Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 51

Everyone stopped as if the time had stopped ticking and just focused on the sound of the cracking on the altar. Mira hated that she was the target for all the bad things. She hated being the reason why thousands died. Guess what, she would fucking annihilate those who thought they could enslave her again. This time, she wasn’t alone. She had enough for their bullshit. She had enough fighting in a war. She would end this once and for all.

There was a demon wolf in its true form and that was magnificent. Alistair didn’t understand why the legion of Angels was against this creature.

The first time Cohen saw Mira’s demon wolf was when Amanda sent him to the back of her mind—to the realm of the demon wolf. He never thought the beast could be that beautiful. Seeing it right now, damn, it was really beautiful in real life. His wolf just fell in love at the sight of the powerful creature stood on all four. A powerful aura emitted from the demon wolf as it roared like the king of the jungle.

It wasn’t the king of the jungle. It was the king of all creatures.

Alistair swirled his scythe before he made a run towards the demon wolf who also ran towards him. His wings flapped, taking him into the air as he raised the scythe above his head, ready to strike the demon wolf. It evaded successfully when he dived down to strike. The impact of the scythe met the altar sent tremor to the entire clearing, breaking the altar into pieces. The shield dome around them also broke. Cohen fell onto the ground and almost crushed by one of the largest pieces before Clavier intervened it with his telekinetic power. Cohen had a brief eye contact with Mira’s demon wolf before it lunged to the Angel of Death. They fought so hard that every time he struck the scythe to the ground, it sent tremors. Liam pulled Cohen away from the rumbles and escorted him to a safer place—away from the battle between the demon wolf and Angel of Death.

The sky exploded as if someone had thrown grenades. Cohen spotted a few things fell from the sky. No, they weren’t falling. They were the Angels, diving towards the ground. When they landed, the whole place shook. Knights of Death kept on pouring into the battle. Now, with the joined forces in between the Angels, the werewolves and the daemons were working together to save as many lives as they could. Many had been broken from the spell because Adeline was no longer conscious. One Angel went to Stefano who was impaled by the spear of his own and pulled it out slowly before she dragged his body to the side. The female Angel’s hands rested on his chest to heal his wound.

“Stefano, we heard your prayer.” She muttered to him.

“Good to have you here, sister.” He mumbled softly.

His eyes were busy looking for his wife and he found her unconscious at the broken altar. He knew Mira didn’t mean to bite Adeline. He considered it as debts paid off. Stefano still couldn’t understand why his Adeline didn’t manage to break away from the deception. She should have known he wouldn’t betray her love no matter what.

Alistair rose into the air again but Mira was no longer entertaining his ability to fly. Her demon wolf jumped on his back and tore his left wing off which forced him to roar. She did the same to his right wing. Now, he was just a wingless Angel. He fought the demon wolf while they were in mid-air and as soon as their bodies dropped to the ground, Mira’s demon wolf slammed his head repeatedly against one of the pillars. It sunk its canines into the base of his neck and tore it off. He swung his scythe once more but the demon wolf ducked. The scythe impaled into another pillar. With the blood gushed out of his wounded neck and his power was waning, Alistair couldn’t retrieve his scythe out. The wound wasn’t enough to kill him just yet but Mira had to shift her focus to her mate who was still losing blood.

Liam froze by Cohen’s side when they watched the demon wolf was making its way to them. Cohen didn’t tense or anything. He was calm as it approached them slowly because he knew Mira had full control. Otherwise, she wouldn’t shift into it.

“Liam, it’s okay. Just step away for a while.” Cohen instructed his beta.

Liam looked reluctant but nodded regardless. He stepped away as the demon wolf was now stood in front Cohen. The Alpha could see his own reflection in the blood red eyes before it nudged its forehead to his chest as if it wanted to tell him that his mate was indeed in control. The demon wolf purred against his chest.

“You’re beautiful, baby.” he murmured, ruffling its head and kissed its forehead.

It licked his wound on his thigh. The wound healed instantaneously.

He listened as her bones started to crack which hinted him that the demon wolf was about to shift into Mira’s human form. Grabbing the Knights of Death’s flag which had fallen on the ground, he wrapped the black fabric around the demon wolf because it would turn into a naked redheaded woman in a clearing of over ten thousands werewolves in presence. He didn’t need them to have a second glimpse of his mate’s body. Otherwise, there would be another war happened here.

Slowly, it changed into Mira. A white dress began to materialize around her body as if she was meant to have the dress on her all along. Mira crouched next to him, looking at him with hardened red eyes.

“I’m okay,” he mumbled. His hand reached her cheek and caressed it softly.

“He hurt you.” her voice held fury.

Damn, this wasn’t the right time to feel turn on. He never thought her anger could be such a turn on. Granted, they had a few little arguments but he never heard this kind of voice from her. It just stirred him in a very good way.

Mira withdrew from him, got up and headed to the scythe at one of the pillars. She pulled it out without much effort. Cohen knew she wanted to finish the job for the sake of everyone. She tightened her grip the scythe and dragged it on the ground as she made her way to the Angel of Death.

“You’re going to fulfill your destiny as the killer of Angel of Death?” he taunted her as soon as she stood before him.

His right hand was gripping his throat as he tried to stop the bleeding but Mira knew he was growing weaker. He couldn’t heal his mortal body.

“You were wrong about us,” she told him. “You said we were weak. We didn’t deserve to live in this world. You were wrong about that. Our unity is the only reason for your downfall. You unite people with fear. We unite for honor, loyalty, friends, and family.”

“So what? You saved the lives of the people who saw you as a monster. You were just like me. Nobody came to save you on that day. You were enslaved in the corner of the world. And if you kill me, you’re just like them.”

Mira raised the scythe to his neck, ready to press the blade against it.

“I don’t need someone to save me because I could do that myself.”

Alistair laughed. “So, fulfill your destiny to be the killer of Angel of Death. To be the Savior of all realms.”

“I’m not here for my destiny. I’m here because you messed with my mate.”

He looked at her in confusion.

“Nobody messes with my mate and get away with it!” she roared as her hands pushed the blade to decapitate his head off his body.

Lightning struck in the sky repeatedly as Alistair’s red blood eyes were losing its light. His head rolled down to the ground and she picked it.

“Pathetic,” she growled.

Mira threw it into the brazier. Her eyes turned to the witch who started this war because of the curse she bestowed upon Mira’s parents.

“There is no love in you,” she murmured, making her way to the witch.

“Love was taken away from me on the moment your father killed my daughter!” Tabitha snarled and did something.

Something pierced through Mira’s body which caused Cohen to scream her name. She looked down and saw a knife embedded just below her ribcages. The same knife Alistair used to cut her palm. Mira kept an eye contact with the witch as her left hand wrapped around the knife and pulled it out. Her wound healed instantly. The blades of Angel of Death didn’t affect her because now, she was the new wielder of its power.

“Does it not bother you that you’ve taken so much more than what you’ve lost?” Mira dropped the knife to the ground. “Children were orphaned and enslaved. Women were raped. Thousands of people died since you put the curse. I could still hear their screams in my ears.”

“They deserved it. All of you deserved it!”

Mira’s hand curled into a fist and the witch exploded in front of her. Gasps echoed in the starry night sky. Drinking Adeline’s blood had given her so much more and that made Mira afraid but she had no choice. It was the only way to break the spell cast on her after the Knights of Death captured her years ago.

She walked past one of the Angels in the battlefield and shoved the scythe to him.

“You’re welcome,” Mira said nonchalantly while she was still heading straight for her mate but halted when the Angel, who had the scythe, rose it to her.

“Ezekiel, no,” Stefano warned the Angel.

“She is too powerful to roam on Earth,” Ezekiel replied. “What guarantee do we have that she wouldn’t come after us too?”

Mira spun and met his eyes. “As long as your head intact to your body, consider that as the guarantee. But if you keep doubting me, I’d be happy to unite your head with Alistair’s in the brazier.”

“Brother, let her go.” Stefano put his hand on Ezekiel’s arm to lower the scythe.

The Angel lowered the scythe and Mira turned around to reunite with her mate. Mira wrapped her arms around Cohen.

“Let’s go home,” she whispered.

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