Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 4

He massaged his temples as his head throbbed with the same pain once more. Cohen drew out a bottle of pills from his pocket and swallowed two of the white pills. At least the pain would subside for a few hours. Enough to give him time to think clearer.

Two days passed and the Alpha barely went to sleep. He didn’t even check his old room in the pack mansion because he knew he would imagine her right there. Even he went back to his lake house to catch a short nap, he would still see her. Every time he closed his eyes, he would see her — smiling and was looking beautiful as ever.

Amanda leaned against the door. “Go to sleep, Alpha.”

“I told you not to call me that.” He grunted, leaning on the chair.

The same chair he used in the office when he was an Alpha. Amanda wondered how long he was going to refuse to acknowledge he would always be the Alpha of the pack.

She came in and resumed the same spot at the meeting desk. “Suit yourself.”

Ever since Mira died, Amanda was never been the same. She would rather minding her own business and spoke lesser than before. Her magic was locked tight inside herself. After failed to save Mira, Amanda realized how useless her magic was even as a white witch. A white witch was supposed to be the strongest witch but she was wrong. Now, to redeem herself, she would do anything to find Mira’s body and put her at rest once more.

Amanda and Cohen sat in silence in the office. Ten minutes later, the Alpha groaned again as if he was in massive pain. He kept rubbing his temples while his eyes closed.

“When did it start?” she asked without tearing her gaze from the book she was reading.

She might have locked her magic away but it didn’t stop her from reading people’s mind. Most of the time it was intentionally. Other times, it was a pure mistake. Amanda knew where to draw a line on this matter but not now. The Alpha was obviously disturbed by something. The pain should have subsided after he consumed the pills.

“After I shifted back into my human form.” He replied.

“You didn’t feel a headache during wolf form?”

He thought for a second. Being in his wolf form for months with no sign of changing back to his human form was something he would not like to discuss with anyone. Not only he had to survive by feeding on wild animals, he also had rage and hatred were constantly poisoning his mind — trying to push him further into madness.

If Amanda could help him deal with this pain, then it was worth a shot to tell her about it.

“I did feel the pain but not as painful as when I’m in my human form.”

“When did it start?”

“A few days after Mira’s funeral.”

The pain started a few days after he attended Mira’s funeral. First, it just for a few minutes. As days passed by, the pain became longer and unbearable at times. It caused him to shift involuntarily. After that, he stayed in his wolf form for a few months until he forced himself to shift back to human form about two months ago.

“How long had you been in your wolf form?”

“Seven months.”

He was nearly losing his humanity. That was the danger of staying in a wolf form for that long. To make it even worse, Cohen’s wolf was on berserk mode. It was forcing him to revert to a feral way. A feral and berserk wolf was far dangerous than a tyrant vampire like Damien.

The white witch gazed at him. “Where is your wolf now?”

“Somewhere. I couldn’t reach him ever since I shifted back into my human form.”

“So you hadn’t shift for two months and your wolf is locked far behind.”

She stood up and made a beeline towards the Alpha and stood behind him with her hands were reaching for his temples.

Cohen avoided her touch, “Couple of hours of sleep would do.”

“No, it’s not about sleep.” She touched his temples despite his protest. “Relax, I’m not going to do anything to your mind. Just take a deep breath.”

“Amanda, you—”

“Listen here, Alpha. You wanted to solve this case and retrieve Mira’s body as much as I do but if you continue to be in pain, you would just slow us down. Help me out here, okay? Just take a deep breath and let me figure out what’s wrong with you.”

Cohen let out a protesting grunt but agreed to her nonetheless. The pain had been bothering him too much. He just wanted it to go away as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to focus on the case with the pain continued to interrupt him.

He took a deep breath and relaxed his mind. Amanda’s hands felt cold against his sweaty skin. She recognized this type of pain. Being a white witch, Amanda had healed many werewolves along the way and she could easily recognize diseases and pain just by looking at the first symptom. This pain that the Alpha was currently feeling was different from those pain or diseases. This was no disease.

The pain came from his mating bond.

That was weird. It should be weakening by now.

Amanda pulled her hands away. “It’s your mating bond.”

“It’s breaking. I know,” Cohen grunted in pain again.

She knew the feeling of broken mating bond in a mind of a werewolf. She felt that in Vincent’s mind when he asked her to ease a headache he had been suffering for years. Many cases with those who lost their mate, their mating bond would slowly weaken and eventually, it would break after a few months. In rare cases, the mating bond could take many years to break after losing a mate. Like Vincent’s case, that was because he hadn’t found a second mate. The first bond would break completely after the surviving mate marked their second mate. That was why many surviving mates died before they found their second mates especially if they lost their first mate after they had completed the mating. The pain would be too unbearable.

But what Amanda felt inside Cohen’s mind, he wasn’t experiencing the same. His mating bond wasn’t weakening or breaking.

“No,” she mumbled as she made her way to the meeting desk with a dazed expression. “It’s reconstructing.”

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