talk. Everyone else was in their bed except those who were on night shift patrols. Amanda drowned herself in the mountains of books that she acquired from an old friend. There was only could one possibility why Cohen’s mating bond was reconstructing instead of weakening or breaking.

She shook her head, contemplating with her own thoughts. It couldn’t be that spell. No one had seen that spell for over a thousand years. There was nothing written about that spell either. She knew about it because people were talking about it. As she said, witches were really good at listening to stories.

“Tell me if I’m playing with you.” Amanda looked at him dead in the eyes. “Your mating bond is reconstructing.”

“This is no joke!” he roared, getting up from the chair abruptly and caused it slammed on the wall behind him.

His chest moved up and down heavily as if he was short of oxygen. He was enraged and she could see the burning rage in his pitch black eyes. His wolf was clawing to the surface. This night wouldn’t end nicely for her if she continued to explain the mating bond.

“What’s going on?” Liam slammed the office’s door opened.

Cohen’s mind wasn’t stable enough to hear this news. He could feel his bones were slowly shifting under his skin. Not again. He didn’t want to lose control but what choice did he have against his berserk wolf?

“His mating bond is reconstructing for some reasons and he thought I was joking,” Amanda told the Beta while her finger was pointing to Cohen. “I was being serious. I felt it.”

Liam stepped into the office carefully, pulling the white witch away. “Alpha, calm down. There’s no need to —”

“My mate is dead because of me!” the Alpha roared again, punching the wall behind him. “Because I’m weak!”

There he went again—blaming himself just like how he had been since Mira died in front of him.

His breathing kept on quickening and growls erupted from his chest. The growls were no longer mimicking his usual growls. These growls were deadly and evil. His mind was as fragile as the strand of a hair. One small force, it would snap instantly.

Few Enforcers came to assess with the situation but Liam signaled them to stand down. A berserk Alpha was no match to anyone. Even if Liam instructed all the Enforcers in the pack to pin Cohen, they were still no match.

“Alpha, you must be tired. Let’s just talk about this in the morning,” Liam persuaded.

He was no silver tongue. His words meant nothing to the Alpha. But, it was worth the shot to try than doing nothing. The Beta signaled Oliver to bring Amanda out of the office since this whole thing happened between her and the Alpha. It would be better if she wasn’t in the same room as him right now as a precaution.

“Alpha, please,” Liam tried again. “We don’t have to resort to this way to talk about this.”

Cohen’s claws extended. “My mate is dead because I’m weak!“.

He shifted right on the spot and sent his desk to fly against the wall. He growled ferociously with his saliva drooled down. Cohen’s wolf was thirsty for blood. The Enforcers ducked as he flung right towards them before he bolted through the glass wall and headed straight into the woods.

The very same direction as the town.

“Shit,” Liam cussed. “This is Alert 3. Alpha Cohen is not himself. Do not engage if you see him. I repeat do not engage him. If you see him, report immediately.” he linked to everyone.

They had just gotten their Alpha back and now he was out there again with his unstable mind. Liam grunted before he ran out of the office to chase after his best friend before he could do anything stupid. He was joined by many others, hoping to intercept the Alpha successfully this time. If Cohen headed to the town, Liam would have no choice but to do the hard way to contain a berserk Alpha.

Sir, we found him!” someone shouted in the link. “Near the South border.”

Whatever he does, do not engage him! Leave immediately if the situation goes out of control.” Liam ordered, picking his pace without shifting.

He was no match to Cohen’s berserk wolf. Liam wasn’t even sure if he could contain the Alpha. But, if he had to put his own life on the line to stop Cohen, then so be it. He was willing to sacrifice his own life than witnessing Cohen unleashed havoc on the town.

Few Enforcers joined Liam with silver chains. This could be the only way to restrain Cohen before he reached the town. However, the silver chain had a thin chance to able to hold a berserk Alpha like him. They would need something far stronger to hold Cohen down.

There wouldn’t be many humans wander around the town at this hour but Liam didn’t want to take that chance. He would keep Cohen chained in the basement if he had to. This would be for the good of the Alpha and everyone around him.

The Beta ran as fast as he could. Knowing the number of Enforcers presented at this time, there would still not enough to contain a berserk Alpha. Cohen was surrounded by more than fifty Enforcers by the time Liam reached their location.

“Alpha, stop!” Liam shouted as Cohen was prepared to kill everyone on sight. “Cohen, I know you’re in there. Listen, there is no need for you to be mad. I get it. It’s not easy to accept the news and everything that had happened lately. But, we need you in this.”

The team with the silver chain was lurking in the shadow but Liam doubted their presence had gone unnoticed. He signaled them to lay low when Cohen growled louder. He tried to reach the Alpha’s mind link but ran into a wall.

“Cohen, think of Mira.”

Persuading the Alpha to think of his dead mate maybe wasn’t the wisest choice Liam ever made but he had to try.

“Think of her, please. She wouldn’t like it if you’re out of control because of her. Look, her death wasn’t your fault. Damien killed her.”

Liam nodded to the others to back away slightly while he continued to advance to the Alpha. Cohen bared his pointy and sharp canines to the Beta. A few seconds later, the berserk wolf bolted to another direction.

It wasn’t the direction of the town anymore.

It was the direction that Liam knew well.

“No, don’t.” He stopped the Enforcers as they watched Cohen’s figure slowly was disappearing from their sight. “He’s heading to the lake house.”

If any place could keep the Alpha’s sanity intact, it would be the lake house. He built the place with the hope to spend the rest of his life with his mate there. Maybe his wolf could sense the hope lingered in the place he once called home.

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