Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 55

2 month later, somewhere in Cuba.

Cohen parked his car before coming out and strutted to the bar of the town. He had been in town nearly one week now. He slipped a few hundred dollar bills to the bouncer on the front door before he was let to enter. There was no time to waste as Cohen made his way to the basement where the real fun was.

An illegal fight match. People were roaring at the ongoing match but that didn’t bother him as he kept going until he entered a changing room. Taking his shirt off, he prepared for his own fight which would be after the current one. He wrapped his hands with the boxing tape. For someone like him, he had to fight carefully—without taking a life unless intended to. The match wasn’t what he was looking for. It was the guests who attended the match that was his main priority.

“Hey, Marshal, you’re up in ten.” The guy announced.

Cohen got up from his chair and began to warm up, giving the punching bag a few punches before the same guy entered and gestured it was his match. His opponent was someone who went by the name Gallant—that was a nickname. Not a real name but Cohen didn’t care. A fight would always be a fight. That was the main highlight of his stay in the town. He was always aching to punch someone. This was one of the ways to do it.

He got to the ring, walking in a circle as the people roared at him. He had been the unbeatable fighter since his first fight in the town. People put thousands of dollars of bets on him. Gallant, his opponent, entered the arena, earning mocking sound. Cohen knew his opponent was a dirty fighter. Well, he could play dirty too but he wanted to test how long he could keep a certain someone interested in his fight. There were five rounds and each round lasted for three minutes. By the time he knocked the guy down, Cohen was covered in bruises and sweats. He had taken up something to slow down his healing ability. Otherwise, people would start questioning about his origin. Yes, he was fighting against human in the ring. He didn’t want to expose that he was an Alpha.

The referee counted to ten and Gallant remained on the floor, unconscious. As usual, Cohen won the night. He left the arena and entered the changing room where a blonde woman in dark blue tight dress waited.

“Can I help you?” he asked her.

She had ten bodyguards in the building—two of them were guarding outside, five were disguised as the fans who came for the match and three were at three different exits. He saw everything.

Something was telling him that this woman was a very dangerous person to mess up with. He could handle dangerous people.

“I’ve been watching you for quite a while, Mr. Marshal.” She said, standing up. “I am Maria Lorenzo. I owned this town. Nothing goes unheard or unseen from me.”

“I heard of your name,” Cohen replied as he unwrapped the boxing tapes from his hands. “What do you want?”

“To negotiate a deal,”

He looked up at her through the strands of his wet hair. He needed a new haircut. “Let me guess, you wanted me to fight for you.”

“Consider it as a sponsorship. I could get you into a bigger match that worth millions of dollars of a prize. Or you could waste your talent, fighting those—” her nose scrunched as she thought of the other fighters in the place.

“What makes you think I don’t have a sponsor already?” he grabbed his bag and took out a fresh shirt and wore it.

Her eyes roamed his body with lust. “If you do, then your sponsor is not really good in the business.” She walked towards him and placed her hands on his chest. “I could give you anything—money, women, hot sex and much more than what you earned in here.”

“What about you?” he leaned closer, brushing his lips on hers to her jaw and down her neck as he whispered, “Are you part of the deal?”

Her heartbeat was erratic against her chest. It sounded like her heart would burst out.

“I’m not part of the deal, Mr. Marshal.”

Cohen pulled away, “Shame. I would have said yes if you were part of the deal.”

He walked out of the room, leaving Maria stunned. No man ever walked away from her deal just like that. She knew she had to get this one. She ran out of the changing room like a girl in lovesick. He was heading to the door of the back exit which was leading to the alley behind the building. Maria followed him and when she walked out of the door, she found him was making out with a woman. She couldn’t see who as his big frame was covering the woman.

“Enjoying the show, Maria?” Cohen stepped aside to reveal Mira.

He went to sit on the hood of the Cadillac, watching the interaction between the two women. Maria looked like she was already six-foot under the ground.

“G-G-Guard!” she shouted but nobody burst out of the exit.

She shouted again. Nothing. She ran to the door and tried to open it but it was locked from the inside.

“Come on, Maria. Enough with that. Nobody is coming for you.” Mira muttered, pinching the bridge of her nose.

“You have no idea who I work with!” Maria snarled.

“Oh, him?” the redheaded pointed to the body slumped near the dumpster. “He’s your boss and also your husband, isn’t it? Escobar Lorenzo?”

“Is he working for you?” she gestured to Cohen.

“No, he doesn’t work for me.” Mira shook her head. “He works with me. There’s a difference in that.”

“You messed with the wrong person!”

She punched Maria’s nose made the latter to fall unconscious to the wet floor. “No, you messed with the wrong person when you sold that fifteen-years-old girl to a drug lord.”

Mira turned to watch her mate who laid down on his back on the hood. She climbed on top of him, holding the belt around his waist.

“So, where were we?” he asked, looking at her with desire and lust.

“I’m pregnant.” Mira blurted out.

He blinked a few times. No words were coming out of his mouth. She frowned. Didn’t he want the baby? They had been trying for two months now. Did he change his mind?

Shit, she swore. She should have waited until they were at the hotel.

“You just decided to tell me here,” Cohen finally spoke.

She shrugged, “I wanted to tell you back in the hotel but I just...I don’t know...I couldn’t wait to tell, I guess.”

When he grinned like a Cheshire cat, Mira let out a sigh of relief.

“Damn baby, I’m going to be a dad.”

“Come on, let’s finish the job. Do the exchange and then we’ll talk about our baby.”

He stopped her, “I never made love to you on the hood of a Cadillac with two unconscious bad guys on the floor in the back alley of a fighting club.”

“I guess we have to make that come true then,” she unbuckled his belt.

Screw the bad guys. She needed a playtime with her mate.

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