Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 54

Cohen excused himself from his group, heading towards Mira who was talking to Amanda. They were laughing about something. But when the electric blue-eyed beauty saw him coming, she walked away from the white witch to the pack mansion. This just made Cohen eager to catch her even faster. He had spent the rest of the evening talking to everyone who came to celebrate with him and his mate.

He picked his pace until her disappearance led him to their bedroom. When he opened the door, Mira’s dress was already on the floor. Cohen closed and locked the door before he took off his suit jacket and necktie. He sat on the edge of the bed as the seductress made her way to him and sat on his lap. Mira once again looked out of the balcony. Her eyes were focused on the full moon for a few seconds. Cohen was wondering why she kept looking at the moon tonight.

“You’ve been looking at the moon a lot tonight,” Cohen murmured, pressing his lips on her chin.

“What can I say? It’s a beautiful night tonight.” Mira replied, looking into his eyes.

“You mean the night I’m officially old.”

“Come on, 34 isn’t that old. I told you that I’m finding you’re getting sexier with age.”

“Is that so? Is it just a compliment I would get on my birthday or more?”

“The reason I’ve been looking at the moon is that there is something I would like to give you.”

“I got everything I need. All I ever wanted is you.”

Mira smiled, “I want to give something else.” she placed her forehead on his and took a deep breath, “I, Mira Kingsley, taking this vow to honor a sacred bond between two souls.” His eyes shot up into hers as he listened to her, “I, Mira Kingsley, surrender my love, my body, my life, and my soul to my one and only true mate Cohen Kingsley. From this moment onwards, I will bear his mark and serve my duty as his mate and Luna of Southern Werewolves Pack.”

She pulled her hair to the left side, showing the right crook of her neck to him as an act to a submission. Once the vow was recited, there was no going back for her. Hell, she didn’t want to go back. She wanted to move forward with him by her side. Letting him marked her would be one of the greatest gifts she could give for someone who had everything. Cohen had everything he needed and wanted except for two things; marking his mate and build a family with her. Now, he had fulfilled one of these two. Soon, he would fulfill both. Cohen put his hand on her nape and angled her neck towards his mouth as his canines elongated. She closed her eyes and waited for the moment. The moment she would be truly his. His canines pierced her skin and she hissed at the slight pain. Waves of emotions flooded into her mind and she realized it was his emotions. A sheer of pride, honor, love, and happiness.

“I, Cohen Kingsley, accepted and honored your vow,” he whispered, pressing his lips on the eternal mark. “Your turn to mark me, baby.”

Cohen recited his vow softly before her canines pierced his skin, completing the bond between two souls. A tear escaped from her eye because that was how much she felt happy with her life now. He kissed her with so much passion and love that his chest almost burst out. Corny, wasn’t it? He would get all corny and cliché all he wanted especially when it was involving his mate. He wouldn’t shy away to show off his mate and that they had mated and marked each other. He would let the whole world knew that she was his and he was hers. Even if he was reborn, he would search for her. There was no way he would change anything. Granted, their journey wasn’t the smoothest and easiest journey to experience but the hardships they went through, only served to strengthen them and pulled them ever closer.

“I can hear you in my head,” Mira smiled with her eyes closed.

Their mating bond was pulsating stronger in both of their minds, pulling them together after being apart for so long. This was the sacred connection between two souls. Something that they would cherish until their old days—until their last breath.

“I can hear you in mine,” Cohen replied, pecking her lips. “You’re beautiful.”

“You always tell me that.”

He buried his face on her chest and inhaled deeply of her sweet lilac scent, “And I would keep telling you that.”

“So, what’s the birthday boy needed tonight?”

Cohen’s warm hazel eyes looked into her electric blue orbs, “I could think a thing or two of what I wanted for tonight.”

His eyes dilated until she could barely see any other color than black in them. She bit her lip, breaking his one last strand of his control because that was how thin his control was. He crashed his lips on hers, kissing her with so many needs and lust. He wouldn’t just make love to her tonight. He would show her how he would cherish, love and treasure all of her for the rest of his life.

Mira ripped his shirt and the buttons flew everywhere. Making love after a marking was a whole different thing. This would just seal their mating for eternity. Her hands roamed his body hungrily, loving the way he reacted to her touch. Cohen didn’t want to wait any longer. With every piece of fabric torn from each other’s body, he hovered above her on the bed. He kissed her body and murmuring the words of love as he went down. Mira’s body was burning with every wet kiss he left on her skin and she arched, trying to meet with every touch he was giving her.

Her legs wrapped around his waist as he eased his way into her canal. Mira moaned heavenly next to his ear. Cohen latched his lips on her neck right where he marked her earlier. This was a perfect birthday gift he ever received.

From marking his mate to making love with her. Their souls were bound until the end of time.

After what they had been through and fought together, this was they had been waiting for so long. Witnessed by the moon and the stars on the night sky of his 34th birthday, they finally completed their mating bond. From the moment he laid his eyes on her at that cliff, he only saw perfection. Mira could complain all she wanted about the scars on her body and the ugliness of her past but Cohen would worship all of her. She was perfect for him. Her flaws were nothing but a perfect imperfection.

Mira had learned so many lessons for the past few days and there was one thing she was assured of. She only belonged to one man. There would be no future for her if he wasn’t part of it. Cohen was her future. The future that was taken from her long ago. Now, everything fell back into place.

She arched her body towards him, moaning his name as she reached her climax. Cohen slow down his pace, letting the aftershocks to settle down before finding his own release inside of her. One day, her womb would carry the future of the Kingsley family. One day, they would have a family of their own. That was something he would be looking forward to.

“I love you,” he whispered on her lips.

“I love you too.” Mira leaned in for a kiss.

With the trust and love they had for each other, there would be nothing stood in their way that they couldn’t go through together. Both of them were excited for what the future held for them. There would still many challenges they would have to go through but it didn’t matter because, by the end of the day, they were still a team.

She had been a Lone Wolf for her whole life. She was strong alone but with Cohen, they were stronger together. He’d damned everyone who would ever think of trying to take her away from him again.

In love, they trusted.

In love, they rejoiced.

And maybe in love, they would spread peace.

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