Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 44

People didn’t really understand the prophecy of the demon wolf and why cross-mating was forbidden. Granted, the supernatural species were allowed to mate with humans but they weren’t allowed to mate with other species—just like the story of Mirabelle Xavier, a blueblood werewolf woman, who mated to Ethan de Magnuson, the King of Vampires. Yes, Stefano heard that story. That wasn’t just a story made by anyone. That happened for real and Mira was the fruit of their forbidden love. Their love story had created devastation between vampires and werewolves—putting an intense tension between the two species.

True, that the two species had been in war with each other for centuries long but it wasn’t as serious as the war caused by Ethan’s forbidden mating with Mirabelle. Stefano had never witnessed so many wars could happen in a span of a few months which resulted in thousands of deaths. But what people didn’t know was; why the mating between them was forbidden. They only knew cross-mating was forbidden but not the reason why it was forbidden.

Cross-mating was heavily related to the demon wolf in a much deeper sense than what was told in the myths and legends of the aforementioned creature. Stefano was lucky that his father told him many stories about the demon wolf.

“The chain that held the Angel of Death captive—” Stefano paused, turning his gaze to Clavier and the Alpha, “—was said that it could be broken by the birth of a demon wolf.”

That was the real reason why cross-mating was forbidden. The prophecy of the demon wolf was bestowed upon a white witch that Stefano knew. She was the one who implemented the law of forbidding cross-mating. Demon wolf was supposed to be one of the supernatural species to be born on Earth but the legion of Angels was against it because it was too powerful to roam on Earth and bred. That, Stefano could understand. Just by looking at Mira, he knew how bad the devastation she could do if she fell into the wrong hands.

Demon wolf was like the incarnation of many Gods and Goddesses combined. It could adapt and immune to many things. Not to mention its’ intelligence, strength, power, and trickiness. That explained how Mira was able to elude and killed stronger opponents without breaking a sweat.

When Stefano resurrected Mira, he didn’t expect the extent of her power could get that strong. Every day he spent with her, her power was just getting stronger. She didn’t know how powerful she could get because she had been suppressing the power from emerging. She still couldn’t accept the existence of the demon wolf in her.

“Moon Goddess had planned it to be the greatest creation she had ever created. Its’ power was said to be surpassing anyone. It would be like the incarnation of the Moon Goddess in a flesh. But, it wouldn’t just be inheriting the traits of one Goddess. It would inherit all the traits of Gods, Goddesses, Angels and all the creations in the supernatural world.” he continued as his hand was reaching for the book on the meeting desk and flipped it opened. “But, inheriting so much power like that, it created a blood-thirsty and unstable creature instead. It made the demon wolf became unstable and uncontrollable.”

The page flipped to the one with the title ’Demon Wolf’. He read the first paragraph silently. He had read this book so many times until he remembered each word precisely. Four types of blood ran in Mira’s veins were enough to send her to the brink of madness. What else he would expect if she truly achieved her full potential? She could suppress the demon wolf from taking over her mind for so long before she would lose the battle eventually. The longer she tried to suppress the demon wolf, the stronger it would get.

“If the demon wolf was forbidden, then why Moon Goddess destined Mirabelle Xavier with Ethan de Magnuson?” Cohen pointed out.

His question was the obvious fact. Why destined a werewolf woman with a vampire man if the demon wolf was forbidden to roam the Earth? Did the Moon Goddess want Mira’s birth to free the Angel of Death? If the Moon Goddess wanted the Angel of Death to be freed, then why held him captive at the first place? War was inevitable just like death.

Stefano shook his head in disagreement, “Oh, they weren’t meant to be mates, actually.”

“Wait, what?” Clavier confused.

“Mirabelle Xavier’s true mate wasn’t supposed to be the Vampire King. Ethan was the greatest King of his time. Being the greatest means he created many enemies and one of his enemies was a white witch named Tabitha. Ethan’s war against the werewolves had caused many innocent lives got caught in the crossfires included Tabitha’s only child Tansi. The poor girl was killed when Ethan marched his army to a werewolf’s pack. Enraged of losing her daughter, Tabitha put a curse on him. He was cursed to fall in love with a blueblood werewolf woman and their child would be the reason why werewolves and vampires would continue to slaughter each other until there would be none of them had left.”

“That was a stupid move,” the doctor snorted. “She had just given out her own death warrant.”

“For Tabitha, she didn’t care about the consequences. She had lost everything at the moment Ethan’s army killed her daughter. She had nothing to lose when she put the curse on him.”

Cohen knew the feeling of losing someone like that. When he lost Mira, he totally didn’t care what would happen to him. Everything he did in that past nine months was his hope to get himself killed so that he would be reunited with her in the Afterlife. He was expecting he would die in one of the illegal fights but he survived all of them. He survived for nine months while he had no will to live.

“So, why you took Mira from us?” Cohen demanded. “I’m not saying I’m not grateful that you resurrected her. Why did you choose a mortal for a war of Angels?”

Stefano looked at each of the faces in the room. It baffled him how little they knew about the demon wolf. Mira’s existence wasn’t a coincidence.

“There is only one way to stop him from annihilating all the realms. As you can see, there is only one Angel of Death. If you want to kill him, you have to bring forth someone who is equally powerful like him—or much powerful than him.”


“Yes, Alpha. Your mate could be the one who kills the Angel of Death or—” Stefano trailed off, “—she could be the reason behind the annihilation of all realms.”

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