Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 3

They walked out of the office alone without the entire pack followed behind them. Cohen let out a sigh of relief that no more questions about his whereabouts were thrown to his direction. He knew everyone had questions of their own to ask him. Under the current circumstances, he would rather not focus his mind somewhere else than this case. As if his mind was ever wondering somewhere else other than his mate.

They took the Escalade and Liam drove it to the cemetery where all dead werewolves of this pack were buried included Mira. The Beta explained to him that he tightened the security around the cemetery a few days after Mira’s funeral because of a suspicious activity that was going on around the cemetery. He also told Cohen about the presence of a cloaked man who stood before Mira’s grave many times since the past nine months.

“A man?” He glanced at Liam who nodded. “A man was standing right at her grave?”

“We thought it was you.”

Liam was patrolling close to the cemetery about two weeks after the funeral when he saw a cloaked figure stood at Mira’s grave. He couldn’t make out the cloaked figure’s face, but for sure it was a man if he were to judge the physique. Liam was very careful when he approached the cemetery to make sure he didn’t make any single sound. At first, he thought it was Cohen. Vincent told him that the Alpha came to visit after Mira’s funeral. Maybe it was Cohen finally came back, but two weeks was too soon for someone who had just lost his mate to come back here. And the cloaked figure’s physique didn’t match the Alpha’s. From there, Liam suspected the cloaked figure wasn’t Cohen.

“I only visited there once,” Cohen paused, looking away as if he was hiding the pain that continued to haunt him to these days.

“After the funeral. I heard about it.” Liam revealed. “Back to this man, we couldn’t catch a proper glimpse of him. One moment he was there, the next moment he was gone.”

Since then, Liam saw the same cloaked figure stood the same spot in front of Mira’s grave for the next few months until her body went missing. That made him suspected the cloaked figure had something to do with it. There was also an unusual scent around Mira’s grave. A strong scent of flowers, but it wasn’t the scent of any flowers in the cemetery. Brandon and a few trackers went to track the scent to find out where the cloaked figure went.

“You think he was the one who dug the grave?”

“Possibly. Amanda warded the entire place with the most powerful spell known to man. And, someone still could break it.” He paid a brief attention to Cohen. “You think you disappointed Mira for unable to protect her.”

“I know I did.” Cohen’s fingers touched the two rings he wore. “You had no idea.”

Liam didn’t push any further with his questions. Questioning someone’s loss would be like stabbing them over and over again. Nobody, but those who ever lost their loved ones, could understand the pain Cohen had to go through. Sure, everyone said it wasn’t as painful as those who were mated. But, the pain was still painful whether they agreed or not.

It had been nine months since Cohen came here. He couldn’t face her anymore — knowing that he had failed to protect her. He knew he had disappointed her with his failures and he could never forgive himself for that. Even now, his heart ached as they approached her grave by foot.

“Someone planted roses?” Cohen pointed to the white roses around her grave. “Mama did this?”

“No, those roses appeared around her grave after her body was taken,” Liam answered.

Cohen crouched down, touching the roses and then the soil. The soil was too damped. And, this white roses couldn’t be planted in less than a week and bloomed.

“Did it rain last night?” he asked.

“Only the soil around her grave is damped. I touched the soil around other graves. All dried.” Liam walked around the dug up grave and pointed to the tombstone, “Her name wasn’t written here either.”

He was right. The tombstone was clear — empty. Cohen remembered it had engraved words. Mira Kingsley, (1990-2018) was engraved on the stone. Now, it was just nothing there as if someone had replaced the original tombstone with a new one, but without the name and the year.

If Amanda was right that someone used dark magic to steal Mira’s body, then this case was proven a lot more complicated and dangerous. Only Goddess would know what they would do to Mira’s body.

“The casket is clean.” Liam pointed to the opened casket. “Like nothing was indicating her body decomposed.”

Cohen checked the casket. There was nothing. No stain of blood or rotten flesh. The casket looked brand new. Not even the outer layer of the casket was damaged after being underground for so long.

“So, her body hadn’t decomposed even for that long.”

This was beyond weird even for Cohen. During his entire life, he never came across a case like this. Granted, witches knew a lot of weird and powerful spells, but he never heard about them stealing dead bodies. But, could it truly be a witch who stole Mira’s body? Even Amanda looked unsure about it. There must be a way to identify the cloaked figure. Someone must have seen the cloaked figure.

“What about the CCTV around the cemetery?” he asked.

The cameras should have caught something.

Liam shook his head. “I checked all the cameras. They all glitched during the time Mira’s body went missing and also during the time the cloaked figure stood at her grave. Every single time he was here.”

A tech-savvy thief.

“How many times you came across him?”

“Almost three times a week. The atmosphere always felt very weird when he was around. Like my wolf suddenly hissed and I had goosebumps all over my body.”

Cohen stood up. “This couldn’t be any ordinary grave robbery. It could be really a dark magic.”

And, he would make his mission to hunt down the grave robber. Cohen wouldn’t rest as long as he knew the grave robber still had Mira’s body. There was no way he would allow anyone disrespected his mate without a repercussion. He would dispatch his entire pack to hunt the grave robber if he had to.

“We didn’t have many leads at the moment,” Liam admitted as he watched his Alpha stared at the empty grave.

“We just have to use whatever we have at the moment,” Cohen said with determination. “They dishonored Mira’s resting place. They would pay for it with their lives.”

The Beta smiled mentally. It seemed like Cohen hadn’t changed much after those months had passed. If one thing still stuck around the Alpha’s personality, it was his determination to get things done. There was no end to his effort until he had it done.

“Welcome back, Alpha.” Liam addressed him.

Cohen stopped walking and glanced over his shoulders. He nodded in acknowledgment.

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