Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 26

The fourth empty beer bottle slipped from his grip and fell onto the carpeted floor with a thud. It would take him something stronger to make him drunk or just a tad tipsy. The woman he saw in the meadow was undeniably looked like his mate. She claimed to be Adeline Domenico and that he was General Solomon, the great general of daemons army. What sort of magic world had he fallen into? It was very confusing to him. Could there be really another realm like this one? Did that mean Mira was on another realm with a daemon?

Cohen grabbed the empty bottle of beer and threw it against the wall. He was really mad. So mad that he felt like he wanted to destroy everything. His mate was out there, in the arms of another man. Only Goddess knew what that daemon could have done to her by now.

Now, Cohen couldn’t face the woman who had the same appearance as her. It was too much for him. If he could, he would avoid the woman at any cost but given that she might able to help him in finding Mira, Cohen had to swallow his frustration. Could he face that woman without imaging her as his real mate?

He had no idea. Just a glance on that woman, Cohen imagined it was really Mira. If he had to work around the woman, it would take a massive control.

“Do you have to leave now?” her electric blue eyes blinked attentively as he put on his clothes, getting ready for another meeting.

Like usual, she was naked in the bed, only covered by the duvet. He forgot if she ever sleeps with her clothes on in their bed. Not that he was complaining. He loved it that she was getting comfortable around him. Way too comfortable.

“I’d be just downstairs, in my office,” Cohen replied, kissing the tip of her nose. “I’d be back as soon as the meeting is over.”

Her hands curled around his collar and pulled him closer before she kissed his lips. Her legs wrapped around his waist, trapping him from leaving. A tempting offer from a seductress like herself.

“Stay in bed.” she grinned cheekily. “Don’t you want to stay in bed with your mate who is also your wife too?”

He sat down on the bed, putting her on his lap before his hand reached for her ring finger. A mate and a wife. If it wasn’t because of her reluctance, they would have been in their honeymoon by now but Mira said it could wait. She didn’t want to leave yet, not when Damien was so close to her grasp.

“And one day you would bear my mark,” Cohen kissed the crook of her neck.

“Stay in bed,”

She kissed him on the lips again, trying to make him caved to her words.

“Tempting offer, darling.” He pulled away before they could go further than a kiss.

“You don’t know how to resist.” Mira cracked a smile.

“You damn right.” Cohen settled for another kiss before leaving her butt naked in their bed so that he could attend another tormenting hour of meeting.

“I’ll stay naked!” she shouted, giggling.

The Alpha growled before he left the room. If he looked back to the bed where she was, the meeting would be long forgotten like many other meetings.

If he knew that morning was the last day of their intimate moment, he would have stayed in the bed with her.

Cohen didn’t know anything about resurrection spell or anything related to it. But seeing Adeline right here at his territory while Mira out there, resurrected to be her, was haunting him. Someone was brainwashing his Mira to be someone she wasn’t.

“Cohen honey?” his mother knocked on the front door and entered.

He suspected she would come again to check on his miserable life. As much as he wanted to be in normal condition, his mind wasn’t allowing him. All he could think of was his mate out there in the arms of another man.

“I—I heard what happened.” Georgia sat next to him on the couch.

Her eyes were checking those empty bottles and the unopened bottles still in the crate. Alcohol could numb away his pain but not for long.

“How are you holding up?” she asked. Her tone was very careful as if she used a wrong tone, he would snap.

“The same.” He muttered, resting his head on the couch while his eyes were looking at the ceiling.

He felt tired that everyone was checking on him like this. Cohen knew they were just worried about his wellbeing but for once he wanted them to stay away and give him space and time to think on his own. Just to be with his own thoughts and memories. There was nothing else he could do to soothe the aching on his heart other than replaying the memories that were involving Mira.

“You know I didn’t get the chance to meet Mira.” Georgia grabbed his hand and gave it a light squeeze. “But I heard everyone talked about her. She sounded very wonderful person despite what we heard from the news, of course.”

Cohen closed his eyes and imagined Mira was right there with him. Knocking his head with some senses after their argument. They didn’t argue a lot but sometimes she liked to poke on his nerves. Like the times she was complimenting those men in the fashion magazine. He shredded the magazine and threw it into the fire while Mira laughed at his jealousy. Why would she need to stare at those men in the magazine when a very fine specimen was standing right in front of her?

“She’s out there. My daughter-in-law is out there.” he opened his eyes and looked at his mother as she continued, “I know she’s out there. Bring her home to us.”


“I promised to your grandfather that I would welcome my daughter-in-law with flowers and blessings just like how he welcomed me. That she would leave her handprint on the sacred stone of the Kingsley family.”

She took out the golden bracelet she always wore on her left wrist and put it in Cohen’s palm. “This is our family heirloom, given by your grandfather to me when he welcomed me as his daughter-in-law. This has been passed down from generation to generation. I wanted to give this to Mira when she comes home. This is her rights as a Kingsley and as the Luna of the pack.”

Georgia wiped the tears that fell on her face. “Give your father and I a chance to welcome Mira as our daughter-in-law into our home. Just give us a chance to have our family whole again. I could feel she is out there, alive and conflicted. If it is true that someone was making her be a person she is not, find her. Someone who is having an identity conflict could only resist for so long before they accept it."

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