Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 46

They were in the bed, snuggling and teasing each other but nothing further than that. This was another intimate moment for them. It didn’t have to be sex for it to happen. Right now, they were both enjoying each other’s accompany.

“How many kids are you planning to have?” Mira asked him out of the blue.

Her head was rested on his arm as she laid down sideways with her eyes were looking at him while he faced her. No matter how many times he stared into her eyes, he would always drown in them.

“Many,” he replied with a grin. “I’m the only child in my family. So, I figured it is fitting for both of us to have many kids.”

“How many you figured?”

Cohen slowly climbed on top of her and nibbled the crook of her neck. “You’ll see. When all of these are over, we’ll start with one.”

“You’re eager to get me pregnant, aren’t you?” she became breathless with his lips on her skin.

“Darling, I’m not getting younger.” He grunted. “I want babies.”

Not a baby but babies. He needed more than one. That was his plan.

“What if our first child is a girl?”

“It doesn’t matter but she would have wait until she’s thirty to have a boyfriend.” He pulled away from her neck. “All of our daughters going to wait until they’re thirty before having a boyfriend.”

“You can’t do that!” Mira huffed, crossing her arms.

Cohen smirked. “Watch me.” he unfolded her arms and pinned them above her head. “Now, let’s practice, shall we?”

Cohen kept on cursing in his mind as he pounded his fist on Stefano’s face. Eric and Liam barged into the office and quickly dragged the Alpha away while Clavier helped the High Lord to stand up. No matter how many punches he received, Stefano healed instantly.

Cohen growled and struggled to be set free from Eric and Liam’s strong grips. He had nothing else in his mind ever since he demanded these daemons to explain everything. Right now, all he could think of was sinking his teeth into the daemons’ neck.

Nobody would impregnate Mira other than her own mate. Cohen had claimed her as his long ago and he would not let another man impregnated her. The Moon Goddess could damn him for all he cared, Cohen promised nobody else would have the right to father Mira’s children. That was his right. She was his mate and wife.

Stefano got up from the floor, rubbing his jaw and said, “His power is fading in the world of mortals. His immortal physical body turned mortal over time. The only way for him to gather his power, immortality and become stronger than before, he needed a new vessel to possess. But, he can’t just possess a body from the mortal’s world even if that body is an immortal creature. The only person who could grant him a body for an Angel of Death is Mira. After all, she’s the only one who could withhold his—you know,”

“The Angel of Death would possess his own child?” Eric interrupted.

Eric and Liam had heard all the words exchanged in the office because they were just outside the office before they barged in to prevent Cohen from killing the daemon High Lord.

His son was growled louder. The former Alpha could understand why Cohen was furious. The thought of Mira impregnated by the Angel of Death wasn’t something pleasant to think about. A male werewolf like Cohen was extremely territorial and possessive which explained why the male would do anything to ensure the safety of their mate.

“Yes, he would possess his own child’s body. If he plants his seed in Mira’s womb, the baby would grow rapidly. The pregnancy would last for a few hours. Mira could give birth on the same day. And the baby would grow into an adult male in a few hours.” Stefano mumbled.

That was why the Knights of Death was desperately trying to get Mira. That was why he was desperately trying to keep her by his side. As long as she was in his castle, Angel of Death could never get to her. His castle was the only safest place for her until she decided to go after her friends. He admired her loyalty towards her friends and family but that kind of loyalty could get herself killed too.

“She has to kill him before he impregnates her. Otherwise, it would be too late.” Stefano finished his explanation. “Because if he already put his seed in her, then it would be too late for us getting her back.”

He knew how hard this could get. He wouldn’t blame them for having confusion. He was confused on the first time Phillip told him all the stories about demon wolf. But after thousands of years listening to the same stories, Stefano finally grasped the ugly truth behind them.

“A life for a life,” Eric spoke earning a nod from the daemon High Lord. “Mira wouldn’t survive the labor.”

Cohen’s hands clenched on his sides but that didn’t change his intention of killing this daemon. He didn’t want to imagine the possibility that the Angel of Death would be using his mate. Cohen didn’t even want to entertain the fact that another being was touching his mate.

“Yes, that is correct,” Stefano confirmed. “She wouldn’t survive the labor and he would get stronger. Nobody could stop him.”

Cohen yanked his arms from his father and Liam’s grip before he barked some orders, “Liam, we’ll expand our search perimeter. Tell Zachariah, Jaxon, and Nathan to expand theirs. Check every nook and cranny of their territory.”

Enough with information. Cohen knew what he needed to know. All the prophecies, Mira’s uncertain destiny as the killer of the Angel of Death or the annihilator of all realms and that the bastard Angel wanted to impregnate her. Time to get the real action out. Cohen hated being too late. He hated being a failure. This time, he would protect his mate at any cost.

There was no time to waste. The clock was ticking and he was getting edgier as he stood by, listening to these rants while Mira was out there—abducted by the Angel of Death.

Liam nodded and ran out to relay the instruction. In a few minutes, he returned to the office and said the Alphas and their Enforcers were preparing to return to their territory in thirty minutes.

“How do we know they’re still in this realm?” Liam voiced out as soon as he returned. “He could fly. He could have been anywhere in this realm or to other realms.”

Stefano shook his head. “No, when Angel of Death was held captive, the chain drained out his power slowly. After he was freed, he fell on the sixth realm with his army. They annihilated all lives in that realm to help him regain power but that didn’t last long. I had suspected he had been in this realm for quite a long time. I just couldn’t find him. To travel between realms, it would consume a large amount of power. He’s too weak to travel. He might save the remaining of his power to get what he wanted from Mira.”

“Like a werewolf’s legend, the female would get a high chance of getting pregnant during the full moon. Angel of Death needed the eclipse if he wanted that.” Clavier mentioned to them.

Jaxon barged in, looking breathlessly, “Cohen, you got to see this.”

Upon hearing the request, Cohen ran out of the office as Jaxon led them out of the pack mansion. Thunders and lightning were striking the evening skyline followed by a strong gust of wind.

“Look,” Jaxon pointed to the sky.

Everyone looked up to the sky and realized what was happening. There was a shadow that was slowly making its way to the front of the sun.

“The Eclipse,” Stefano mumbled softly.

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