Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 35

Clavier joined Stefano at the garden behind the castle after he had checked on Adeline to ensure the redheaded woman wasn’t mentally harmed. If Stefano didn’t sense any of her injuries using his power, then she was as healthy as horses. Apparently, Lucien’s power wasn’t working on her. The doctor wasn’t sure if it was a good thing that she didn’t get affected or it would be a bad thing because it means Stefano’s power wouldn’t affect her too.

“What did he want for coming here?” he asked Stefano as soon as he arrived at the garden.

The High Lord had one hand tucked into the pocket of his trouser while another hand was holding a glass of wine. Clavier was assured he was a wine addict.

“Reminding me of my past,” Stefano replied.

The daemon doctor knew about Stefano’s past with Lucien De Vicenzo. He resisted himself from asking so much about the former best friend of the High Lord.

“Should we worry about him?” Clavier felt worried. “What if he tells Adeline who she is?”

Between anyone who could hurt Adeline, Lucien was the greatest threat. Even the previous Adeline was required to have bodyguards with her. If Lucien couldn’t get his hands on her, then his mind power would work the trick.

Clavier wasn’t Stefano’s biggest fan lately if he were to consider the High Lord had disrupted the natural order by resurrecting someone but he also didn’t want Stefano to start another war against De Vicenzo family either. Both families were equally great in the number of the army. It would be one hell tough war to win.

“He wouldn’t do it if he values his life as much as he values his wealth,” Stefano mumbled with a small smile.

Clavier hated that smile because it would something that he didn’t want to know. Stefano was a mysterious daemon. He didn’t say much of his own plans. Whatever he said, that would be the end of it even if Clavier kept asking him over and over.

Lucien wasn’t a man who would just jump into every opportunity he saw. He would devise a strategy like how he devised one during the war. Stefano had witnessed his intelligence in first hand. Lucien was a master when it came to strategy. His brain would always full of ideas. That was why he got promoted easily in the military.

Stefano couldn’t ignore the fact that Lucien was better in that field. If anyone could defeat the High Lord, that would be the silver-haired daemon. He remembered how Lucien was once got caught up in a war between two clans. He was trapped in between with no backup or survival kits. He killed over two hundred armies simply by planting traps around his hiding place. He wasn’t the strongest person in the army but the intelligence he had, that was his strength.

Stefano would be lying if he said he didn’t feel threatened with Lucien’s return to his town. But if one thing he learned about the silver-haired daemon, Lucien was easily tempted with wealth — the only one thing that could make him changed his loyalty just like how he changed his clothes. He was far dangerous than Stefano’s mother.

“Alright, if you need anything, just say the word,” Clavier muttered to him. “I’m going to the town.”

As he walked back into the castle, Stefano spoke, “Clavier, if there is anything you ever wanted to tell me, just tell me.”

Something about that statement made the doctor felt uneasy. Nonetheless, he nodded. He walked in and directly towards to the front door where his driver already waited for him. The car left the castle while Clavier kept replaying Stefano’s earlier statement. What could the High Lord mean by that?

Was he referring to Clavier’s secret? The secret that was involving the death of real Adeline? Clavier wasn’t so sure. He had mastered the skill of masking his true thoughts. He knew Stefano could read anyone’s minds. There was no way the High Lord infiltrated his mind without him feeling it. For now, Clavier had to be very careful around him.

“Stop at the bar,” he instructed his driver.

In forty-five minutes, the car stopped in front of the bar. Clavier got out and told his driver not to wait for his return. He stepped into the busy bar just to head to the back door. By the time he stepped out, the rain poured heavily. Clavier pulled up his hood and walked down the dark alley. The heavy rain didn’t wash away his suspicion as he felt like he was being followed. He had done this thousandth of times before. Smiling, he secured his hood and continued to lead his followers through the maze of alleys. Several alleys had gates and it didn’t stop him from walking through it. Yes, walked through it as if he was some sort of a mist. That was Clavier’s peculiar power. Every daemon had one peculiar power while they could learn other powers just like how witches learned their magic skills. This one power usually gifted to them during birth. For example, Stefano’s peculiar power was his teleportation.

Clavier kept on leading his followers in a circle until he eventually lost them. The place he was heading was not far from the bar earlier. But with the people were following him from behind, Clavier had walked nearly an hour under the heavy rain to lose them.

He entered a building of ten apartments and went to the topmost floor. He unlocked the door and entered. Clavier took off his drenched coat and hung it before his hand reach for the switch to turn on the light on in the apartment.

This apartment had turned into his war room. For centuries, Clavier had been investigating about Knights of Death and their current active knights. Many of his comrades had died in the hands of these terrible people. The Knights of Death weren’t afraid to give up everything they had in their lives just to end the life of the supernatural species.

From what he had gathered, his suspicion against Stefano’s mother, Eleanor, had continued to grow. She was what they called sleeper agent to infiltrate the Daemon Council by marrying Stefano’s father Philippe. Granted, she was a daemon who was working in the Knights of Death that wanted to eradicate every other species included her own but Eleanor might have something up her sleeves which made the organization agreed to recruit her and not killing her.

Now, Clavier was working with many people included the humans to determine how many of these Knights and sleeper agents had been activated in all the realms. This could determine the size of the organization so that he could plan a mission to take them all down to save all the species. It was a heavy burden just for him to carry alone but Clavier was lucky that he had a group of loyal friends who were willing to do anything to help him stopped the Knights of Death from annihilating all supernatural species from all the realms.

His ears picked the sound of someone was unlocking the front door. Clavier didn’t budge from his position and kept staring on the information he had gathered recently. There were only three people knew about this apartment. He was one of the three.

“Do you have any ideas how hard it is to pretend to suffer amnesia and be someone that I’m clearly not?”

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