Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 2

Liam came out of the pack mansion along with few Enforcers. It amazed Cohen as he was looking at his Beta totally unchanged while he looked like a man who had just left the prison. Even those prisoners looked in better shape than he was.

“Well, look who is finally came back.” Liam’s words contained anger.

Cohen could understand. Leaving everything on his Beta’s shoulders for so long without the news of his whereabouts could take a toll although Liam was an Alpha born. He never took over the pack alone for so long. Not more than two weeks. It had been nine months since he took over as temporary Alpha while Brandon went as temporary Beta.

Speaking for Brandon, Cohen didn’t see him among the group. Out of many pack members who went to find him, Brandon was the only one close enough to actually find him. Cohen managed to elude the Gamma on the last minute at one of the illegal fights.

“I get that you are upset.” Cohen acknowledged his tone.

“Upset?” Liam’s gaze bored into his. “I was furious. What if something else happened? How was I supposed to answer to your parents?”


He stabbed his finger on Cohen’s chest, totally ignoring the fact that he was addressing his own Alpha, “If you run away like that again, I swear to the Goddess, I would end your life right then and there and drag your corpse back home, understand?”

Cohen’s wolf didn’t like to be commanded that way but he knew Liam had every authority to do so. After all, he was the acting Alpha. He shared the same authority as a real Alpha.

“Crystal clear.” Cohen raised his hands in surrender.

The Beta let out a long sigh, “Now, put all that aside. We have an important matter to attend to. Let’s get inside.” He turned around but faced back again, “You should shave. You looked like a—”


“Your word, not mine.”

“When did this happen?” Cohen asked as he followed the Beta and everyone else into the pack mansion.

Many of the Enforcers nodded in respect to the return of their Alpha. Cohen nodded back. He didn’t come back to resume his position as Alpha yet, not with his mind wasn’t stable enough.

“About five days ago. Your mother—” Liam paused to face the former Luna who nodded to him to continue, “She went to visit Mira’s grave every day.”

Thank you, mama.” Cohen linked to his mother.

She was your mate. That made her as my daughter.” Georgia replied with a small smile. “And I thought that maybe one day I would find you standing there in front of her grave.

Cohen gave his mother a weak smile. He felt terrible for not showing up earlier. His parents were expecting for his return every day and he didn’t even bother to return. It sounded like his family didn’t even matter to him anymore after Mira was gone.

“She was the one who found the grave had been dug out and the casket was left open. Empty.” Liam continued, snapping Cohen from his guilt. “I tasked Brandon and few others to track anything related to that. He hadn’t returned but check in every few hours.”

That explained why Brandon wasn’t there.

Liam opened the door to the office. The place was a mess with dozens of files and books opened on the meeting desk and many kinds of stuff were pinned to the walls. Maps, photos and everything related to the case included Mira’s picture. Cohen reached for the picture and felt the pain in his heart once again. His other hand reached to soothe the pain on his chest. It felt like it was just yesterday he lost her.

The tears he shed when he held her lifeless body in his arms. The excruciating pain shot through his body as he begged her to open her tantalizing blue eyes once more.

The memory of her funeral still vivid in his mind. He stood near a tree and made sure nobody else saw him. The rain concealed his scent. He watched Amanda, Vincent, Liam, Brandon, and Cohen’s parents gave their eulogies. He listened to every word they said and every pain that hidden in each word. The moment they lowered Mira’s casket down into the grave, Cohen dropped to his knees. His mate was gone forever and his guilt began to eat him up. The guilt of failing to protect her. He was a strong Alpha. Yet, he wasn’t strong enough to protect his mate.

Even in death, she couldn’t be left in peace.

“A demon wolf like her,” Amanda spoke. “Her body contained countless numbers of secrets that could lead all species to a greater revolution if it falls into the right hands. If it doesn’t, then we might face another enemy like Damien.”

There were no such things as ’if it falls into the right hands’. Whoever took Mira’s body, those hands weren’t the right hands no matter what good things they wanted to do with her body. They took her body out of her resting place and Cohen would be the one who would punish them. How could they disrespect his dead mate like that? Let alone the body of a Luna of a werewolf pack.

“It had been nine months, her body should have decomposed by now,” Cohen mumbled.

He pulled his hand back from the picture. Cohen walked around and checked the opened books on the meeting desk. They had turned his office upside down with this mess. Many words were written on the glass windows as if four whiteboards there weren’t enough for them to write. Many of those words didn’t make sense to him at all. The language looked alien to him. Maybe because he didn’t speak Greek.

I’m sorry. I told Liam not to mess with the office.” His mother apologized in the mind link.

Cohen stared at his mother and smiled. ”It’s okay, mama. Liam has every right to use this office as he wished.

“Dark magic has no limit. Even a single fingernail used in dark magic could cause someone died unexpectedly.” Amanda muttered as she was leaning against the wall.

“What made you think this is done by dark magic?” Cohen questioned, turning to face the white witch.

Liam and Amanda shared a knowing glance with each other. A glance that was telling Cohen, he was about to receive a bad news. What else was new anyway?

“You should show him, Liam.” She mumbled to the beta.

“It would better if you come and see it by yourself.” Liam nodded his head to the door. “Because honestly, I don’t know how to explain it in words.”

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