Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 36

Cohen stared at the journal as he was hoping of what they said earlier didn’t make sense to him. But, the more he read the same page, the more it didn’t make sense to him. What sort of power did Mira have to predict the future like this? Every detail she put on the journal was the same as the things happened on that day except for one thing. He didn’t die.

He had so many questions that had no answers because Mira wasn’t here to answer them. That made him frustrated. He read the same page again, like for the umpteenth times now.

I had the same dream again. I know it’s not just a dream. It’s a vision to show me that we would be victorious against Damien but at a very great cost. I refused to acknowledge the certainty of the dream, but with all the dreams I’ve had in the past that had come true, I have to suspect this one would come true too.

My dream stopped at the very exact moment every time. It was like watching the same movie on repeat and it scared me how much it felt so real. The dream stopped at the moment Damien takes Cohen’s life right in front of my eyes. He knows that losing Cohen would be the very key to unlock the monster in me. Damien knows how much control Cohen has over my monster.

Ten times I had the dream and ten times I see Cohen dies but each time, it’s a different death. I couldn’t take it anymore knowing that his fate would seal if we proceed with the plan together.

Each night, I look to my side, watching him sleeping safe and sound. It got me thinking. Cohen is the anchor of both of my sanity and insanity. But would it be a fair trade? Letting him go through the pain of losing a mate because I didn’t want to lose him? After what he had sacrificed for me, would it be fair for me to let him go through that pain? That thought made my skin crawled. How could I be cruel to him like this? I don’t want to put him through any sort of pain but what else could I do to change the future? Granted, we would be victorious but if I end up losing my sanity because of his death, then I’d rather we’re defeated. Because once I lost my sanity, there would be no turning back for me. There would be a massacre—an apocalypse. I would become the monster that Damien wanted me to be.

The lives of many outweigh the life of one…’

The note stopped there and Cohen didn’t have the heart to turn the page because he knew what decision she had taken. She chose to sacrifice herself even though she knew her death would bring pain to him. Cohen didn’t know whether he was supposed to be proud of her action or yelled at her for keeping this as a secret. Mira had chosen to sacrifice herself to save the lives of many included his. If she became the demon wolf because of his death, there would be no place safe from her wrath. As much as he wanted to be mad at her decision for doing it without his acknowledgment, Cohen accepted the fact that it was better for him to bear the pain of losing her than to risk of her turning into a demon wolf and unleash havoc on Earth.

“I’m sorry you had to find out this way,” Winston mumbled apologetically. “The truth is you weren’t supposed to find out about any of these files. We were supposed to destroy all of them after she died.”

Cohen’s attention shifted from the journal to the Forest brother. “Why didn’t you?”

Winston and Grover exchanged a glance with each other before the latter answered, “We thought it was unfair to keep all of these from you. You’ve been kept in the dark ever since you saw her on that day. We were angry at her decision too, but we understood why she had to put you through the pain of losing a mate. Trust me, Alpha. I know what it felt like.”

The Alpha closed the journal and put it away, unable to continue reading it anymore. He knew enough from that one page. What he wanted was Mira’s explanation on why she kept this a secret from him. In her perspective, it was obvious that she thought working alone was more effective than working in a team. There were many things Cohen wanted to be mad at her. When would she accept the fact that being his mate, also meant being his teammate? She was supposed to rely and depend on him. Was that the whole purpose of teaching her to work alongside him and his pack? Because right now, it was clear to him that Mira didn’t trust him enough with her crazy ideas and plans. And that hurt like hell. For nine months he had to go through the pain of losing her, just to find out right now that she knew she would take the sacrifice—just to find out that she had withheld so many secrets from him. So many that he felt like there was no trust in their relationship at all.

“Tell me about this Knights of Death,” he demanded. “And enough with secrets. I want to know everything.”

Winston and Grover wanted to voice a protest but Cohen effectively silenced them as he continued to say, “I don’t want any more secrets. If we’re going to find Vincent, Brandon, and Mira, then we have to build a firm base of trust. Obviously, I sent Vincent to death’s door by tasking him to find out about the crest and Amanda is mad at me for that, because I didn’t know it could get this dangerous.”

The club owner grabbed a file from the box in front of him. “This is all the research Mira did on them,” he opened the file. “Everything we told you was everything we know for the moment. We had a theory that Mira knew more but she didn’t want to record them into the file for some unknown reasons.”

Cohen took a look on the file. There were twenty-five names along with short details: date of birth, year of recruitment into Knights of Death organization, last known location, and next kin. He scanned through the next list. A list of missing people who were assumed abducted or killed by the organization.

5547. Brandon Kane

5548. Vincent Hale

“We have limited resources on them but we might have a way to find them,” Grover pulled out a photo from his waistcoat’s pocket. “These were the men in the diner where Vincent was meeting his contact who had the information about the crest. These men were seen leaving the diner with two trucks, a minute after Vincent’s tracker went offline.”

“He had a tracker?”

“We all have one,” Winston replied instead. “We had a guy hacked the cameras. The trucks were heading to the highway before they took a U-turn. We lost visual on them after that.”

“Where was the last known location?”

Grover spread a map and pointed to the highway which led to Eastern’s territory. “At this point.”

“We’ll start from there and search every nook and cranny of the lands. Any help would be appreciated.” Cohen said.

“Be careful, Alpha. Mira warned Vincent about them for a reason.”

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