Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 50

Mira opened her eyes and saw she was standing in front of a broken gate. It had been a while since she was in the back of her mind like this. Now, she wondered what would happen if she walked past the broken gate. Her demon wolf hadn’t made its presence known to her since she was resurrected. She knew it was just lurking in the dark like always. It was just waiting for her life hanging on a strand before it decided to show up. Guess what, she had enough of its attitude. It could sulk for all eternity but it must understand that it inhabited her body. They were one person in one body. If it couldn’t get on the same page with her, things would get ugly between them and she was ready for it.

“Mira darling,” someone called her as soon as her hand was reaching for the gate.

Mire spun around and saw a spitting image of herself was standing there with a man.

They were her parents; Mirabelle and Ethan.

“Why?” that was the only thing Mira could ask. “Why didn’t you protect me?”

“Darling, we—”

“Why didn’t you protect me?!” she roared.

She was upset. She was hurt because her parents weren’t there to protect because they weren’t there to love her. She was so angry at them until she couldn’t contain her tears anymore. She had lost so many people because of their war.

“Didn’t you love me at all?” she sniffled.

Mirabelle looked at her daughter with tears streamed down her cheeks, “We do love you, sweetheart. You are our only daughter.”

“Lies,” Mira shook her head. “If you did, this war wouldn’t have started.”

Both of her parents were taken back by her words. Yes, if she wasn’t born in the first place, none of these would happen. Cohen would probably meet someone else as his mate. As much as it hurt her thinking that way, she knew it was for the best if she wasn’t born.

“Why didn’t you say anything, dad?” her jaw clenched, throwing glares on the man she called her father. “Why didn’t you say anything?!”

“What have you become, Mira?” he mumbled at her with sadness in his eyes. “Your mother and I love you regardless the curse bestowed upon us.”

Mira dropped to her knees, crying her heart out. “How could you? Everyone I know—everyone I loved has to pay for the war you’ve created. What was their fault in this? What was my mate’s fault it this until he had to pay it with his blood and the blood of his people?!”

“If you go through that gate, you’ll lose more.” He muttered, gesturing to the gate behind her.

Mira got up on her feet and turned to face the gate, “I already lost everything on the moment I was created.”

She pushed the gate opened and it made a long creaking sound before it eventually swung open. She stepped in and instantly felt eerie again. She never thought her own damn mind would get this eerie. She walked in a straight line heading into the darkness until she arrived in the room where her demon wolf would be found. As usual, the fire was raging in a circle as she stepped to the center of the room. Mira knew it was in the dark, not far ahead of her but she couldn’t make further step because of the fire around her.

“I understand what you wanted now,” she spoke as she listened to the ferocious growls from the darkness.

“I know I’ve been keeping you captive for so long that you turned against me. I know how that felt like. And all these times, I thought that you just wanted to take over my mind and created havoc on Earth and killed my mate.”

It stepped out of the darkness, baring its pointy and blood-stained canines to her as its growls continued.

“You need me as much as I need you.” She kept her eyes fixed on its blood red eyes.

“What makes you think I need you?” it spoke.

“If I die, so are you.”

“So you come to negotiate?”

“No, I come to command you.” Mira’s claws extended. “Either we do this the easy way or the hard way.”

Cohen shook his head. No, not again. He couldn’t lose his mate like this again. His body weakened at the thought of losing Mira for the second time.

“I’ll deal with you later!” Alistair fumed at Adeline before he turned his attention to the Alpha.

If he couldn’t get a new vessel, so be it. He was still powerful enough to annihilate this realm.

The Angel of Death rose his scythe to decapitate the Alpha’s head because he loathed being stopped from accomplishing his mission. This Alpha was clearly causing his entire plan on halt and he needed to get rid of him.

Cohen was no longer able to fight. With the eclipse on full effect, all supernatural species would be affected. That was why everyone tended to stay in their home during the eclipse because this moment would make them vulnerable and unable to shift. Their strength would weaken and that would leave them defenseless.

“Any last words, Alpha?” he asked Cohen.

With his right eye closed shut because of the bruise and blood was spilling from his mouth, Cohen chuckled although it created pain to his broken ribs when he heard a faint heartbeat was coming from Mira. He didn’t know how he could distinguish her heartbeat while there were many people around him. He was confident that was her heartbeat because he didn’t feel the pain of losing her. The sound of her heart beating once in every a few seconds. Then, the interval was lessened until her heart was racing.

Cohen made an eye-contact with Alistair and grinned, “Let me introduce you to my mate,”

Mira’s eyes snapped open before her right arm freed from the chain and sunk her long claws on Adeline’s neck. All the chains around her body snapped and she instantly stood on the stone table, holding the daemon woman by the neck. Using her other hand, Mira moved Adeline’s head to the side and sunk her canines into the blonde woman’s neck. Adeline screamed in pain as her blood flowed into Mira’s mouth. The redheaded could feel the Angel’s blood was beginning to enhance her senses and strength. Mira’s black veins turned invisible underneath her skin as if Adeline’s blood was the cure for it.

The daemon woman writhed strongly but soon, her heart almost stopped beating. Mira threw her to one of the pillars.

She turned her attention to Alistair with her blood red eyes. Mira raised her hand and pointed her index finger to him as she said with so much venom in her voice. Her voice was no longer her own. It felt like a thousand of voices in one sound.

“You would wish that you were still in that fucking volcano because when I’m done with you, neither Hell nor Heaven would accept your sorry ass.”

Her bones started to shift underneath her skin.

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