Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 25

Nobody could form a word to say as the woman who looked like Mira, claimed herself as Adeline Domenico, looking at them as if each of them had grown ten heads. She looked like Mira with a very close resemblance. Everything else about her feature was looked exactly like Mira except for a few things.

Her hair was a golden color and her eyes weren’t as electric blue as Mira. And she was shorter too. Mira’s height could match up to Cohen’s shoulder and he stood tall on six foot nine.

“How did—what the hell?” Amanda spoke at last. “Who are you?”

“Adeline Domenico.” She repeated her name again. “Aren’t you General Solomon?” she pointed to Cohen.

“General what?” Liam asked with a hint that he was about to laugh his ass off.

“General Solomon, the great general of daemons army.”

“Do you have Napoleon and Stalin too?”

Vincent smacked Liam’s head. Pretty sure the sound echoed throughout the place. Adeline came closer to them while Cohen retreated backward. His mind couldn’t handle it. His wolf resurfaced once again, trying to push him. He ran into the other direction, away from Mira’s doppelgänger before he did something terrible.

“Is he alright? He looked like he had seen a ghost.” Adeline muttered.

Everyone whipped their heads to her. She totally had no idea. Everyone right now had seen a fucking ghost and that was her. Cohen’s reaction was way worse than them bcause she reminded him of his mate.

“No shit!” Amanda cussed.

“Wow,” that was the only word she could say after they arrived inside Cohen’s office.

Amanda handed a photo of Mira they used on the whiteboard and for the investigation. Adeline had been staring on the photo for the past ten minutes, tracing her fingers on it as if she couldn’t believe her own eyes. They didn’t fill her much about this woman but what she knew that Mira was the mate of the Alpha, General Solomon’s doppelgänger.

“This is his mate?” she asked again. Amanda nodded before she continued, “So he is not General Solomon?”

“I’m afraid no. He’s Cohen Kingsley, the Alpha of this pack. Mira died nine months ago during a battle against a vampire prince, her own brother. He did many terrible things to her in the past and she was out for revenge.” Amanda sighed, running her hand in her blonde hair. “Sadly, she died in his hands.”

“I’m sorry for your loss,” Adeline mumbled sadly.

“Does daemon exist in many realms too?”

She shook her head. “No, Stefano said daemons only exist in our realm. Different realms have different species living in them. There are two types of daemons exist in our realm; eudaemon which is a good one and cacodaemon, the bad ones. We came from eudaemon. Stefano is half of both.”

“Hold up,” the white witch stopped her. “Who is Stefano?”

“My husband for over a thousand years until an unfortunate event happened.”

“Was this him?” the white witch touched her hand and an image of a cloaked figure was carrying Mira entered her mind.

Adeline’s eyes widened. Just one glance she could make a correct guess. She knew this figure like the back of her hand.

“Oh no,” she looked at them. “That was Stefano Michelangelo de Lucca.”

Thinking about Stefano had resurrecting another woman felt like a pang of betrayal to Adeline but she couldn’t blame him either. She didn’t get to say goodbye. She rubbed her ring finger where there was once his ring for their eternal love. The longing for her husband was too much.

“So your husband resurrected our Mira because she looked like you?”

“Probably. I—” Adeline paused. “What year is this?”


“Are you serious?” her eyes widened in horror. “I’ve been time traveling for 3 centuries?”

3 centuries? She had been gone for 3 centuries. It didn’t feel like she had been gone that long. No wonder Stefano was desperate enough to resurrect the other woman, Mira. Adeline was gone for 3 centuries. She could feel tears were pooling in her eyes. Goddess, she really missed her husband and still couldn’t find her way back home, back into his arms. Amanda told her that they were sorry to hear about her situation. Although she felt a little better, the aching for her husband didn’t lessen.

“Since when did you time traveling? Maybe we could see a pattern and work out from there.”

“Before I was thrown into time traveling, I was heading out of town with a friend Clavier for emissary. We were ambushed—” she paused again. “No, they must have killed Clavier. Oh no, no, no, no, no,”

Thinking Clavier was dead, Stefano must be really alone now. Not only she was dead, his best friend could have possibly had the same fate as her. Stefano had lost too many people in his life. Why it had to come this way? He had dreamed a life full of happiness since he met her. To build a family with her. Now thinking about his dream, he must felt shattered and heartbroken knowing it was just a dream, nothing more.

Amanda squeezed her hand lightly, “Adeline, focus. The faster we wrap our head around your story, the faster we figure out where went wrong.”

Adeline nodded in agreement. “They ambushed us. Clavier could be dead. I don’t know. Then they struck me with a spear. The next thing I knew I woke up and a bright light engulfed me before the men could kill me again. Ever since I traveled between timelines, trying to look for a way back to my husband until a rift was opened and I was thrown into this realm.”

She proceeded on that she had been stuck in various timelines. It had been a painful situation for her because she couldn’t stay longer to recharge her energy. It had been the worst situation ever. She could only stay in one timeline for a few hours but not more than a day before she was pulled into another. Every day for the past three centuries, she had been like that. The only things she managed to do during the short stay were getting a shower, sleep in the middle of nowhere and eat. Right now, she wasn’t sure if she would stay in this timeline for long.

“Great, now that you are here, we could just open a rift to your realm and trade you for our Mira.”

“It’s not that easy.”

“Why is that?”

“Why do you think I had been time traveling?” Adeline asked them sadly. “I could not find my realm. It’s disappeared.”

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