Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Mira’s pen hovered on the paper. She couldn’t think of anything else to add to her journal. Her eyes scanned every word she had written on the page. It amazed her that she could write this much of the story of her life. She never had a formal education but she was lucky that a woman taught her how to read and write during their enslavement.

Mira didn’t write the story of her life to remind herself how she got this far. But she wrote it for her kids when they faced a hardship in their lives and thought of giving it up. She wanted them to know how many hardships their parents had to go just to get this far.

Everyone questioned; what happened now? Dalton Forest had proven the three Councilors of the Werewolf’s Council guilty to numerous of charges included the murdered case of his younger brother, Winston, who was now somewhere in the world as he continued his mission to help the others. Several more people in the Council were found guilty included Supreme Commander Leonardo who pled guilty for five charges. The Councilors were sentenced to death for supplying slaves to Damien Kincaid. Leonardo was sentenced to a decade of imprisonment for removing evidences and files from the archives.

Mira had been busy with Dalton as they worked together to find the corrupted officers in the Council but of course, he kept her involvement as a secret until the throne keeper came to meet her and told her that the throne was her right to claim. Then, the vampire and Lycan’s throne keepers came too. She had no idea how the Lycan’s throne keeper knew about her connection to the previous Lycan King because she was sure that nobody spoke of the name of the lycan who gave his blood to her.

Mira had no desire to claim any of the thrones. So instead of claiming the title as the Monarch of three species, she established a new government where all four species worked together. There was no guarantee that everyone would agree to this new government but those who pledged their allegiance to her, she wouldn’t disappoint them.

She appointed Dalton to oversee everything in their new Council because Mira didn’t do all of these for the thrones. She did all of these for the sake of the others who had been exploited. All she could do now was hoping that the new government would provide a better system for everyone equally. Mira and Cohen still held a majority of the power in the Council as the Monarch pair but they didn’t want that title. They were just the Alpha pair.

They still worked together to tackle more slavery businesses and any other criminal organizations which was exploiting the rights of the defenseless people. Mira couldn’t promise that she would save everyone but she could promise them that she would do anything in her power to help those who needed helps.

All these powers and wealth she inherited from her ancestors included the lycan King who gave his blood to her to help her survival, Mira didn’t do everything for these. Granted, power and wealth would provide her so much more, but she did everything so that their future generations wouldn’t have to suffer as she did. So that they didn’t suffer like those slaves in Damien’s dungeon. All of these were for the future of their children. This wasn’t about personal gain. She had everything she needed right now.

What about the daemons? From what she heard, Stefano and Adeline weren’t on good terms. Mira knew it was because Adeline tried to kill her. But the daemon couple was doing their best to reconcile. Clavier, well, what Mira could say about that Casanova? Of course, he still bedded any maiden he had laid his eyes on. She still in contact with both Stefano and Clavier to help them whenever they needed her help. Stefano was investigating everyone in his Council to determine how the level of the infiltration of the Knights of Death and was also hunting down any remaining of the operatives of Knights of Death. Eleanor de Lucca had been sentenced lifetime imprisonment for treason which included helping the Knights of Death to kill her husband, Phillip de Lucca, Stefano’s father.

Regarding Mira’s demon wolf, well, it was still there in her mind except that it didn’t taunt her anymore. Mira was glad that after all these years, she was finally in sync with her demon wolf. She still shifted once in a while which was part of the negotiation she made with it. Cohen’s wolf was over the moon when it saw her demon wolf. They would spend hours sitting at the cliff, looking up to the moon. Despite their differences, they still perfect together.

Mira turned to the last page of her journal where a photo of her ultrasound result was kept. Her tummy was growing bigger as days passed by. The memory of her first ultrasound on that day was still vivid in her mind. It was the happiest day of her life and of course, Cohen was the happiest person in the room.

“This is the heart,” the doctor pointed to the monitor. “Oh, wait,”

“What’s wrong?” Mira began to panic but Cohen squeezed her hand softly. “Is my baby okay?”

“Everything is well, Luna. It looks like you are expecting a triplet.”

“Jackpot!” Cohen roared happily, throwing his hands up in the air before he smiled sheepishly.

Jackpot indeed.

Truth to be told, she almost fainted on that day when she found out she was carrying three Alpha’s heirs in her tummy but seeing the happiness on Cohen’s face, her heart fluttered. Of course, her heart fluttered after she pounded her fists on his chest and complained about how hard it would take care of three kids for their first time as parents. Cohen was adamant that they got it under control. They had all the helps they could need from his parents who were more than happy ready to babysit when the time came.

“Baby, I’m home!” she heard Cohen shouted from the ground floor.

“I’m in the study!” Mira replied as she closed the journal and put it inside the drawer.

She got up from the chair with one hand under her bulging belly. Mira exited the study, closing the door before she saw Cohen came up the stairs.

“Hey, gorgeous momma,” he winked, wrapping his arms around her and pecked a kiss on her lips.

“Hi, handsome.” she smiled against his lips. “How was your day?”

“Same old, same old,” he replied, putting his hand on her lower back as he guided her to the stairs.

Mira suddenly stopped. Cohen followed her action. His face flashed with concerns.

“Are you okay, baby?” he asked, checking her face for any sign of pain.

Mira nodded her head and grabbed his hand and put it on her belly. Their babies were kicking for the first time. The smile on his face was something she would cherish forever.

Their journey wouldn’t stop here. It was time to open a new page and started a new chapter. It was time to start anew. This time, they started as a family. Not just two people who were meant to be a pair of mates. But a family who would do anything to protect their own.

They were finally home.

A home was never a place. It was the people who you loved. That was the true meaning of home.

The end.

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