Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 42

He had lived as long as his memories allowed him to remember. He had witnessed thousands of wars, cities rose and fell, countries were defeated and victorious, and so much more. He remembered every single detail. Then, he saw her as she walked down the muddy road in her dark brown dress with a basket of apples. Every time she passed a beggar, she gave an apple to that person. Her spirit and enthusiasm for helping the needy people had gone unnoticed but that didn’t bother her. Every day, it would be the same. A basket of apples. The more he watched her, the more he intrigued by her. Maybe there was still kindness in the world of mortals.

“Who are you watching?” a soft-spoken person asked him.

Stefano bowed in respect, “Moon Goddess, I do not expect to meet you here.”

She materialized in front of him with a bright light but none of the passersby noticed it just like how they didn’t notice his presence. She took off her white hood with golden stripes and smiled at him. One time, she would take the appearance of a beautiful silver-haired lady with violet eyes. Another time, she would take the appearance of an old lady. Honestly, Stefano always stayed cautious about everyone around him. She could become just about anyone.

“My son, I told you to call me mother,” she said.

“Forgive me, mother. I was just—” Stefano returned his attention to the human woman he was watching. “I was watching her.”

She stood next to him and joined his routine of watching the human woman. “The human such an intriguing creature, aren’t they?”

“She’s different. I could not tell what or why but every time I look at her, I know she’s different.”

“Do you like it here, my son?” she asked him without tearing her gaze from the woman. “Staying on Earth?”

“Half-daemon and half-Angel has no place in your kingdom, mother.”

“There is always a place for all my children in my kingdom.”

“I would like to stay here with father. He needs me as much as I need him.”

She turned to face him and a white crystal appeared on her palm, “Your wings could grant you three wishes. But, I do hope you wish to come home with me one day.”

Everyone else was busy bringing the wounded to the infirmary. They didn’t sustain any casualties but many were injured. Knights of Death’s scythe wasn’t as deathly as the Angel of Death’s scythe. They could have one casualty if Stefano didn’t arrive on time to save the white witch. Now, he understood the extent of Mira’s power. A white witch’s blood was considered the most powerful blood amongst the witches. It was very rare too. For his whole life, he only had the chance to meet two white witches. And, he considered it as a privilege because he barely knew anything about white witches.

Having that blood in Mira’s body, she could do just about anything.

Clavier knocked on the opened door and entered, “Are you doing okay, Stefano?”

His steps into the office were heavily calculated. Clavier didn’t mean to deceive his friend but he had no choice. This wasn’t about trust because Clavier trusted Stefano with his life. This was about the High Lord’s burdens. He had enough of those and Clavier didn’t want to add another one.

Stefano nodded, “How about the woman? Is she okay?”

“A bit pale and shocked but she’ll be okay. Her love is staying by her side.”

“Love,” the High Lord repeated. “Love could have cured all of these.”

“Stefano, your wings—”

Clavier knew Stefano was really different from any daemon he had encountered. The High Lord’s power was unparalleled to those in the supernatural world.

The doctor was honored that the High Lord confided to him with the sacred secret. Yes, Stefano was half-daemon and half-Angel. Clavier found out about this when he witnessed Stefano cured Adeline when she was dying from the epidemic. That was the first time he saw the High Lord’s wings.

“It had to be done,” Stefano murmured.

“Let’s talk,” Cohen entered the office and took a seat. “Begin with you.” he pointed to Clavier.

Clavier started to tell the story of his encounter with Mira and how they came to an agreement to work together against the Knights of Death. At first glance, he was expecting her to object every bit of his suggestion but he was wrong. The redheaded woman didn’t shy away from dangers—she shook hands with danger. That was how he knew that he could count on her.

“Before we came here, we found her friends went missing, and that Adeline is alive.” He added, watching Stefano for his reaction.

But, the High Lord didn’t seem surprised by his statement. He looked like he had expected this to happen. Clavier became suspicious of Stefano’s action. Why the High Lord didn’t seem surprised that his Adeline was alive? He had spent centuries mourning for her death but why he didn’t look surprised or happy that she was alive? There was no expression visible on his face either. Why Stefano didn’t ask for his Adeline? Did Stefano have a change of heart?

“Mira was taken by Angel of Death,” Clavier murmured with a heavy feeling.

He would never forgive himself if he was the reason why Mira got killed because this was his fault. He was the one who involved her with the Knights of Death. Now, she got captured by Angel of Death.

“About fifty thousand years ago, Moon Goddess breathed out life to the supernatural world. The daemon was the first to walk on Earth and coexisted with the human,” Stefano told them without tearing his gaze from the window that had the view of the children were playing as if the war earlier didn’t happen. “One by one species was created. When the population was growing, she needed help to oversees things on Earth to ensure every species lived in harmony and peace so she created the Legion of Angels. Each had their own purposes. Angel of Death was the General of her army called the Knights of Death. Because there was no war in the supernatural world, his army never grew. People only died because of natural causes so when they moved to the Afterlife, they would live in peace instead of joining his army. He got angry because of that. He went down to Earth and assumed the appearance of a young man. He promised them; lands, women, slaves, power, wealth and all the things on Earth if the vampires started a war for him.”

“So, the vampires started the war for him?” Cohen asked. “Not really surprising considering it’s what they do best.”

Stefano nodded, “They did and were very good at it. His army in Moon Goddess’ Kingdom grew drastically until the numbers caused suspicions in the kingdom. They started to question and pointing fingers to each other. ’Who started the war?’, ’What was the reason?’, ’How did it happen?’, and all the questions popped up. Each species had a legion of Angels of their own in the kingdom. The Angels protected them and ensured they didn’t cause any trouble but out of nowhere, war broke out everywhere.”

“Pointing fingers led to another war,”

“Yes, war broke in the kingdom. Just like the mortal siblings, the Angels could get into argument with each other. A war happened in the mortal world and a war happened in the kingdom too until Moon Goddess interfered but it was already too late. Angel of Death’s influence had consumed half of the population in the supernatural world. She commanded him to be captured and held captive until the end of time.”

“How did he get out?”

“Mira’s birth set him free.

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