Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 41

Mira wrapped her hands on the chain and planted her right feet on the wall as she tried to yank the chain off the wall. She had been trying to break the chain with anything she could think of, but the chain was too strong. The shackle on her right wrist had begun to annoy the shit out of her. Usually, she could yank off any kind of chain but not this one.

“Fuck,” she swore.

Mira was reaching to her boiling point. Nothing else was frustrating enough other than unable breaking free.

Right now, she was locked in a circular room with a transparent dome and no windows. This was like Damien’s dungeon all over again. She hated being reminded of her painful past but being held captive like this, it did a lot of things to her.

She sighed in defeat and slumped against the brick wall. Her mind was running wild of the thoughts of her mate. She hoped Cohen wasn’t harmed. Seeing his face and kissed his lips even just for a few seconds made her realized that someone who was close to her heart was out of her reach. Every time they came close, the fate would do anything in its power to pull them apart. It was heart-breaking to think how much the fate wanted to keep her away from her mate. It was like their lives were heading more towards sadness than happiness. She never got to say how much she loved him. The only time she said the words of love was during their wedding when they recited their vows. Other than that, there was nothing. Sometimes, Mira regretted how many chances she had to say those words and missed them entirely because she was too focused on killing people instead of enjoying life with Cohen.

Now, she was stuck in this circular room that started to freak the life out of her. Mira laid down on the floor and looked at the dome—admiring the stars on the night sky. They said those who died in battle would become a star—looking down to their descendants and protected them. Did her parents turn into a star after they died? Well if they did, they were terrible parents.

“Why didn’t you protect me, mom?” she mumbled to herself. “Why didn’t you protect me, dad?”

She never had the chance to know her parents. All she knew was their names and how much they loved each other. Every time she watched other families were having fun at the park, she would be wishing that was her family. Since her birth, everything was taken from her.

“Why did I have to fight your war?”

Tears escaped from her eyes as she continued to question.

“Why everyone had to blame me for what you did?”

“Why it had to be me carry this curse?”

“How many more people have to die for you both? For me?”

“Did you two even love me?”

“Because of this curse, my mate suffered. Because of this curse, everyone around me suffered. Fucking answer me, bastard!”

She got up from the floor and roared her anger out, punching the brick wall with her right hand. Pain traveled from her knuckle to her entire body but within a few seconds, it faded away. Mira rested her forehead on the wall with her hands were just hanging between. She wanted to cry but her eyes felt as dry as the desert.

“Hurting yourself wouldn’t get the questions answered.” Someone spoke.

Mira breathed out through her mouth. “What are you now, my fucking therapist?”

“Language, my dear.” He said in a warning tone. “How are you feeling after punching the wall?”

“Oh, I feel fucking fantastic.” She replied sarcastically, spinning around to face him.

His wings folded behind him and the chain was around his waist as if it was some sort of belt for the black robe he was wearing. He walked to the fireplace and stocked up some woods in it.

“Still couldn’t break the chain?” his lips tugged upward slightly which showed that she had amused him with her rants.

“Is that a challenge?”

She was on fire tonight. After what happened, she had every right to be on fire. Her anger had exceeded her previous point. Everything in this room was pissing her off. His smile, his wings, his chain and everything about him was pissing her off. If the chain wasn’t restraining her, she would have clawed him—strangled him to death—grilled him alive.

“Feisty,” he licked his lips. “You could have become my Queen.”

“If you’re expecting me to say ’Oh, you should become my King’, sorry sweetheart, the place is already taken.”

“The Alpha, I assumed.” His lips turned into a flat line. “What do you see in a mortal like him? You could have—”

“Achieve more with an immortal man?” she cut him off. “That’s the thing about an immortal man. Their body is too cold like they’re the incarnation of winter itself. I like my man warm and comfy. It makes cuddling much more exciting.”

His wings flapped once, sending him to her way. Mira’s back was slammed on the wall with his hand tightened around her neck.

“If I didn’t value your life, you would have been dead.”

“I don’t know you like to choke a woman against the wall. You must be one hell of a kinky Angel of Death in the kingdom.”

He peeled her from the wall just to slam her again. “I’m warning you.”

“Did your court in Moon Goddess’ Kingdom legalized restraining order? Because I would love to have one against you.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

Good, Mira had managed to poke the right button. Cohen once told her that she was an expert in poking people’s nerves. She didn’t expect the Angel of Death to have nerves, to begin with. She had a good start.

“Why don’t you shackle yourself and see what’s wrong?” she asked him back. “They said you would understand better in the same perspective. Oops, I forgot you were shackled for thousands of years because obviously, mommy loved something else more than you.”

He pulled his hand from her neck. Mira dropped to the floor, rubbing her fingers on her neck to ease the soreness. His gaze was burning a hole on her skull. For the first time ever, Mira thanked the Goddess for not gifting him with fire-shooting eyes.

“How did it feel being betrayed?” she looked at him, standing up to face him with the remaining courage she had left. “Betrayed by the people you called family? Your siblings didn’t come to save you. Nobody did.”

He leaned to her right side and whispered, “As far as I’ve heard, your own family betrayed you too. Didn’t your own grandfather call you an abomination?”

Mira let out a restrained chuckled. “At least I knew he hated me since I was in the womb. But apparently, you were betrayed after thousands of years serving with your family. That shit must hurt a lot because what you did for them had burnt into ashes.”

With a clenched jaw and not a word from him, he left the room. Her words had hit a sensitive spot in him. Mira moved her hand from her back and saw the thing she had managed to snatch from him while she was busying pissing him off.

“Challenge accepted,” she smirked.

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