Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 38

Clavier turned around and his lips quirked into a smile, “Should I address you as Mistress or Mira?”

Mira stepped forward to him and smiled, “Oh my dear Clavier, courteous as ever!”

He wrapped his arms around her, “It’s good to have you back, Mira.”

Mira didn’t lose her memories, not even the slightest. She still remembered every bit of her past and of course, mostly Cohen. Oh Goddess, she missed him so much. Her heart was aching to be back in his arms but for the sake of all realms, she had to postpone her happiness once again. She owed Cohen with a massive explanation and once all of this over, she could promise him that he would never have to go through this shit anymore. She wanted to settle all unfinished businesses and then spent her life with her mate as intended.

Stefano didn’t know anything about this plan because her demon wolf had tricked him and it made him think that her mind was as blank as a paper. The truth was, Mira never lost any memories and his powers didn’t affect her at all. This wasn’t supposed to be the plan. She wasn’t supposed to die or get resurrected. But, when she had a vision of Cohen’s death multiple times, she knew she had to make a big change in her plan. Now, it just got more complicated than before. Mira had to think of the bill of her resurrection. Everyone knew resurrection didn’t just require a life for a life. There would be more of it.

Before she knew Stefano, Mira had been a close friend of Clavier who she met during her quest to kill Gregory.

Mira wiped her lips from the blood where Gregory had hit her hard. Now, he was lying in the pool of his blood with his crushed heart next to his head. She took off the jacket and threw it into the fire, letting it burn. She didn’t want the previous owner of the jacket to be blamed for this murder. That was when she heard someone spoke.

“You’d be surrounded if you take the elevator down,”

Mira spun and saw this tall and paled gentleman was sitting by the bar at the corner of the penthouse. Just by looking at him, she knew he wasn’t a vampire. There was something different about his aura.

“I wasn’t planning to take the elevator down,” she replied, watching him intently. “Who are you? And what do you want?”

He turned to see her with his grey eyes pierced into hers. “Your master isn’t the one who you should fear of. There are people far greater threat than he is.”

“You mean, the gentlemen sitting on all the booths downstairs?”

His eyes flickered with curiosity. “You have a very keen eyesight.”

“And also the two waiters that you knocked out earlier?” Mira walked to the balcony. “You were right. I have a very keen eyesight.” She looked at him again, letting her back to face the world. “I doubt this would be last of seeing you around, Clavier Hubert.”

Mira spread her arms and leaned backward to take a leap of faith.

Since that night, he had been a close guardian to her but she didn’t know about it until Knights of Death had her captured. The people he had warned her about. Yes, Clavier was the one who helped her to escape her captors. Mira tried to escape multiple times but she failed. If it wasn’t because of him, she was dead long ago. After all that events, she worked alongside him to find out everything she could about the Knights of Death and what they wanted from her. So far, she still didn’t know what they wanted from her.

“This wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t die,” she grumbled, patting Clavier’s back.

“You did the right choice, Mira. If the Alpha died, you’d lose your battle against your demon wolf.”

“Well, it seemed like I already had. I could taste the blood of a white witch in my mouth.”

“She did what she thought could have helped you. You can’t blame her for trying.”

Mira nodded in defeated. Clavier was right. She couldn’t blame anyone for trying to bring her back to life especially Amanda even though now the prophecy was fulfilled. Mira could only hope that this wouldn’t go down the drain instantly.

“We have to think of Stefano before it’s too late.” She told him.

“Leave Stefano to me. You have a bigger issue happened in the other realm.”

Her electric blue eyes met his grey orbs, “What do you mean?”

“Two of your friends: Vincent Hale and Brandon Kane had been kidnapped. Your mate, Cohen, is looking for them. It would be a matter of time before Knights of Death got him too.”

Her body went rigid. She knew she should have killed all the Knights of Death’s operatives when she had the chance. Cohen wouldn’t be able to find Vincent and Brandon anywhere. The captors were as elusive as herself. It would take a ghost to spot one.

“How did they get captured?” Mira opened the briefcase on the wooden table.

Her fingers traced on the blade of her signature dagger. Damn, she had missed the old days where her adrenaline just peaked up at the mention of hunting someone. Now, there was nothing in her. She felt empty. It was like a part of her went missing.

“Kane was investigating of your disappearance from your grave. Hale was tasked to find out about Knights of Death by your mate.” He paused, looking uneasy at something. Clavier reached for a photo under the pile of papers. “And, Adeline is alive. She’s at your mate’s pack.”

Wow, that was a good news that Adeline was alive. Everything could revert back like before. Stefano could reunite with his real love and Mira reunited with hers. Then, another thing had to make it complicated. The Knights of Death wanted Adeline too. Why? Mira had no answer. She had been searching for an answer why they wanted both of them. This wasn’t just the concerns of her safety and Adeline’s. This also the concern for everyone’s safety especially Cohen’s pack because Adeline was there.

If Clavier knew about Adeline’s news of being alive, that means the Knight of Death would have known about it too. Mira bit her lip as she thought of the possibilities. Cohen, her friends, and his entire pack would be in danger. The Knights of Death wouldn’t hesitate to annihilate an entire pack just to get what they wanted. If they could annihilate an entire realm, then annihilating a pack of over a thousand werewolves shouldn’t be a problem to them.

Yes, Knights of Death had annihilated an entire realm before—the sixth known realm. The star on their crest was actually representing six realms—not five. Now, one realm was out of the picture. There were only five realms left. Mira’s skin crawled at that.

Mira shook her head. No, she didn’t want to think of a bad possibility. Cohen’s pack was the strongest in the region. They should be able to hold on for a while.

“What were they thinking?” Mira grumbled.

Her question wasn’t directed to Clavier. It was directed to Cohen and Vincent for going after the Knights of Death. Vincent should have known better. She had warned him many times not to go after that organization. He didn’t know what he had gotten himself into.

“Do we have a location of their whereabouts?” Mira asked.

“Their last known location was between your mate’s territory and the Eastern’s territory. There’s an abandoned mine about three clicks from the main road. That was where your friends’ last known location.” Clavier laid out a map and made a big circle where the last known location for Vincent and Brandon.

Her eyes fixed on the big circle. “This place is too opened. It has an easy access to the main road.”

Clavier’s hand reached hers, “Maybe they’re not hiding your friends. Maybe they wanted your friends to be found.”

Horror filled her guts. “They’re going to kill Vincent and Brandon.”

“And let the whole world sees it,” he added.

Mira grabbed her daggers and clasped the sheath on her back. “Well, dear friend, time for hunting some bad guys.”

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