Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 45

This wasn’t what he had planned. For three centuries, he had planned every step carefully but no matter how good his plan was, it could never deceive the eyes of the demon wolf. His father, Phillip, was right. The demon wolf was indeed a trickster. Stefano almost fell for its trick if it wasn’t his conscious reminded him that he had another plan to lay out.

Mira’s demon wolf was intriguing. He didn’t know how it managed to deceive him when he took a strand of her essence to see the extent of its power. He didn’t even see Clavier was part of her memories. It seemed like the demon wolf showed him what he wanted to see—not what he needed to see. But he underestimated the demon wolf.

He even underestimated the Alpha’s love for her. It impressed him how much troubles the Alpha was willing to take just to get Mira back again.

“Why it has to be her?” The Alpha questioned. “If you’re powerful enough to resurrect someone, sure, you are powerful enough to kill the Angel of Death.”

Cohen didn’t like it at all. The fact that his mate’s life would be put on the line again.

“There is no blade in this world that could kill the Angel of Death. The only thing that could kill him is his own scythe but the power it has—only two people could wield it. Mira is one of the two people.” Stefano explained.

“He took your wife. Why?”

“I turned Adeline into a daemon. That means my blood runs in her veins. She is half-Angel and half-Daemon. She might not as powerful as I am but her blood could give Angel of Death enhancement in many aspects.” the High Lord muttered. He flipped the same book. “And, I know she’s alive all along.”

“Whoa, what are you talking about? You know Adeline is alive all these times?” Clavier stopped him from explaining further. “So this whole time, you know she’s alive?”

The High Lord nodded, “When I heard your prayer on the night she was killed, I arrived in the carriage that was carrying her dead body. I pulled her out and resurrected her before I hid her in a different timeline and made her traveled from one timeline to another all the times. She didn’t know that was my doing. The last thing she saw was a bright blue light before she traveled in timelines.”

“You know—”

“Yes, Clavier. I know my stepmother was behind the assassination. I didn’t speak a word because I wanted to see what else she would do.”

“Why she wanted to kill Adeline if she was part of the organization?”

“They didn’t need Adeline alive. They just needed her blood.”

Stefano could be oblivious to the things that happened in his family but that didn’t stop him from listening to or witnessing anything. He knew from the moment Eleanor married his father, there was a hidden motive. He kept quiet because his father asked him to. Phillip knew about the existence of the organization and had spent thousands of years to help Stefano to hunt them down. He also knew Clavier was working behind his back to search for the Knights of Death. Stefano appreciated the efforts but he didn’t want to lose his only friend if things went wrong.

The High Lord had kept many things secret particularly that was involving the Knights of Death. His Council had been infiltrated to the highest level which made him edgier and unable to trust anyone. Granted, Clavier was his very loyal friend but he couldn’t involve the doctor deeper into the mess. Turned out, the doctor already did get himself involved—a lot deeper than Stefano expected.

“I didn’t stay on Earth just for fun, Clavier,” Stefano said with a serious tone. “I stayed because Knights of Death is causing a problem to everyone. I thought, by keeping Adeline in the timeline, the Angel of Death wouldn’t be able to find her. It turned out, Mira and Adeline are connected somehow. If he found one, he was bound to find the other.”

“That didn’t ignore the fact that you put my mate’s life at risk!” Cohen roared. He was angry.

Sure, it was a good deed of what Stefano did by resurrecting Mira. But it wasn’t the right thing to do by keeping everyone’s attention focused on her while Adeline was tucked away—safe and sound. Cohen’s hands were aching by his sides—aching to end the life of this daemon right on the spot.

“Why he needed Mira? I know she’s a powerful demon wolf but her existence would be the very reason for his downfall.” Clavier broke the tension in the office.

He had seen it when the Knights of Death captured Mira. When Clavier broke her out, he realized that she wasn’t badly harmed except for the burning mark on her left thigh. At the facility she was kept captured, she was well taken care of by her captors. It made him questioned himself why. They could have killed her but they didn’t. They kept her alive for a reason. Clavier hated receiving bad news but after he had worked with the demon wolf for many years, he had grown used to any sort of news.

Were they looking for her blood too? Well, they could kill her and drain every drop of her blood. They wouldn’t need her alive for that.

“Why he wanted Mira alive if he knows she would be the one who takes his life?” he asked his friend again.

“Demon wolf’s destiny is uncertain, Clavier. She could shape her own destiny and nobody knows what her future holds. I don’t even know what her future holds. What I know is that Mira is destined to kill him or be the reason behind the annihilation of the realms.”

“He’s going to weaponize her?” Cohen questioned.

“No, he wouldn’t,” Clavier answered instead because he had it figured out. He turned to Stefano, “You said it yourself. Demon wolf is a creature of death and is captured by the Angel of Death. She’s connected to him too. She’s his equal—maybe stronger. He needs something that only Mira could give him. It’s not about drinking her blood until the last drop.”

There was an unknown emotion lingered in the High Lord’s eyes. It seemed like everything clicked in place. Clavier finally understood why Stefano had gone all these troubles to keep Adeline away and kept Mira closed to him.

“He’s going to impregnate Mira,” Stefano revealed.

Cohen dashed on him.

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