Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 29

Two hours had passed, she still rooted on the same ground, staring at the seven-foot-tall portrait of Stefano and herself. In the portrait, Stefano had long black hair while he was wearing a three-piece wool suit consisted of black wool frock coat, trousers, and a contrasting brocade vest as if he had just arrived from time traveling from the 18th century. The way his eyes were locking with hers was a pure adoration and love. Adeline was wearing a stunning rose gold sequin dress with square neckline that showed her defined collarbone and the curve of her body.

Right now she didn’t feel like it was her in the portrait. It felt different like she just suddenly existed as Adeline with no memories. Even if Stefano said it would take time for her to remember things, Adeline just couldn’t feel assurance in his voice. Everything she touched, heard and smelled brought no sense of familiarity to her. They all were alien to her. Even the dress she was wearing felt alien to her too.

Every night she went to sleep, she dreamed of the other man. The one she saw was dancing with her in her short flashback. That didn’t feel alien. That felt like it was meant to be.

Whenever she was dreaming of him, she couldn’t see his face. But his touch, oh Goddess, it was beautiful feeling ever. Her body jolted with electricity and spark, wanting more of his touch. It was wrong for her to want another man’s touch but Adeline couldn’t ignore the possibility that Stefano wasn’t him and that she might not be Adeline.

“January 25th, 1785, Paris, France.” Stefano stood next to her. “Your 1030th birthday.”

“I’m over a thousand years old?” Adeline was shocked.

“Yes, a daemon is an immortal creature. I supposed you didn’t know that. You were human once. I changed you into a daemon when you were dying in the year 782 because of deadly diseases infected your village. You were twenty-seven back then.”

“Why did you change me?”

He looked at her with a smile, “Love.”

“What daemon could do?”

“Many things.” he gestured to the nearest vase and it floated in the air. “Telekinesis.” he put the vase down.

Then, suddenly it snowed around them. With her eyes widened, Adeline smiled as a snow landed on the tip of her nose.

“You can control the weather?” she blew the snow away.

“Not all of the weather. Just partially.”

One snow landed on his palm and it turned into a Monarch butterfly.

“Life and death,” he whispered. “I could give life. I could take them too.”

Stefano focused on the butterfly until it died in his palm after a brief moment of living. Surprisingly, Adeline looked really calm. She looked at his palm with so much curiosity was lingering in her electric blue eyes.

“Elements,” he continued.

An ice ball materialized on his palm before fire engulfed it. The water dripped down his palm, turning into sand particles before it reached the floor.

Being a half of good and bad, Stefano was the strongest and possessed more powers than anyone. With his ability of life and death, Stefano was the most feared daemon.

There were no such things as eudaemon and cacodaemon. Both were from the same species; daemon. Both were the same. But cacodaemon was more into a darker path than their counterpart. To Stefano, it was just a matter of perspective. Even the humans had their bad and good people. He served as a bridge of both daemon species. Stefano was the only reason why he managed to combine both under one government.

“You can read my mind?” Adeline stared at him with a soft glimmer in her eyes.

Stefano nodded, “Yes. I could read minds but with you, I have to make a skin contact to do it.”

“Why? I’m different?”

“I’d prefer the word unique.”

He could read other people’s mind without skin contact but not her. Maybe because she was a demon wolf. Without the skin contact, it was like trying to breach layers of firewalls before he got into the main server. The easiest way for him to read her mind was holding her hand or any type of skin contact.

He tilted her head and kissed her lips softly. She didn’t know whether to push him or just kiss him for some polite reasons. Realizing that she didn’t want to offend his feeling, Adeline accepted his gesture.

“We have a lifetime to catch up, my love.” He kissed her forehead.

Adeline closed her eyes and inhaled his scent. He smelt like a mix of cinnamon and wine considering he was a big fan of wine. She saw him drinking wine plenty of times.

Stefano gave her a grand tour around the castle, spoke highly of each portrait, pottery, and antique they came across their tour. He showed some of his ancestors’ books of research for different creatures; humans, vampires, werewolves, and all the creatures. And of course, his favorite tour was the wine cellar underneath the castle to show different supplies of his wine collections. Like how different the wine tasted like when it was stored in the barrel or in the wine bottle. He walked her to his vast vineyard and showed her every bit of winemaking done by his servants.

“So, you’re a wine addict?” she eyed him with amusement as they sat on the blanket in the middle of the meadow.

“I feel offended, my love.” Stefano put his hand on his chest, mockingly. “I am just a wine lover.”

“Addict.” She corrected him.

He chuckled. “Alright, I will admit that I am a wine addict for the sake of you.”

“You could cook. You love reading. You love wine. You could dance. Is there anything you dislike or couldn’t do?”

“I failed to save you once,” he mumbled, looking at her with sadness.


Stefano quickly changed his demeanor and smiled, “Would you like some grapes? They are very fresh.”

Sensing his quick changes, Adeline nodded to his offer of the grape. She popped one into her mouth and enjoyed the whispers of the trees around them. It was calming her despite the fact that her mind was still chaotic.

“Mira,” a whisper came to her. "You are mine."

“Did you say something?” Adeline asked Stefano.

He looked at her with confusion. “No, my love. I didn’t say anything.”

“Oh,” she was dazed. “I thought I heard you said something.”

Adeline looked around, trying to find the source of the voice she had heard but there was no one else here except for Stefano and herself. She was sure that someone was saying something. Maybe it was her mind playing trick with her.

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