Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 24

Vincent completed the white circle around Mira’s grave and a little space for everyone to stand in before he stepped into the circle. Amanda had arranged the candles in five different direction — making a sign of a big star inside the circle.

“Whatever you do, do not step outside the circle.” She warned them. “Otherwise you might be stuck in a time loop.”

The last thing she needed was someone stuck in a time loop. That would be almost impossible to recover the person especially those who weren’t familiar with time traveling. And Amanda wasn’t an expert in time traveling either. Witches could do time traveling with enough practices to ensure the traveler wouldn’t trap in time loops. Well, Amanda didn’t have that training. If she stuck in time loops, there would be no one around to pull her out. There were endless numbers of time loops.

She lit up a match and let it dropped on the white circle, making blue fire replaced the circle. She murmured the spell silently and the surroundings began to change rapidly. The sun rose up and set down, the moon rose up and set down. People came to visit the cemetery and left. Everything went back in time. It was like watching a movie went backward in fast motion. Cohen watched as his mother came and went from the grave. She would just stand there, sobbing for a few minutes then left.

Until it stopped on that one moment when a man was standing before Mira’s grave. Cohen stepped next to Amanda to take a closer look at who could it be. The man was wearing all black with a cloak, concealing his identity. His fingers were moving frantically before the ground shook as if there was an earthquake. With a snap of a finger, the concealed grave was exposed and the casket door opened before Mira’s body floated into the air as she was pulled out of her resting place by an unseen energy.

Cohen’s head was attacked by pain again which caused him to drop on his knees.

“Alpha!” Liam rushed to him but he stopped the beta.

Mira stood before the man. He put a hand on her cheek and leaned closer. A blue energy left his mouth and entered hers. Her eyes opened but she didn’t look like she was actually awake. He touched her forehead and she went limp. His arms caught her body before he carried her in bridal style.

Cohen felt anger in him as he watched Mira’s body was rested in the arms of another man. The man carried her away, greeted by a black void which appeared out of nowhere. Amanda stopped the time right there like a movie on pause. She circled around the unknown man, trying to look for any hints of his identity. With the hood was covering half of his face, she couldn’t be so sure who the man could be. There was an emblem on his cloak — a symbol of Phoenix. Although she couldn’t make out his identity, Amanda was sure that this man was a daemon. His power was too strong even right now she could feel like as if he was there for real.

“So it was truly a daemon then,” Amanda concluded. “Only a daemon was powerful enough to use the resurrection spell without it went south.”

Cohen stood up, his hands clenched. As much as he wanted to be happy that Mira was resurrected from the dead, he felt angry that another man had her. Nobody would know what that man could have done to her by now.

Before anyone else could speak, there was a strong wind, swirling around them, caused the candles to burn off. Amanda clapped her hands above her head once to release everyone from the circle before the wind could sweep them out of the circle and entered time loop. They ducked down, bracing the strong wind before a loud noise exploded on the night sky and a bright white circle briefly appeared and something was falling out of the circle before the circle disappeared.

The wind stopped at the same time as the circle disappeared. Cohen focused his sight on where the white circle once was. His eyes were desperately looking for the falling object.

“There!” Vincent pointed to the sky.

Cohen’s body quickly made actions. Something about the falling object was making his wolf stirred anxiously in the back of his mind like someone who had lost his entire mind. Cohen ran as fast as he could, passing by his patrolling teams. Liam waved them off to ensure everything was under control and that Cohen didn’t lose his mind.

Cohen ran towards where the object was currently falling. Judging the speed of the object, that would be one hell of a fall. It would take a miracle for the falling object to survive the fall.

However, even his speed couldn’t match the speed of the falling object. It felt right into the meadow where his Enforcers usually hung out during their free time. The impact of the fall could be felt miles away. Like a meteor, there was a big crater in the middle of the meadow. The impact sent everyone backward. With a fast reflex, Vincent caught Amanda’s body and let his own took the impact against the tree.

“Thanks,” she mumbled softly, getting up. “Everyone’s alright?”

Liam gave a thumbs up while he was groaning in pain. Vincent dusted his pants as he got up while Cohen was already on his foot. In the middle of the crate was a big white bubble and a light was pulsating like a pulse. As everyone approached closer, the bubble suddenly cracked like an egg ready for hatching. A woman came out of it, falling to the ground.

“What the shit?” Liam mumbled as their eyes trained on the woman.

She got up on her foot, dusting her blue dress and golden hair before her eyes met theirs. Everyone stunned and unable to form a word to say. She blinked at them blankly.

“Mira?” Cohen mumbled, taking a step forward.

“Who’s Mira?” she looked confused. “I’m Adeline Domenico.”

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