Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 47

Mira opened her eyes and groaned at the thumping feeling in her head. She raised her hand just to see she was restrained in the middle of something. She craned her neck to look down at her body. Both of her ankles and wrists were restrained with a chain as she was laying on the stone table. There was the crest of the Knights of Death drawn on the floor with something red. She assumed it must be blood. Mira checked her surroundings. Six pillars with a brazier on each. Six pillars represented six realms. Was it a coincidence or maybe they just liked using six pillars?

She was chained to the ritual table in the middle of a large clearing. Why did this place look familiar to her? It felt she had been here before. Mira just couldn’t recall it.

“I’m glad you are finally awake.”

Mira sighed and closed her eyes briefly to swallow down her anger. It was the Angel of Death again. And there was Adeline who was standing behind him. What the fuck?

“Oh, meet my new acquaintance. I’m sure you both had met.” He said, gesturing to Adeline. “At least, someone could see the good cause of this.”

“Yeah, she’s really friendly,” Mira replied sarcastically.

She hated this moment because it reminded her of her enslavement. Why everything in here was reminding her of her enslavement? Was that what her fate would always be? That she could never be freed from being enslaved?

First, she was enslaved to her brother. Now, to this Angel of Death and his legion.

Mira glanced at Adeline. What made she changed her mind and joined this madness? Mira couldn’t understand. Didn’t she want to reunite with her husband just as much as Mira wanted to be reunited with Cohen?

“Why are you doing this, Adeline?” Mira asked her. “I thought you loved Stefano.”

Adeline’s fist clenched at the mention of that name. Mira choked as she was being strangled by something she couldn’t see. The harder Adeline clenched her fist, the tighter the choke around Mira’s neck.

“Easy, sweetheart.” The Angel of Death said. “Her death would come eventually.”

The unseen force was no longer around Mira’s neck and she coughed badly. He ripped her clothes off and left her just in her bra and panties. Mira writhed with the chain, hoping to snap it so that she could kill him because nobody else had the rights to touch her body. Her body was reserved for her mate. Cohen held every right to touch her body. Not another man or being.

“Such a beautiful creature,” he murmured, running his calloused hand over her thigh. “Look at you. The scars that your body holds.”

His blood red eyes roamed her body. Mira knew that look. The look of a pure lust. Not the kind of lust she had seen in Cohen’s eyes. Her mate’s lust was different. He adored and lusted for her at the same time.

This Angel of Death’s lust for her body was the same lust the other men had, who forced themselves into her.

“The body of a warrior.” His hand was rising higher up her thigh.

Mira bit her lip, trying to suppress her anger from coming out. “Is that why you chained me? Afraid that I could defeat you?”

“I really like your spirit. Stubborn, brave, intelligent and dangerous. Just what a true warrior should be.”

“Take this chain off and I’ll show how a true warrior should be.”

He smiled as he pulled out a knife and held her right hand. It cut her palm opened. Mira screamed at the pain of her palm. Even the tortures her demon wolf gave to her was nothing compared to the feeling of the blade of Angel of Death was cutting her palm opened. He loomed her bleeding palm above a wooden bowl and let the blood dripped into it. He dipped his finger into the bowl for a few second and pulled it out. The Angel of Death traced the same finger on Mira’s abdomen and drew the symbol of rebirth on her skin. He stained his palm with her blood and placed his handprint above the symbol.

“I would put my seed into your womb,” he whispered to her, caressing her abdomen which made her cringed at his touch. “Don’t worry, Mira. I’ll be gentle.”

He put his lips on hers forcibly. When he pulled away, he smirked. Mira would do anything to wipe off that smirk from his face. She was getting sick of his presence.

“When the eclipse is here—” he paused, staring to the sky.

Mira followed the direction he was looking. The sun was getting overshadowed.

“—then we would have fun.” He finished his sentence.

Loud stomps began to echo into the clearing as the ground rumbled by each step. Mira looked to her right and watched the Knights of Death marched in. The Angel of Death smiled, leaving her side to stand before his knights. She didn’t expect his army had grown this large amount. Considering the amount of the people they had killed, of course, it would grow this large. Mira closed her eyes and prayed—wishing that someone out there would listen to her. She couldn’t let the Angel of Death reborn. If he was reborn, it would be impossible to stop him.

“Knights of Death,” he spoke. “The true children of Death. Tonight is the moment that I had promised you. For thousands of years, they hindered us. They betrayed us. They locked us away because they feared what we could do. But no more. Because tonight, we will rise stronger than before. We will take what had been taken from us. I will be reborn and together, we will march to their kingdom!”

His knights roared.

“Together, we will annihilate them all!” he shouted, earning another wave of roars. He turned to the horn bearer, “Sound the horn.”

The knight nodded and put the small end of the horn to his mouth. He took a deep breath before he blew the horn. The sound echoed ten times louder than the size of the horn itself. Mira’s body suddenly felt being set on fire—particularly her left thigh. She screamed at the top her lungs as blood oozed out of the skin of her left thigh, exactly on the same spot of her tattoo.

“Cohen!” she shouted the name of her mate in pain as her eyes were reddening. It only means that her demon wolf was close to the surface.

Mira continued to shout his name while her entire body restrained with the chain. Her veins’ color changed to black and spread from her abdomen area towards her entire body. It spread like a contagious disease. Mira could feel her veins restrained under the skin of her face as it headed towards her eyes. Her claws extended slowly and scratched into the stone table while her canines grazed against her tongue and lips, drawing blood out.

The Angel of Death flew to the sky and spread his arms as he listened to the sweet incantation. Nothing sounded as beautiful as the incantation of his rebirth. Then, his wings carried him to the stone table. His knees rested on the sides of her hips as he leaned forward, putting his hands on the sides of her head.

“I will be reborn.” he murmured, caressing her cheek as her eyes now reflected the color of his own.

He lowered his body to hers before he pressed his lips on hers, tasting the blood on her skin. Mira couldn’t move as she laid down there, motionless and defenseless. She closed her eyes, letting tears fell from the corner of her eyes as her body would soon be violated by someone who wasn’t her mate.

"Cohen, I love you,” she said inside her mind.

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