Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 30

The men threw him into a cell. As soon as the door locked, Vincent tried to break it down but the metal door burnt his skin. Great, now he stuck here in a cell made of silver with no means of escape. However, that didn’t burn down his hope at all. He had been in the worst scenarios. Another cell, another escape.

He just needed to find the weakness. Vincent retreated to the farthest wall before he ran towards the door. His body would fill with burnt marks before he could even open the door. He didn't care. He had to escape with any means necessary. Vincent tried it again. Maybe the force wasn’t strong enough to break the hinges. He collided with the door harder this time but nothing. Grunting, he ran his hand in his hair.

“You’re wasting your time, Vincent.”

His ears perked up like a dog being called with its name. He recognized that voice.


“Hey man.” Brandon’s voice sounded weak and trembling.

He stepped out of the dark of his cell and smiled weakly at Vincent. His entire body was covered with bruises, open wounds and the smell of his blood was totally concealing his scent from reaching Vincent’s nose.

What the hell? Brandon looked like he had been tortured for ages as he slid down the wall and sat down, looking weak as hell.

“How long you’ve been here?”

“How long I’ve been missing?” the Gamma asked, hinting that he had lost track of time.

“Nobody knew you were missing. You checked in every two hours as Liam said. It had been over one week since you didn’t come home. Your last checked in was this morning.”

“I was captured about three days after I tracked any witness and the weird scent,” he revealed.

So, someone was imposing as Brandon. That was impressive considering he called up to Liam every time. Who could mimic a person’s voice that great? Considering what Vincent had witnessed recently, his question would be answered soon enough.

“How did you get here?” Brandon asked him.

“I was tasked by Cohen to search for something.”

“Cohen returned?”

Vincent sighed, sitting down. “You had no ideas what had been happening lately.”

“Adeline Domenico happened?”

“How did you know that name?”

Brandon pointed upward to indicate the upper floor where those men were guarding them.

“They showed me a photo of Adeline Domenico.”

“Surprised that she looked like Mira?”

“Except the hair though,” Brandon muttered nonchalantly. “Wait, how did you know her too?”

Vincent pointed to his head to indicate it was best if they communicated through mind link. Nodding, Brandon left his mind link unguarded for a second to allow Vincent to tap in. None of them knew the extent of their captors’ capabilities.

After tapping in, Vincent told him everything that had been happening lately. They looked like two best friends who were catching up with life while they were separated in a different cell.

Those men were wearing a crest,” Brandon mumbled, looking at his wall as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. “The same crest you described.” he lifted his torn pants to show the burn mark on his left thigh. “They did this to me.

Vincent turned fully to him to take a better look at the burnt mark. It felt like he ever saw that once but he couldn’t pinpoint on who or where.

I couldn’t healed it,” he added. “It had been two days since they put it there. And for two days, it just keeps bleeding.

Did they mention why they wanted Adeline?

No,” Brandon shook his head. “But I heard them talking. She’s really an important package. Like how Damien treated Luna.”

Those men could be a rebellion against Adeline or her husband. She mentioned that her husband was the strongest of all daemon and that he was half of both species. Maybe those men wanted to overthrow her husband down. Just like how Damien wanted to get rid of Mira because she inherited the throne. Now, Mira tangled in another throne war. How many wars did she have to fight to finally have a happy ending? Fuck, Vincent thought when he remembered the conversation he had with her at the cliff before the big battle against Damien. Mira was questioning herself with the same question. How many more wars she had to fight? She knew her war was far from being over.

They had to find Mira before she tangled further into the throne war of the daemons.

I need to figure out how to get both of us out of here.” Vincent stood up and inspected the cell he was in, again.

The door was made of silver but not the walls around him. These were just stones. Even if the outer layer was made of stones, the silver metal plate could be in the middle layer. He had seen such design before. Mira’s jail cell when she was enslaved. She told him about it — what the cell made off. This cell was made to keep the prisoner inside no matter how strong that prisoner was.

What else they did to you?” Vincent asked, still looking for a sign of weakness around his cell.

They tortured me for information about Luna mostly.

“Did they say what they wanted from her too?”

“Something about she looked like Adeline. I mean who are those guys? How the hell we have two people with a similar face?”

Adeline mentioned that the realms are parallel to each other which means we could have a doppelganger too. What I know is that Mira and Cohen has one.

He has one?

“General Solomon.”

Brandon looked at him dead in the eyes, expecting Vincent to say he was kidding. Both of them chuckle. Great mind thought alike. If Liam was here, this would have been an explosive conversation.

“Are you serious? Did they have Napoleon and Stalin?”

“Liam asked the same thing. It was funny but at that time, it was just him finding it funny because Cohen was about to lose his mind when he saw Adeline.”

They laughed silently until they finally settled down for a breather.

“I couldn’t imagine how Cohen had to go through that.”

“It was hard. He just left like everything was burning around him.”

Brandon sighed. “That was why sometimes I felt better that I didn’t have a mate. I don’t think I could go through that pain if I lost her.”

Vincent sat down, feeling defeated because he couldn’t find the weakest point in his jail cell. All he could do was hoping for the best.

You have no ideas how beautiful it would be to have a mate,” he mumbled softly. “I would do anything to have that moment once more.

We, who were born to be strong and superior to the others, our biggest failure is protecting our mate.

“Tell me about it.”

I’ve seen what losing a mate did to you and Cohen. It seemed like we were meant to be a failure when it comes to protecting the people we love.

Vincent glanced at him. “So you don’t want to find your mate?

I wanted to find her. But I don’t think I’m strong enough to protect her. I have many things and training to go through before I go searching for her.

They spoke for a few more minutes just to ease the feeling of being captured. Many things of what Brandon had said made Vincent thought about Amanda. Granted, cross-mating between two different supernatural species was forbidden but since when falling in love become a crime? Would he fall into the same war as Mira’s parents?

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