Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 39

After they had located the last known location, Cohen didn’t want to waste any more time. He led his tracking teams out as soon as possible. The lands they were covering were too much even with the help of three packs. He wanted to focus his mind on finding Mira but with the current situation, he had to split his focus on finding Vincent and Brandon too. He already failed to protect her. He couldn’t fail to protect his entire pack. What kind of Alpha he would become if he failed to protect them?

He walked to the dirt road that led to an abandoned mine and knelt down to touch the dirt. There weren’t any tires’ tracks. This road hadn’t been driven on for a long time. Was he searching in the wrong place?

Alpha, there are some movements at the mine,” Liam told him.

Cohen ran into the woods and regrouped his team near the abandoned mine. Liam was leading one team. Cohen’s father, Eric, was leading another. Alpha Zachariah, Jaxon, and Nathan were leading their own. In ten minutes, he reached Liam’s position and crouched behind a big fallen tree. There were eight vans parked in front of the mine’s entrance.

“Fifty-three guards around the place,” Zachariah joined them. “The place is heavily guarded.”

The guards were wearing silver armor like the ones he saw in the old movies. Each of them was holding a scythe. Well, this was definitely the Knights of Death.

“Look, they have the crest,” Liam pointed out.

Cohen focused his eyes on one of the guards. His beta was right. The guard was wearing the same crest. Wait, not just that one guard. All of the guards were wearing the crest. So, he wasn’t in the wrong place, after all.

“Zach, regroup with your team. Once the vans move out, we attack in all direction.” He ordered his cousin.

Zachariah nodded and went to regroup with his team. Cohen couldn’t just attack directly. They still didn’t know the exact location of Vincent and Brandon. The mine could have been wired with explosions. If they suddenly attacked the mine, the two hostages could lose their lives. He needed a visual confirmation that Vincent and Brandon were there. Without that, Cohen had to stand down.

We wait for visual confirmation,” he linked to everyone. “Everyone, stand down for now.”

In Mira’s files, she didn’t mention the size of the organization. Cohen had suspected it to be a very big size if her theory was correct that they were to eradicate the supernatural species. He didn’t expect a bigger threat like this one. All these times, he only thought Damien and the Werewolf’s Council were the only threats to her while the fact that she was digging deeper and wider. Her personal vendetta was part of a bigger threat. Mira didn’t provoke the Council and killed Damien for nothing.

“We got movement,” Liam pointed out.

Cohen looked to where he was pointing. Two men were dragging someone into the van and the tattoo on that arm, Cohen knew it was Brandon. A few seconds later, another person was dragged into the van. That could be Vincent. All the guards loaded up into the vans and they finally drove out.

The Alpha commanded everyone to shift and followed the vans. Not long after the vans had left the mine, Cohen’s ear picked the sound of a motorbike was getting closer from the opposite direction. The sound of the motorbike became louder before a big explosion happened. It collided with the first van while two riders leaped into the air and landed on the roof of the second van. The van swerved left and right to get rid of them while Cohen and his Enforcers surrounded both sides of the road. One guard magically appeared on the roof, knocking one rider off it. The rider dropped on the dirt road and rolled away to prevent the incoming vans from flattening them. Cohen skidded on the ground as the rider stood up and took off the helmet. A long red hair cascaded down her back before she turned around.

Standing before him was the person he had been looking for all these days. Yes, Mira. Her electric blue eyes enough to confirm him that this was indeed his Mira. She tore her gaze from him and ran towards the sixth van, catapulting it towards a tree.

The explanation could wait for later. Right now, the guards poured out of the remaining vans and attacked his mate. Cohen commanded his Enforcers and they joined in the fight. Mira’s claws extended. She had to get to the sixth van as soon as possible because it was on fire. Instead of killing these men, she threw them out of her way—letting Cohen and his Enforcers handled those for her.

“Vincent! Brandon!” she shouted, pulling the back door of the van.

“In…here…” Vincent grunted as he tried to sit up.

Without caring about the fire that had engulfed the van, she ran in and pulled him out first. Mira went in for Brandon and dragged him out as he had fallen unconscious. Cohen, who was already in his human form and wore pants, rushed in to help her getting Brandon away from the burning van, a second before it exploded.

“Mira,” Cohen called her name as she got up from the ground.

After nine months of losing her and two weeks of searching for her body, she was finally here right in front of his eyes. When Amanda told him that Mira might have been resurrected, he couldn’t believe it. But seeing his mate was standing before his eyes, she was really alive.

With tears were pooling in her eyes, Mira ran into his embrace and wrapped her arms around his neck while his around her waist. She cried on the crook of his neck, unable to contain her emotions anymore. At the moment she was resurrected, she felt empty and cold. It felt like half of her soul was missing. The void was filled with coldness and the desire to be in her mate’s arms once again.

Granted, Stefano had been really sweet and nice to her but it was nothing compared to what Cohen could give her.

“Goddess, baby, where have you been?” he murmured against her neck. “I’ve been looking for you.”

“I’m sorry. It wasn’t supposed to be this way.” Mira apologized.

She leaned her head back just to see his face and pressed her lips on his. The kiss electrified her body and was making her felt alive once more. This was what it felt like to be truly alive. There was no other meaning of being alive other than having her mate in her life once again.

But then, the kiss was short-lived when she pulled away abruptly. Mira pushed Cohen away a second before a scythe was thrown towards her. She ducked on the last minute and her eyes were watching the scythe just passed a few inches above her face and landed on the wrecked van behind her.

“Mira, no!” Clavier shouted when a chain was wrapped around her body and she was pulled towards the owner of the scythe.

It was a man with a long scar carved horizontally on his right eye and a pair of black wings folded on his back. The color of his eyes was reflecting the color of her demon wolf’s eyes. The big scythe returned to his right hand and his other hand was holding the flaming-color chain before he hooked his arm around her waist. She couldn’t move a muscle. It felt like something was restraining her muscles from moving.

He smirked. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

With a strong flap of his wings, Mira was lifted into the air accompanied by the scream of her mate calling for her name.

“What have I done?” Horror filled Clavier’s eyes.

That was an Angel of Death.

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