Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 32

Vincent sighed. He wasn’t sure how much more pain Brandon could handle. Seriously, the Gamma’s body was covered with burnt marks and purple bruises. Even with his fast healing, there was no way Brandon could take any more injuries on his body.

“You good, Brandon?” Vincent asked, watching the Gamma slumped against the wall.

Brandon let out a silent whimper, “I think so,” he tried to sit up properly but letting out a painful groan instead. “How long are they going to do this to us?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. As long as it takes, I guess.”

This was nothing like what Mira had experienced in her enslavement. Vincent was wondering how she survived all the tortures that Damien put her through. Right now, Vincent and Brandon were barely holding on. Mira was tortured for fourteen years. He guessed they weren’t as strong as her.

“Guess we’re going to endure this for a while,” Vincent muttered.

Cohen groaned in frustration when they found a dead end. An old cabin they found on the far South of his territory was empty and there was no sign of other people had been there. Not for a few years. The place was covered with spider webs and dust. And it seemed like the daemon woman didn’t have any lead either. Amanda had been in a complete silence for ages. Everyone was on the edge now.

This was his fault. He shouldn’t have tasked Vincent about the crest. Now, the former second-in-command had been taken because of something he had discovered. Cohen was assured that Vincent found out something. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been abducted without a reason.

“I’m sorry I failed,” Adeline came to his side, looking apologetic.

Cohen ignored her and turned to see everyone else, “We’re going back home.”

They returned back to the pack mansion with Cohen was ordering Liam to send a message to Alpha Jaxon, Zachariah, and Nathan to scout their own lands for possible suspicious activities. He knew whoever took Vincent and Brandon wouldn’t get that far. His land was the best place to hide because of the many uncharted mountains.

His phone rang and he answered in on the first ring without checking the caller ID.

“Who’s this?” he asked.

“It’s Griffin.”

Cohen straightened his posture. He didn’t remember about giving his number to the human.

“How did you get this number?”

“I have my way,” Griffin paused for a few seconds. “I want you to come to the pawn shop as soon as you can. With Amanda but not with Adeline.”

How did he know about the daemon woman? He wouldn’t get the answer from the pawn shop owner.

“If you want to find Vincent and Brandon, I suggest you take up my words. Use the back door.”

Just like that, the call ended. Cohen stood there, looking at the wall for a few seconds. Did Griffin have better leads of finding the two missing werewolves than he was? And how the hell he knew that Vincent and Brandon went missing?

Shaking his head to get rid of the thoughts, he grabbed his jacket and walked out of the office. The sooner they found Vincent and Brandon, the sooner he could focus back on looking for Mira. Saying a few words to Liam via mind link to tell him to keep Adeline occupied, Cohen tugged Amanda to his SUV with one simple order; get inside the car. Luckily the white witch didn’t ask a question as he drove out of the place. It didn’t take them long to reach the pawn shop. The front door showed the shop was closed for the day. Cohen and Amanda made their way to the back of the building where Griffin already waited for them with an open door. They entered and he locked the door with so many locks as if he wanted to keep someone out.

“Follow with me.”

They followed Griffin into the basement and through one door just to be greeted by Grover who already seated on one of the chairs. A moment later, Winston walked in from a different door with two boxes. Why did Cohen feel like this was where they had their secret meeting?

There were several boxes on the round table in the middle of the room. Grover was checking one box, flipping through several files. It looked like all the boxes were containing unlabeled files.

“Vincent sent this list to me before he went missing,” Grover opened a file with a list of unknown phone numbers.

Cohen took a look on the list. None of the numbers looked familiar to him.

"All the phone numbers in that list were registered to fake identities. And I guess you sent him to find out about this crest before he was taken.” He added, showing a picture of the same crest Cohen showed to Vincent.

Amanda’s eyes widened at the picture, “You tasked Vincent for this?!” she hit Cohen’s chest repeatedly before Griffin pulled her off. “You fucking bastard! You didn’t know what you’ve done!”

“Amanda, calm down,” Griffin whispered to her, holding her tight in his arms as her tears fell down. “Calm down.”

All she wanted to do was to smite Cohen into a pile of ashes. There was a chance that she would never meet Vincent again.

“Come on, let’s take a breather out of here and have a talk about this,” Griffin led her out of the room.

She was struggling to break free, shouting some curses towards Cohen. The Alpha ran his palm on his face. What had he done?

“The crest is a symbol for an organization called Knights of Death,” Winston told him. “It was said that their sole purpose was to eradicate the supernatural species; werewolf, vampire, lycan and any species were created by the Moon Goddess. The star represented five realms.”

“There are five realms?” Cohen asked.

Grover nodded, “Yes, there are five realms. The scythes were the weapons bestowed by the Moon Goddess to one of Her children, Angel of Death. His purpose was to bring the dead to the Afterlife. He was banished from Her Kingdom for an unknown reason. He swore on oath that he would destroy all of Her creation. In the mortal world, he trained knights to do that thus contributed to the existence of the Knights of Death.”

“These boxes contained all the researches done about the organization,” Winston said.

“Who did the researches?” Cohen questioned.

“Mira,” he replied with a nod. “These are all her works for the past decade. She didn’t go hunting and killing for no reasons, Alpha.”

“Files of the daemon, faerie, elf, werewolf, demon wolf, vampire, lycan,” the list continued on as Grover pulled out each file. "Just to name a few."

Mira had known the existence of the daemon and the Knights of Death. Cohen was stunned at this revelation. Her blood wasn’t the only thing that contained secrets. It was her brain too. A person with a wide knowledge like this would attract so many unwanted attention. Was that why the Council was really desperate to bring her in?

“And this journal she had,” Winston showed a brown leather book to him. He flipped through the pages until it reached the one he intended. “These few pages detailed the battle against Damien.”

“What?” Cohen grabbed the journal. “What did you mean?”

“Mira wasn’t the one who supposed to die on that day,” his words came out as a whisper. “It was you.”

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