Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 53

Mira stood by the full-length mirror, looking at her own reflection as she continued to fix her hair. It had been an hour since she stood there, fixing whatever she felt like needed some fixing. Tonight was Cohen’s 34th birthday celebration. Yes, he was officially old and grumpy at everyone who agreed to do the celebration. He told them that he didn’t need to be reminded that he was an old man now but everyone insisted that he would have a good time during the celebration.

Believe them or not, Mira was intended to make it a good time for her mate. He had been working hard lately as he was trying to get many things done and catch up with Liam’s work during Cohen’s nine months of absence. He worked until late hours and Mira began to get worried that he might throw himself into work again but he promised her that this would just temporary. Once he got a hang on everything again, his schedule would return to normal and steady pace. She believed him. Otherwise, he would spend one month sleeping on the couch of their home.

Tonight wasn’t just for his birthday celebration. It was also a welcoming party for Mira as the daughter-in-law of the Kingsley family. It was some kind of tradition that Cohen mentioned to her. His mother, Georgia, wanted to welcome Mira into their family officially. It was like the bride and groom’s first day at their home where people would spread flower petals on the floor and the groom would carry his bride into the house because Mira and Cohen didn’t get to do it. Their wedding was done in secret. At least, this was the thing they could let his parents do for them.

Mira and Cohen’s house would be the lake house he built from his own hard work and sweat. But instead of having the ceremony there, the pack mansion was the ultimate choice because Cohen was convinced that his pack members would turn his house upside down. Now, Mira and Cohen were getting ready in the lake house and make a short 5-minutes-drive to the pack mansion later on.

She was wearing a white satin dress that reached to her knees with V-neck cut. Her red hair was braided and Amanda took the initiative to put some fake flowers along the braid before the white witch joined the other at the pack mansion. Cohen came out of the bathroom, fixing his tie. Mira grabbed his suit jacket and helped him to wear it.

He spun around and took a sharp, shaky breath. “You look stunning.”

“Well, you don’t look bad yourself.”

“For an old man.”

“You’re getting sexier as you age.” she winked.

Cohen chuckled before grabbing her left hand and took out something from his pocket. He slid in her wedding band to her ring finger.

“When Amanda told me about my mating bond, I lost my shit,” he spoke. “I shifted and broke the rings in my finger. I got the same one done and this just arrived this morning. Now, it’s back to your finger.”

He brought her hand to his lips and gave her ring finger a feathery kiss. Mira’s stomach filled with butterflies.

“Now, let’s get through this night before everyone thinks you kidnap me again.” she pulled him to the door.

“It’s not a kidnap if you follow me willingly.” he winked.

He was damn right. They walked down the stairs and towards the front door. Liam was in a neat suit, waiting with a car outside. He had this wide grin on his face as he greeted the Alpha pair.

“Ah, the Mademoiselle is here.” he bowed with his perfect French accent.

He murmured some more words in French and Mira just tilted her head to the side, unable to understand a thing he was saying because it was obvious, she didn’t know much French and with Liam’s thick French accent, it was almost impossible for her to catch up with anything he was saying. Mira shook her head in amusement at his French accent. Well, he could pass as French guy with that accent.

“Why he’s French tonight?” Mira glanced at Cohen.

“This morning, I called my lawyer saying that I wanted to cancel Liam’s name from my will as my successor. He had become French since then.”

“I am French when I’m happy.” the Beta grinned so wide that Mira feared it would snap his face half.

He opened the door and gestured for them to enter. After that, Liam drove them to the pack mansion. Mira’s heart began to beat crazily against her ribcages. Cohen brought her hand to his lips to cease her nervousness. The pack members were already lined up along the road that was heading to the pack mansion. As soon as the car passed, they threw flower petals as a welcoming gesture for the Alpha pair.

“Tradition,” Cohen whispered to her.

The car stopped before the pack mansion. Cohen’s parents were waiting at the stairs. He came out of the car first before he carried Mira in a bridal style. Something that they should have done during their wedding day.

He set her down when they were in front of his parents. Georgia took a step towards Mira and held her right hand to place the bracelet around her wrist.

“Family heirloom,” the former Luna mumbled with a smile. “When the time comes, you will pass it down to your daughter or daughter-in-law.”

“Thank you,” Mira said with a smile. Her eyes were getting glossy.

Georgia cupped her face to kiss her forehead. Because Mira was taller, she had to bend her knees for the former Luna.

“No, honey, thank you. You’ve brought light to our lives.”

Mira nodded and smiled to Georgia. She turned to face Eric who engulfed her in a tight hug.

“Thank you for making my son happy.” He whispered.

“Happy Alpha, happy life,” Mira replied.

Eric chuckled before letting her go. “This is our gift for your wedding.” He handed a velvet square box to her.

Mira opened the box and gasped at the diamond necklace. “I don’t think I could—”

“Honey,” Eric stopped her. “The joy and happiness you brought to my son’s life are priceless. Even if I combine all the wealth in this world, it would be nothing compared to what you give him.”

Tears slipped from her eyes. After all the wars she had brought to their doorstep because of her existence, they still welcomed her with open arms. This proved that love conquered everything.

“Any plan for our grandchildren yet?” Georgia teased.

Mira blushed and hid her face on Cohen’s chest while her mate had the audacity to laugh. Georgia had no idea how hard Cohen was working Mira up these past few days. He told her that he wanted a big family because his parents couldn’t have it. His mother had a problem conceiving. They were lucky to have him after years of trying. Mira managed to slip out of the lake house to see a doctor and wanted to know her probability of getting pregnant. As far as she was told, she didn’t have any problem that could stop her from conceiving. Only time would tell.

“Love, you made the girl shy.” Eric chuckled.

“One step at a time, mama,” Cohen spoke. “We’re working on it.”

They turned around to face the crowd.

“Welcome your future Luna, Mira Kingsley,” Eric announced to everyone.

Everyone roared in joyful, throwing more flower petals into the air.

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