Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 31

“Were you close with her?” Adeline asked as she followed Amanda into her room.

The white witch rummaged her bag, looking for appropriate clothes for the daemon woman. She could have lent Mira’s clothes to Adeline but she didn’t think the Alpha would approve that.

“You mean, my friendship with Mira?” Amanda asked.

Adeline nodded. “I saw all of you were still mourning for the loss.”

“Mira saved my life more than I could count. I owed her a lot.” She handed the clothes to Adeline. “Change in the bathroom. The Alpha wouldn’t want to wait long for us to come down.”

The two women joined Cohen and his Enforcers before they went out, following the direction Adeline had provided them earlier. The trackers stopped sniffing the ground as they lost Vincent’s scent on the far south out of the territory line. This land was still under Kingsley’s name. It was just uncharted for the moment.

Amanda worked her magic and it only led up a few feet ahead of them. Everyone, over 50 of them, had been tracking all over this land. It felt like Vincent vanished in thin air. Not to mention he would the third person who went missing this week. First was Mira’s body. Then, Brandon and now, him.

“Why don’t you do your thing and ask the birds?” Liam’s eyebrows furrowed the daemon who just rolled her eyes to him.

“Birds do not speak when they are spoken to. They speak when they want to speak.” Adeline explained.

How was she going to explain it to him when she couldn’t even understand her own powers? Sure, Stefano did teach her few things but this was beyond her. How she wished he was here. He would have known what to do then.

What would Stefano do if they stuck in this situation? Adeline forced her mind to think. He could do many things with his mind, without even lifting his fingers. He taught her how to hunt in the wild — for survival purposes, of course. They went camping and he taught her how to read animal tracks, read the changes in wind direction, reading the stars and all.

“Stefano, what would you do if you were here?” she mumbled to herself.

Nature is the greatest library, my love.” His voice whispered to her ears. “Nature existed before the first heartbeat. Learn to listen to their whispers. Listen to the tales told in their whispers. After all, they are the witness of all creations.”

Adeline walked to the nearest tree and rested her palm on it as she focused herself to listen through the contact. She had never been a good communicator with the trees. Something Stefano found rather amusing because she would get frustrated.

Journey ahead, Mistress de Lucca. Follow the whisper of the wind. You shall find your destination.” The tree whispered to her.

“Far ahead.” She pointed to the direction ahead of them.

“She could talk to the trees now?” Liam said.

“Let’s go,” Cohen instructed his Enforcers, ignoring his beta’s words.

They had wasted so much time standing here, looking for a scent. If the daemon could lead them to Vincent then so be it. It was still early to say if he trusted Adeline but despite the current circumstances, Cohen had to make an exception.

An exception he was hoping he wouldn’t regret it.

Back to the jail cell, two masked men entered the basement which made Vincent and Brandon stood on their foot, wondering what these masked men had in mind for them. They unlocked Vincent’s jail cell before he was thrown to the corner by an unseen force and his arms were bent behind him before they chained him with a silver chain. This was a work of magic and Vincent was really sure of it. He was dragged out of the jail cell.

He was led into an interrogation room where there was just one light bulb above the chair on which he was being forced to sit down on and his chain was locked to the metal bar cemented on the floor.

“Why do you want to know about the crest?” a voice asked him.

Vincent looked around, searching for the owner of the voice. There was a figure stood in the darkness, staring at him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Vincent Hale, Alpha of Crimson Pack, who was supposed to die ten years ago. Your death report said you were stabbed twice with a silver dagger belonged to Mira Red. Why would she kill you if you just ended up working for her?”

“I guess I was really bored,” Vincent replied sarcastically.

“Is that so?” he took a step forward but never left the dark. “Kelsie McGrath,”

Vincent’s body tensed by the mentioned of that name. His wolf was growling angrily in the back of his mind.

“Did I poke a nerve?” the man chuckled.

“Unchain me and I’d show how many nerves you’ve poked,” Vincent growled.

“Now, we’re getting somewhere. I’d ask you again. Why do you want to know about the crest?”

“My answer has not changed.”

“I was hoping for you to say that.”

A masked man came from the dark, holding a hot metal with the same symbol he saw on Brandon’s thigh. The man pressed it against Vincent’s clothed chest. He growled at the burning pain.

Were these men part of the organization? Was that why they captured him? Because he was looking for them?

“Keeping your mouth shut off of what you know wouldn’t save your life, Hale.” The same voice spoke again. “I’d bet you’ve seen what we did to your friend downstairs. You both are very tight lips but soon enough, your shell would crack.”

“Do your best to crack my shell,”

Maybe that wasn’t the wisest decision he ever made but Vincent didn’t care. They could set his body on fire and he would still say nothing about what he found. It seemed like these men were anxious that he found out something.

By the time they were done with him, his body was covered with several burnt marks included the branding on his thigh. He was thrown back into his jail cell. They didn’t ask him much though. They seemed really wanted to find out what he knew about the organization, Adeline Domenico and Mira Red. That was all they asked and Vincent had been giving the same answer.

Brandon had his turn after Vincent. Just like him, the Gamma still had tight lips even he had been captured longer. These captors didn’t know how far a werewolf would stay loyal to his pack even if his life was depending on it. They could kill both Vincent and Brandon but they would get nothing except two dead werewolves. Hopefully, Cohen had a better chance of tracking them. Otherwise, Vincent and Brandon would have to endure the tortures a lot longer.

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