Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 43

Adeline crawled backward to the corner when the door swung opened. He entered and watched her. Between these two women, this one was reeking with fear. There was nothing about their personalities were alike. This one was easily frightened and intimidated with his presence. He wanted to intimidate the other woman but she turned rather annoying. It amazed him about the apparent resemblance between these two women and yet their personality was polar-opposites. How was it possible for two women who looked like just to behave differently?

This one was obviously pampered since the beginning. She didn’t know a real struggle in life because everything she had was given by Stefano. The other woman was a whole different story. It was easy to see which one would fit to survive.

“What do you want from me?” Adeline asked. Fear clouded her tone too.

He loved it. That was what he planned to do to all the creations created by his mother. Let them felt the fear before he took their lives. Let them knew who was in charge. They never knew what a real powerful celestial being like him could do. His family was wrong for betraying him. They were dead wrong for chaining him for thousands of years because right now he had everything he needed to perish all his mother’s creations.

There was nothing greater than using her own creations to destroy all she had created. This was the revenge he had been planning for thousands of years while he was chained in an active volcano inside her kingdom. After being in there for so long with a chain continuously fed by the flaming lava, his power was waning. The lava was draining his power out in the return it kept the chain strong and firm. He had grown weaker but not his will to destroy the Moon Goddess’ creations.

“Your husband is a fool for turning you into a daemon,” He muttered without taking a step closer to her. “Daemon is a weak creature.”

“Stefano would come to save me!” she shouted in anger while her eyes were brimming with tears.

Different, he thought. What did Stefano see in this woman? She depended too much on her husband. The other woman barely depended on anyone to come to her aid.

“Would he?” he asked her. “Why didn’t he save you instead of resurrecting the other woman?”

Adeline’s heart was wounded by his words. He was right. Why Stefano didn’t come to save her? They were mates and a married couple. He should have felt her alive.

“I thought so,” The Angel of Death gave her a smile for her silence. “Your husband was no longer in love with you. If he still did, he wouldn’t have let another woman in his bed. If he still did love you, he wouldn’t have kissed her—holding her body—making her smiling and laughing.”

“You’re lying!” Adeline shook her head. “You’re lying. He wouldn’t do that.”

He came closer and crouched by her side. Adeline had nowhere else to go. She was trapped in the corner. He grabbed her hand.

“Daemon could see memories through skin contact.” He mumbled. “Look into mine. I’ve been watching everything your husband had been doing with her.”

He watched as her eyes dilated which confirmed him that she was reading his memories. Those, who were feared by him, were the easiest to deceive by him.

The Angel of Death leaned in, “Enjoy the show,” he whispered, knowing her mind was no longer in the real world with him for a while.

He withdrew his hand and went out of the room. It would take a while before her mind was pulled back into reality.

“Gather everyone to the hall,” he ordered the guard outside the room.

Her ears focused on the sound of the stomps of the boots outside her cell. Mira was sitting on the floor—taking the pose of a lotus. She wasn’t meditating. She was listening and waiting. A good plan wasn’t meant to be rushed. If she was to escape from this place, she needed to come up with many plans because obviously, this wasn’t just some kind of rogues’ facility. She was facing a full force of the Knights of Death and their General, Angel of Death.

The tip of her index finger was tapping softly on her knee. Each tap was equivalent to the step the guard was taking outside. The tapping continued until she didn’t pick anymore sound from outside.

Forty steps.

The guard took forty steps to reach the other end of the hallway. She counted the time mentally before another set of footstep echoed in the hallway. Fifteen seconds. Assuming, the first guard took about one minute to reach the end of the hallway and followed by fifteen seconds interval for another guard to make another round, Mira had one minute and fifteen seconds to escape the floor. Judging the structure of the room she was in, she had no doubt that she was held captive in a tower which begged the question; how many guards were in the tower?

The more she focused on listening, the more sounds she was picking. Something was clinking. It could be the sound of keys or coins. It couldn’t be coins. Why would the Knights of Death needed to carry coins? She would never know.

The lock of the door clicked and a guard entered with a tray of foods and a glass of water. Mira waited for him to come closer and placed the tray close to her foot. That was her cue. She grabbed her chain and wrapped it around his neck. Yes, her chain was no longer attached to the wall. She pulled the small knife she stole from the Angel of Death earlier and stabbed it on the guard’s chest. He was wearing a full body armor but weapons of Angel of Death could penetrate through anything.

“Sleep well, buddy.” She grabbed the keys that were in his hand and unlocked her shackle.

She ran to the door and counted the footstep of the incoming guard. When he was close to her position, Mira pulled him into the room and stabbed him too. She was making her way to the left side of the hallway when she found there was another room on the other end of the hallway. Both ends of the hallway were leading to flights of staircases.

Without wasting time, she went to the other room and peeked through the tiny window on the door. There was a woman in the room. She was cradling her legs to her chest as she was muffling her cries.

“Adeline?” Mira called.

Adeline looked up. “Mira?”

Mira was stunned. How come she didn’t hear Adeline earlier? Did the Angel of Death have an ability to prevent anyone from eavesdropping when he was around? As much as she loved to brainstorming about his powers, she was running out of time.

“No time for bullshit, Mira.” She murmured to herself and inserted the key into the door and unlocked it.

She pushed the door opened and rushed in. Mira unlocked the shackle on Adeline’s right wrist. “We’re getting out of here.”

The shackle fell to the floor and the daemon woman was freed.

“Mira, wait.” Adeline caught her wrist before Mira could run to the door to tackle another incoming guard.

“Adeline, there is no time to was—”

She slammed Mira’s head to the wall which caused the redheaded woman to fall unconscious to the floor with a bleeding forehead wound that was already beginning to heal.

“I know. I’ve been waiting for you to come in.” Adeline said.

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