Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 28

His fingers were tapping on the table softly while his eyes trained on the cell phone, praying it to ring or at least a message to arrive. It had been seven hours since Brandon last checked in. Liam specifically instructed him to check in every two hours at least. Now, he grew restless of where the Gamma could be. He had been gone for a week now, tracking those witnesses who might or might not had witnessed anything else at the cemetery.

Amanda was pacing back and forth between the front door of the mansion and the living room. Her action caused Liam to groan.

“Could you please stop pacing about?” he groaned, laying down on the couch.

Everything was giving him a headache today. Enough with the confusion with Adeline’s appearance that resembled his Luna. Now, combined with Amanda who was pacing back and forth in front of him was killing his head and focus. Liam had been grumpy lately. Nobody knew why but he was really grumpy. Thank the Goddess that Cohen had decided to slowly take over the pack so that Liam could become grumpy about something else.

“Vincent should be back by now.” she whipped her head to him. “He said he would be out for two hours. It had been three.”

“Maybe he was late or something.”

She shook her head, “No, no, no. If he's out for two hours, it would just be two hours. Not a second later.”

“He is in trouble,” Adeline muttered, looking out to the window.

“How did you know? Are you sure?” Amanda bombarded her.

“The bird said so.” She pointed to the white pigeon by the window.

“And I could speak to an elephant!” Liam replied sarcastically.

What a good way to start things here? What else this daemon woman could do? Falling out of the freaking sky and landed unscratched? Speaking to birds?

“No, Mister Liam. The daemon could speak to any creatures. I could speak to birds. Stefano could speak to snakes.”

“And I’m Harry Potter’s older brother. Got it.” he nodded with a lopsided grin which served as a mock for her statement. “We all know your brain cracked after the fall.”

Adeline’s eyes were looking in the direction of Amanda, pleading the white witch to trust her words. This wasn’t the first time anyone didn’t trust that a daemon could speak to animals. Adeline had seen it during her time in Stefano’s realm. The humans there didn’t believe it too. She couldn’t blame them though. Daemon was always secretive about their abilities.

Adeline chose to ignore him and turned to Amanda, “Mister Vincent is in trouble, Miss Amanda. Ten men took him after they killed someone.”

“Where?” a deep voice asked, earning everyone’s attention.

Cohen entered the pack mansion, shirtless and sweaty as if he had done a marathon. Adeline couldn’t deny it that this Alpha was indeed attractive. Granted, Stefano was muscular and attractive but this Alpha particularly stood out. He even stood out in the crowd of men inside the living room right now. Was the werewolf particularly bred with good genes like them? Sure, she had studied about werewolves. She didn’t think they would look very attractive until now. This was wrong of her to think or look at him this way while she had a husband. Centuries separated from Stefano had caused her desire haywire. She needed to find her way home. The longer she stayed here, the restless she would be.

“Where did they take him?” Cohen asked her as he put on a black shirt.

Adeline turned her attention to the white pigeon by the window.

Mistress, they took him to a house, deep in the woods.” The pigeon said to her. “South of here.”

“A house in the woods, south of here,” she told them.

But they are very dangerous men, Mistress. You must not come with the Alpha!” the pigeon flew away and it shouted, “They know you are here, Mistress! Save yourself while you still have the time!

The pigeon was long gone before Adeline could question it further. Why would it say that to her? Who was looking for her? Did Stefano send his men to find her? If he did, why did the pigeon warn her to stay away?

“Liam, gather the Enforcers. We will leave to search for Vincent and another possible missing person Brandon.” Cohen instructed. “Amanda, you stay here with—" he paused unable to mention Adeline’s name. “Her.”

“What? No! I’m coming with you!” the white witch protested.

“Amanda, I tasked Vincent with something very dangerous. This could end badly.”

Her nose flared at him. She jabbed her long finger on his chest. “Someone took Mira away and I still couldn’t find her. Someone took Vincent away and I would not stay by here waiting for him to walk through that door saying ′Hey guys, I’m back. Sorry I have to take a detour’ while I could assist the search.”

Vincent could hate her for all he wanted but Amanda couldn’t just sit around and waited for him to walk through the door. Her heart was telling her that Vincent was in danger even before Adeline mentioned it. So Amanda wanted to do whatever she could to find him. Mira would have done the same. No, Mira already did the same for every time Vincent and Amanda were captured. She didn’t hesitate to come to rescue them. Not even for a second. So why would Amanda hesitated and sit around waiting for the Alpha to rescue him? Screw it, she thought. She would come along.

“I’m coming too!” Adeline raised her hand awkwardly, earning everyone’s attention. “Obviously I could ask around for direction.”

“You mean ask the birds?” Liam retorted.

Cohen didn’t want to say anything. He had a hard time focusing on the current situation while she stood there, reminding him of Mira. If Adeline wanted to come, so be it. Daemon should be able to defend themselves. If they could resurrect someone from the dead, then defending themselves shouldn’t be a problem.

“Fine but the two of you stay behind the line. If I say clear to come forth, then you come forth. If I say stay back, then stay back.” Cohen said.

Amanda grabbed Adeline, “Let’s get you something comfortable to wear.”

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