Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 52

It had been three days since that night, it took him nearly a whole day to recuperate from his wounds. Cohen had been keeping Mira to himself first. She hadn’t get the chance to know his parents yet because obviously, the Alpha needed her more than anything else right now. Although the war was over, Cohen became paranoid about his mate and the possibility that she would have been taken away from him again. He had increased the patrol teams around his lake house and everyone could understand so they all cooperated with his request.

He tapped the side next to him just to find the side was vacant. His eyes shot opened and panic began to kick into his head. Cohen quickly scrambled out of the bed and ran out of the bedroom of his lake house. As much as he wanted to stay calm, he knew that he had every right to be paranoid after what had happened lately.

It didn’t take him long from reaching the ground floor as he followed the faint lilac scent of Mira. As soon as he laid his eyes on his mate’s back, he let out a sigh of relief. Mira was standing in the kitchen just in her bra and panties while she was cooking something in three in the morning.

She spun around and looking puzzled at the sight of her mate’s frantic expression. “Darling, are you okay?”

Cohen didn’t answer and just pulled her into his embrace. Mira could hear his heart was beating crazily.

“Shit,” he cussed. “I thought you were—”

“I was taken from you again?” she finished his sentence. “Cohen, nobody is going to take me again. Baby, you got to stop being paranoid. It’s not healthy for you.”

“Mira, you know—”

“I know, I know.” She placed her hand on his cheek. “You ordered Brandon to guard me while you’re not around. And the patrol teams outside our home, that’s just insane. Come on, loosen up a bit. I’m safe here with you in our home.”

Cohen let out a sigh of defeated and nodded, “What are you doing at this hour?”

“I was making some pancakes.” She pointed to the stove behind him.

“At three in the morning?” his eyebrow furrowed to her.

Mira snorted, grabbing a plate from the cabinet before she scooped the pancake into it. “Hush it, mister. You’ve been keeping me hostage for three days straight!”

“Whoa, is my mate complaining?”

She made a clicking sound with her tongue. “Not complaining. I was just—”

“Complaining.” Cohen cut her off.

Mira rolled her eyes to him and sat on the counter. Her hand was pouring the syrup on the pancakes. Using the fork, she made a small piece and brought it to her mouth, purposely letting it drenched with a lot of syrup. A drop of the sweet golden liquid dropped on her chest and Cohen’s eyes instantly snapped there. Mira reached for it, mentally smirking knowing her mate’s eyes were following the movement of her hand. She wiped the honey from her chest using her finger and put it into her mouth. She pulled the finger out with a popping sound.

“As I wanted to say, I was just hungry.” She smirked.

Cohen groaned. “You’re such a tease.”

“Are you hungry?” she cut a small piece of the same pancake.

“Oh yeah, I am always hungry.” He put his hands on her thighs. “Always hungry.”

“Open.” She ordered him.

Instead of opening his mouth, Cohen spread her legs opened and stepped in between. Of course, between Mira and Cohen, they had a different definition of hunger.

“Not that, idiot.” Mira snorted. “You got to eat real food.”

She had noticed that Cohen had lost some weight. Even Amanda mentioned that to her. Now, it was up to Mira to take care of her mate’s wellbeing just as much as how he took care of hers.

His hands trailed to her butt and just stayed there. “I know what I wanted to eat.”

“I’m not on the menu.”

“No, you are the menu.” He corrected her.

“Cohen, please,” she batted her eyelashes. “I make you a deal.”

“Which is?”

“You see the size of these pancakes?” she asked him and he replied with a nod. “This size would take me like thirty minutes to finish it. So, if you help me finish it, we’ll get back to bed early and handle this faster.” She tapped the dent on his sweatpants. “How’s that?”

“You’re really good in making deals.” He pointed out.

Cohen grabbed her fork and scooped a big large into his mouth.

“Beer?” Mira handed the newly opened bottle of beer to him.

“Did you spike this?”

“Why would I drug you for sex when I can just do something magical without the use of a real magic to make you agree instantly?”

No, she didn’t have a magic word. She had something magical to get him into the action.

“What’s the something magical?” he put another large piece of pancake into his mouth.

Mira tapped his sweatpants again. “That one or if you prefer, I could just shove my hand inside your pants or maybe—” she tapped her chin with her finger. “I could just pull your pants down. Which one do you prefer me to do as my magic action?

“Finish the damn pancakes in two minutes or I’ll take you instantly on this counter.” He warned her.

Mira bobbed her head backward and laughed. Cohen couldn’t help it but laugh along. His life once again fulfilled with his mate returned into his arms. He got back the privileges he lost when she died. Now, he would do anything to keep her safe. He had failed his duty once. He couldn’t fail for the second time.

Here they were as they stood in the kitchen of their home, eating pancake while he had a raging erection for his mate. It was safe to say that she had made him the happiest man alive. Her presence had motivated him to be the Alpha and mate he was supposed to be. With her by his side, he felt like he could achieve anything.

Cohen watched as Mira finished the pancakes. He knew she was taking care of his well-being, particularly everyone mentioned how much weight he had lost since his return to the pack. He appreciated everyone’s concern but they didn’t have to make his mate worried. Cohen would get back to his previous physique because Mira had returned to his arms.

“I guess one-half of your certain plan had been fulfilled,” Mira said, jumping off from the counter and headed to the sink.

Cohen confused. “What plan?”

She gave him a blank expression. Uh oh, he must have forgotten something. What plan? When did he make the aforementioned plan? And why the hell he didn’t remember it? Oh shit, what had he done?

Mira laughed. “The look on your face. It’s a pure look of I’m in a trouble.”

“Am I in trouble because I don’t remember about the plan?” he wrapped his arms around her as he stood behind.

“When we stayed in this house for the first time, you told me you had a plan for both of us which involving me pregnant and making pancakes in the kitchen.”

That plan. Oh hell, how the hell did he forget about it?

“I guess we just need to fulfill the other half of the plan, huh?” Cohen bit her shoulder.

His hand traveled from her stomach and slipped under the lace panties she was wearing.

“I thought you were taking me back to bed,” Mira said with a soft moan escaped.

Cohen smirked against her skin. “I didn’t say I would take you back to the bed. Here is as good as any.”

He put one arm around her torso while his other reached down to her heat. Cohen groaned at the juice coated the lips of her womanhood. He teased and swirled her slit to his mercy, feeling her butt was grinding against his erection. The effect this woman had on him was unbelievable. Just by feeling her juice coated his fingers, he already had a million plans on how he would make her scream his name in pleasure.

“You know how to make me feel so good.” Mira panted.

“I intended to.” he kissed her neck.

Mira moaned his name in ecstasy as her body shuddered for a release. Cohen’s left arm held her body still, waiting patiently for the aftershock to settle down before he pulled his hand from the between of her legs and licked her juice that coated his fingers. This was the taste he would never get tired of. Mira spun around, showing the redness of her cheeks to him. Her eyes filled with fulfillment and happiness. That was the kind of things he wanted to see in his mate’s eyes. It was exhilarating him because it motivated him for better lovemaking with Mira.

Her eyes instantly focused on the scars on his torso and chest. Cohen frowned. She had been doing that since three days ago. He knew she was blaming herself again for it. They never really had a talk about it because Cohen had been keeping her mind occupied by something else.

He tilted her head up, “Baby, stop blaming yourself. I understand everything on why you sacrificed yourself to Damien and everything else.”

Her hands reached for the scars. The scars he received during the battle against her brother and the scars he received from the Knights of Death and Alistair.

“I had to do it. I was being selfish for putting you through the pain.” she murmured, staring into his eyes. “I couldn’t imagine what you had to go through during that.”

“These scars proved that I fought alongside my mate in her battles. It would be a reminder that I was ready to sacrifice everything for her and I will always ready to do it again. There’s nothing in the world I would never do for you. As long as I’m still breathing and capable, I would do anything for you. The battles we fought weren’t just for our future. But also for the future of our family, our pack and our people.” he kissed her forehead. “Like I told you before, you could kill me by yourself and I still wouldn’t blame you for it.”

She smiled against his collarbone, “I guess I have a lifetime to make it up to you, huh?”

“You’re ready to spend the rest of your life with me? I could get really hard to handle sometimes.”

Mira giggled. “Oh, Alpha, I’m always ready for you in anything.”

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