Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 48

The ground quaked as thousands of werewolves were chasing after Vincent and Brandon who suddenly didn’t recognize anyone and just ran into the woods. The two men looked like they were under the influence of something which made them unaware of everyone around him. Cohen wanted to contain them back in the mansion but Stefano was against it as he said that Vincent and Brandon could lead them to the Angel of Death.

The High Lord mentioned that the two werewolves were branded with the mark of sacrifice. ’The goat’ was what he called them. If Mira was impregnated by the Angel of Death, the pregnancy would grow rapidly and she would need something else to keep her going through it. That was where ’the goats’ came in. Their lives would be sacrificed so that the fetus would consume their power and born as a powerful vessel. The more lives the fetus consumed, the powerful its’ adult version would get. Not only that, those who were sacrificed would rise as the Knights of Death, adding number to Angel of Death’s army.

“Cohen!” he heard Mira shouted.

The Alpha stopped abruptly at the shout of his mate. He looked around, praying that she would come forth from somewhere. Her call for his name continued and he still couldn’t find where she was.

“Alpha, what’s wrong?” Liam asked, joining Cohen looked around.

“It’s Mira,” the Alpha replied. “She’s screaming like she’s in excruciating pain.”

“You’re her mate. The mating bond is connecting you to her even without the mating mark.” Stefano explained. “The time is ticking.”

Cohen gazed to the sky. The sun was half-way covered. They began to run again until the Alpha realized Vincent and Brandon were leading them to the Council’s land. Why would these two lead everyone to the Council land? Cohen’s suspicion grew when there were many others came with the same mark as Vincent and Brandon. The two men stopped running and just walked. They were murmuring some incoherent words under their breath as they began to strut and regrouped with those who carried the same mark.

Stay low,” Cohen linked to everyone. “We’re closing in.”

“Where are the battalions?” Liam wondered.

That was a good question. Where were all the battalions stationed in the Council’s land? Cohen tried to reach for Dalton’s mind link but ran into a wall. What was going on? There weren’t any team patrolled the area either. It felt like this entire place was abandoned.

“Found them,” Liam pointed to the clearing not far from the Council’s building.

Cohen’s blood boiled when he spotted Mira naked and chain to a stone table on an altar. The altar was surrounded by thousands of Knights of Death and the battalions. He spotted Dalton stood close the altar but the Commander’s eyes were weird. It was like his wolf took control but under the influence of something. Just like how Vincent and Brandon were controlled.

“How did he control those werewolves?” Liam asked but not to Cohen. He was asking Stefano.

The High Lord focused his eyes on the werewolves. He couldn’t understand how Angel of Death managed to control them. He had no mind power. It was impossible for the Knights of Death put the mark of sacrifice on every werewolf in the land. That was until Stefano spotted Adeline stood near one of the six pillars. Her power was emitting out of her skin. Of course, it was her but she didn’t look like she was under the control of Angel of Death. Why would she help him? She knew he would annihilate all realms.

“Adeline controls them for him,” he answered with a heavy heart.

“Your wife works for him.” Cohen snarled. “All these time, she’s working for him!”

“I don’t understand why she would do that.”

Stefano knew Adeline. She wouldn’t work for anyone. Not even with the lives of everyone at stake. He looked at her again. This wasn’t the Adeline that he knew. Did the time traveling for three centuries had changed her heart?

“Stefano, we’ll get her back and figure it out,” Clavier said assuredly.

“If we get closer, would she control us too?” Liam asked.

Stefano shook his head. “No, this kind of control need blood. It’s not easy to control thousands of people at once without any sort of connection.”

“All the battalions in the Council undergo medical check-up every month including a blood test. You think that’s how Adeline got their blood?”

“Possibly.” Stefano murmured.

“Cohen, what’s the plan?” Nathan asked and joined the discussion with Alpha Zachariah, Jaxon and the former Alpha, Eric.

Before Cohen could answer, Mira’s scream echoed again—screaming for his name. His hands clenched by his sides. Cohen’s bones were shifting under his skin as his wolf was trying to force him to shift. The louder Mira screamed for his name, the harder his bones shifted. He was aching to rush to her aid but with the current situation, it would be suicide to just storm in. But he didn’t want to wait any longer because the time was ticking and it wasn’t siding him right now.

“Save as many as you could. I’ll get Mira.” He told everyone.

As he made his way to the front of the line, the sun was almost fully covered. The time was running out and the incantation was growing louder. Cohen looked to both sides of the clearing. His Enforcers were beginning to pull their targets into the shadow to knock them out. They couldn’t risk killing everyone there. These werewolves were their friends too even though they worked for the Council.

Cohen’s body tensed when he watched the Angel of Death landed on the stone table with his knees on Mira’s sides. Then, he lowered himself to her and touched her body as if she was his. The Alpha lost his mind right then and there. He stormed forward without caring that he was in the middle of the hostile zone. He couldn’t shift because the eclipse was already there.

Cohen, I love you,” he heard Mira’s soft voice in his mind.

He saw her eyes closed and tears fell.

“Alistair!” someone shouted before he tackled the Angel of Death off of Mira’s body.

So, the Angel of Death’s name was Alistair. Why nobody ever mentioned that?

Adeline did something which caused Stefano to be thrown away from the altar.

“My love, why are you doing this?” The High Lord asked sadly.

His eyes looked like he had been torn apart as he kept his eyes at the woman he called his wife and other equal. He could feel his heart shattered that she had turned her loyalty to someone else.

“Stefano, you made it.” The Angel of Death, Alistair, muttered with amusement, getting up from the floor. “Are you here to witness my glory?”

But Stefano’s eyes weren’t focused on him. He focused on Adeline.

Alistair followed his stare and chuckled, “Ah, the beloved wife of the High Lord of the Daemon Council. She is no longer yours, Stefano. You’ve betrayed her love.” He looked back to the High Lord. “How does it feel being betrayed, Stefano?”

Stefano read Adeline’s mind, trying to figure out why she changed her loyalty to someone who planned to destroy all the realms. Then, he saw the deception planted in her mind. She thought he bedded Mira.

“You showed her deception!” he growled.

“There is no deception. You bedded another woman.”

Cohen had killed Stefano over a hundred times in his mind.

“It was true that I let her slept in my bed. It was true that I kissed her. It was true that I held her in my embrace.” Stefano said shamelessly even though he knew the Alpha was targeting his neck now. “But I never bedded her. Everything I did for her, I did it for her destiny.”

“Are you here to free her then? To let her fulfill her destiny?”

“No, I’m here for what you did to my father and Adeline.”

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