Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 49

Stefano rose into the air and brought the Angel of Death along with him as they battled in the sky. Cohen kept making his way discreetly towards the altar and at the same time, he was looking for Vincent and Brandon among the crowd. The incantation didn’t stop and Mira still hadn’t moved from the altar. Cohen was afraid that he was too late but he didn’t want to rush in. He was in the middle of the clearing without any sort of backup. His Enforcers were still saving as many werewolves as they could. He didn’t want to alert the Knights of Death of his presence in the crowd.

“Not so fast, Alpha.” A very dark voice said.

Something rumbled under the ground he was walking on before roots shot up and curled around his ankles, wrists, and his neck as it restrained him to the ground. A dark-haired woman in a tattered silver dress came from the tree line. She made her way to him.

“Tabitha!” Clavier shouted, charging towards the woman.

Tabitha? The white witch who lost her daughter?

“Dogs like you never learned anything!” she fumed, turning her hand into a fist and Clavier was lifted into the air with the roots around his neck.

Her eyes held so much rage and hatred as the roots tightened around their necks.

“Kill them all!” she commanded the Knights of Death, alerting the Knights of Death about the presence of Cohen’s Enforcers. “Protect the altar at all cost!” she created a dome around the altar to protect it.

The Knights turned around scythe in hand before charging into the tree lines. Stefano dropped to the middle of the clearing, sending tremor before he got up and swung his spear.

“You are weak, Stefano.” Alistair chuckled as he easily evaded the High Lord’s attack.

“You’re not that strong either!” Stefano growled, pummeling him with an unseen force.

He held his spear to the air, summoning the lightning before he channeled it to Alistair but his scythe blocked the lightning from electrocuting him.

“You need to polish your skill, brother!” Alistair smirked as he stepped forward against the lightning.

Stefano’s eyes flickered towards the altar when he saw Adeline was walking in a circle around the stone table as if she was planning to do something to Mira. During his short duration of vulnerability, Alistair took the chance to attack Stefano. The lightning exploded in the sky with Stefano was thrown off. Cohen tried to yank off the roots from his wrists just to get slash by several Knights of Death before a blue light was sent to his way and his attackers catapulted into the air.

“Why don’t you pick your own size, bitch?!” Amanda snarled, controlling one of the scythes to cut the roots around the Alpha and the daemon doctor.

“You rather betraying your own kind?” Tabitha glared at her.

“Oh, I was never loyal to my own kind. Not when they were the reason behind my suffering!”

Letting the two witches fought against each other, Cohen continued to make his way towards the altar while the Knights of Death were making defense line around it. His main concern was getting Mira freed from the chain. As long as he fulfilled that, he could think of the next plan. But with the wounds he sustained and the amount of the blood he was losing, he felt weakened and the altar felt like hundreds of miles away. The Angel of Death grabbed Stefano’s spear and made his way to the hybrid Angel-Daemon.

“You should just stay at home, Stefano.” He muttered, grabbing the High Lord on the neck and rose him to the air. “Your Adeline is gone. Her soul is mine now.”

With one hand gripped Stefano’s neck, another hand stabbed the spear through his body. The High Lord groaned in agony before he fell to the ground with the spear half-way through his body. Alistair diverted his focus from Stefano towards the Alpha. He had heard so much of the Alpha and it was time for the introduction to happen between them.

“Came to save her, Alpha?” Alistair swirled his scythe, playing as he waited for Cohen to make another step to the altar. “I heard you failed before. What makes you think you could save her this time?”

Cohen ignored the jabbering of the Angel of Death. In his mind, he was enchanting Mira’s name, begging that she would look to his way and showed that she wasn’t harmed. Mira remained motionless on the stone table. He made his step to the altar, Alistair slashed his scythe against Cohen’s thigh right at his blood vein. His blood gushed out like a waterfall and he pressured the wound. It would take a few seconds before the wound could heal completely. In that few seconds, his life was hanging in between life and death.

“Cohen!” Liam shouted in horror, looking at the condition of his Alpha.

Without thinking what the possibility of things could have happened, all the Alphas in the battle rushed to help Cohen just to get thrown away by Tabitha. Alistair took his time to torture the Alpha. Because of the eclipse, the Alpha was weakened. His fast healing wasn’t as fast as it used to be. His hand curled into a fist and he sent a strong blow to Alistair when he was close. Ignoring the blood gushed down his thigh, Cohen sent another blow to him. The Angel of Death staggered backward.

Although Adeline was working with Alistair, it seemed like the daemon woman had a plan of her own when she created another dome inside, smaller version. This dome shielded her and Mira. She grabbed another chain from the floor and wrapped it around the redheaded woman’s neck. Mira started to struggle on the stone table, earning attention from the Angel of Death. He stormed to Adeline’s direction as he was ready to decapitate her head because of her disobedience. If Mira died, so would his chance to have another vessel. But Adeline had come prepared when she did something to him which caused him unable to take another step forward as if something was preventing him from doing so. She tightened the chain around Mira’s neck even harder.

“Adeline, let her go!” Clavier shouted but he was pulled away by something.

Cohen rushed to the dome despite he was limping. Once all of this over, he would be the one who ended her life even if means creating a war between werewolves and daemons. He didn’t care anymore. This daemon was killing his mate.

The roots once again returned—not from Tabitha but from the daemon woman and it pierced through his body, holding him still.

Soon, Mira stopped struggling.

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