Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 40

Cohen could only watch helplessly as his mate was taken from him again. Everyone just stood there, not moving a muscle as he tried to regain his focus once again. At this point, he was close to losing his mind again. His hands were aching to rip someone’s throat. He turned his attention to the daemon who was crouching next to the dead guard.

Clavier took off the helmet of the guard and saw there was nothing but a skeleton underneath the silver armor. Of course, these were the undead soldiers. Angel of Death’s loyal followers in the Kingdom of Moon Goddess. Once he was cast out, his army followed. Damn it, Clavier cursed. Knights of Death was actually the undead. He didn’t know the organization was actually the Knights of Death from the Moon Goddess’ Kingdom. All these times, he thought they adopted the name because of the things they were about to do. He didn’t expect they were really the original owners of the name.

In the mortal world, the Knights of Death were blessed with the ability to possess physical appearance before they died and made into the Knights of Death. They were once living beings. When they died in the battle, their souls were sent to be part of the Knights of Death. Once a warrior would always be a warrior.

That explained how they could use magic and traveled between realms easily. If they were humans, it was impossible for them to use magic and traveled between realms.

Before he could make a further conclusion, Clavier’s back was slammed against the van by the Alpha.

“Speak who you are and what the hell you did with my mate.” He commanded.

“I’m Clavier Hubert. Mira and I had been working for a very long time.” Clavier replied and flinched at the slight pain on his back. “You don’t have to trust my words but I can assure you there was no harm came to her when she was in my realm. She was in good hands.”

Cohen took a step back. “So, you know she would be resurrected?”

“No, not a clue. I was in a different realm, healing several villages from an epidemic. When I returned to my realm, I saw her with Stefano. Do you still have Adeline?”

“She’s at my pack mansion.”

Alpha, the pack mansion is under attack!” someone shouted in the mind link.

Cohen growled and in turn, Clavier frowned because he knew that kind of growl. Something had gone wrong at the Alpha’s pack.

“I take that is not a good news.” The doctor mumbled, earning a nod from the Alpha.

“Shift, we’re running back!” he commanded.

Clavier made a circular motion with his hands and murmured the incantation before a white circle appeared. “I have an easier way to reach there.”

Amanda created a protective dome and covered the entire pack mansion while the rest of Enforcers were making a protective perimeter line outside the dome as they were preparing for the attack to come. The ground underneath her shook like there was an earthquake. Adeline held her steadily as the white witch couldn’t move without risking breaking the shield dome. This was their last defense if the Enforcers failed to defense outside.

Within two minutes, a war broke on the doorstep. Amanda could only watch as the Enforcers fought against an army of armored men who were wielding a scythe each. Georgia just came up from the basement after she had secured non-combatant women, children, and elders in the bunker. Now, it was up to them to protect the lives of these innocent people until the Alpha returned with reinforcement. Hopefully, they would get here in time.

But it was just a wishful thinking when a winged-man managed to penetrate the shield she had created. He raised his scythe above his head and slammed it on the ground, sending violent tremor. The three women in the mansion were slammed against the wall. He entered the pack mansion and threw a chain towards Adeline, letting it wrapped around her. Amanda got up and used her magic to break the chain around the daemon woman but something was telling her that the chain wasn’t made by materials on Earth.

“Adeline!” the white witch yelled, running to the winged-man.

Amanda did all the tricks she could think of before she stopped abruptly. There was an excruciating pain surged through her body and she looked down. Blood was spit out of her mouth.

“Brave but stupid,” he said, pulling the blade of his scythe out.

He grabbed Adeline and flew away, leaving Amanda to collapse to the floor. Tears fell from the corner of her eyes before Georgia put pressure on her wound. A bright circle appeared and werewolves were pouring out of it and attacked the remaining Knights of Death.

“Stay with me, honey. Stay,” Georgia said with her hand was pressuring Amanda’s wound. “You’re going to be okay. The medic is heading this way.”

“Amanda!” Vincent roared.

She spotted him running from the battle, slid down on the floor and stopped next to her. With her bloodied hand, Amanda tried to reach for his. Vincent held her hand. Fear was evident in his eyes and it hurt her. She didn’t want him to feel fear.

“He….got…her…” she tried to force herself to talk.

“It’s okay, baby. We’ll get her back.” He replied.

His hand trembled as he reached to her shirt and lifted it up to see her wound. Clavier ran in and quickly removed Vincent’s hand from Amanda’s torso before he put his own. His hands glowed but it didn’t seem the wound would heal. She was struck by the scythe of Angel of Death. There was no cure for that. Clavier didn’t want to give up. There must be something he could do. Maybe the healing wasn’t enough.

“Tell Mira,” Amanda choked out blood. “Tell her I’m sorry.”

Vincent shook his head. “No, baby. Don’t say that. You’re going be okay.”

He wasn’t sure if he was trying to assure her or himself. The look on the daemon man gave him enough hint that Amanda wasn’t going to be okay. Vincent cradled her body and rocked back and forth. He couldn’t lose her. They had lost Mira once and he couldn’t go through another loss. Enough with his failure to protect his true mate.

Clavier startled when suddenly Stefano appeared before them. The glare from the High Lord was telling the doctor that he was about to receive an unavoidable wrath.

“I can help her,” the High Lord said to Vincent. “But, you have to step away.”

Vincent growled ferociously until Cohen intervened. The Alpha shook his head to him.

“She’s dying, Vincent. You have to let him help her.” He muttered.

Without much choice, Vincent let Amanda be in the arms of another man. Stefano wrapped his arms around her.

“Stefano, what are you doing?” Clavier interjected. “If you do it, you—”

“Rewriting her fate,” the High Lord replied.

A pair of white wings materialized behind the High Lord and wrapped forward, around Amanda before a bright light illuminated both of them.

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