Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 27

The front of the diner swung opened and was ringing the bell in return. His boots made sounds on the floor as he made his way to the table on the far corner of the diner. There weren’t many customers or staffs in the place. Ten customers, two waitresses, and one cook. But even the slightest detail played an important role. There were two doors which were leading to the outside; one was the front door where he had come in earlier and another was in the kitchen. He could break the glass wall if he had to.

There were two cars outside. And the diner was located in the middle of nowhere. Did those ten customers pile into two cars and then took a different table? That was weird to think about it.

A freshly brewed black coffee at the coffee maker machine and the chirming sound of phones echoed. Clattering sound came from the kitchen as the cook completed the orders.

A man, probably in his early thirties, was wearing a black suit and tie was already waiting at the table Vincent was heading to. There was already a cup of coffee on the table. This man, who refused to tell his name, was sitting by the wall, a perfect shield if someone was to snipe him from outside.

Vincent slid down on the seat in front of him, keeping a steady eye contact with the unnamed man before a waitress came to the side of the table with a menu, notepad and a pen as she was ready to jot down his order.

“Can I get you anything, sweetheart?” the waitress asked with a flirtatious smile.

She was a beautiful blonde human with plump red lips and petite body. Her blue eyes were glistering with a hope that he would return her smile. But Vincent came here not to stare at this color book. He didn’t open the menu and just ordered the usual.

Mira’s main tip of meeting someone in the dinner was that never ever order foods at a place you never visited. Vincent never came here before. He didn’t know any of those staffs. They could have been bad guys in disguise. He would never know. At least not on the first few minutes.

“Coffee.” Vincent briefly looked at her. “That’s all.”

“Alright, tell me when you want to order something else.” She walked away, sashaying her hips.

Human these days would do anything to get laid. He wasn’t interested to get laid not when this case was still unsolved.

In a minute she served a cup of coffee on the table before Vincent pulled her to his level.

“You would do exactly what I say if you value your life,” he whispered softly only she could hear it. “Don’t make a hassle of it. In five seconds, you would nod and say I would get the fish ‘n’ chips for you’ loud and clear. Then grab the trash can by the counter, set the order and leave. ”

She did as he told her. “I would get the fish ‘n’ chips for you.”

“That would be marvelous, thank you.” he slid money into her hand before let her do the rest of what he told her.

Vincent waited for a moment for her to reach the counter and bent down, securing the trash bag in her grip before she told the cook about the order and also said she was taking the trash out.

Collateral damage could be avoidable but sometimes it couldn’t.

“You look way too nervous.” He said as he reached for the sugar cubes and dropped three into his black coffee.

“What you requested from me could cost me my life.” The man hissed.

He quirked an eyebrow at the unnamed man’s action. He didn’t like his tone, not at all. His fingers swirled the spoon, mixing the sugar with the coffee before he brought the cup to his lips. Vincent inhaled deeply of the sweet aroma.

“I could find another person to do the bidding,” Vincent said, putting down the cup. “Tell me and you’d get the rest of your money.”

The unnamed man leaned forward and whispered, “The crest belonged to Valentino Darragh’s family for centuries. They are Mafia family resided in Rome, Italy.” he took out a paper that had an image of the crest. “The star, it represented five realms. The scythes had many different stories. Some said the scythes are capable of killing any supernatural species. Some said the scythes belonged to one of Moon Goddess’ children she sent to Earth. The skull and hourglass are representing death. All these symbols, except for the star, representing the Grim Reaper. The crest was used by the Knights of Death, an ancient organization established to eradicate supernatural species.”

With his trembling hands, he reached for his cup and drank it. Vincent watched as sweat escaped the unnamed man’s pores and the sound of his heartbeat was irregular. Those weren’t such good signs. Not at all.

“Are you okay?” he asked the man. “You’re sweating profusely.”

The man leaned backward, started to untie his tie and his breathing was getting heavier before his head collapsed to the table.

"Call the ambulance!" Vincent shouted to another waitress.

She nodded frantically before reaching for the phone. The customers came and rushed, putting the unnamed man onto the floor, probably they were trying to revive him. During the chaos, Vincent reached something inside his pocket, a small glass bottle. He undid the cap and drank down the liquid. He made a hissing sound at the disgusting taste of the liquid. Having a white witch by his side during all those years had taught him many things, especially about poisons that couldn’t be identified easily.

When Vincent brought the cup to his lips earlier, the coffee never touched his lips. He pretended to drink it because he knew the coffee had poison and that someone was watching him.

He searched the unnamed man’s jacket on the seat and found a phone before taking off from the diner. His fingers were fidgeting with the phone, scrolling the list of phone calls both received and missed. The unnamed man had seven missed calls from the moment Vincent arrived at the diner. He screenshot the list and sent it to someone else before he heard the sound of a faint heartbeat. He turned around abruptly and aligned his hand to his lips before he blew something as small as dust particles to his attacker. The attacker fell to the ground, unconscious. But what Vincent didn't see was another attacker. It was already too late when his head was smacked with something blunt, sending him to darkness.

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