Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 23

Perfection used to be Eleanor’s middle name. From her perspective, everything had to be perfect. The way the cups were arranged, the way the books were arranged or the way she worked. Clavier spent his entire life observing and learning the way Eleanor did everything. She wasn’t the type of woman who liked to get her hands dirty. She loved giving orders and questioning people. That was what she did best.

Even so, a perfectionist made mistakes too.

Maybe you should have let Stefano handled this.” Clavier suggested again.

Adeline shook her head with a smile and got into the carriage and he followed her suit. She was just as stubborn as her husband. Nobody could change their mind once they decided on things.

“Stefano has enough on his plates.” She responded when the carriage began moving. “This is just a small thing I could do to ease his burden.”

“Just flash your smile to him. The burden would disappear.” he teased her. “You know how much he loves your smile.”

Adeline laughed. “That is absurd, Clavier.”

“Trust me, dear. Don’t it ever occur to you why he came straight at you whenever he was angry and then the anger just vanished in thin air after you smiled?”

“Okay, okay. You get your point. What about you, Clavier? Meet the right lady yet?”

He shook his head. “Love is just too complicated for a daemon like me.”

“You mean for a guy who slept with every girl he laid his eyes on because he just couldn’t secure the zipper?”

“Hahahaha, very funny, Adeline. Stefano’s dark sense of humor is finally rubbing on you.” he laughed sarcastically before continued, “Are you happy with him?”

“You know, he did make me cry a few nights ago.”

“Oh boy, what he did this time?”

“I asked him to tell me some stories because he’s good with that. He was telling me about a friendship between a young boy and a dog. Stefano ended the story by telling me that the dog died. So, I cried because the story was so beautiful and he just gave a terrible ending.”

Clavier laughed. “That’s Stefano we all know.”

Adeline laughed again but it wasn’t her usual laughter. Like there was something was bothering her mind. That night her appearance was rather unusual too. She was wearing a blue dress and her blonde hair was tied behind her. And she didn’t carry the usual leather book with her. She never left that book anywhere. Not even Stefano could take it from her.

“Are you alright, Adeline?” Clavier asked. Her eyes didn’t glimmer like usual either.

She gave him a smile. “I am alright. I’m just nervous. You know, talking in front of over a hundred students isn’t that easy.”

He nodded but his eyes continued to read her body language. Something was definitely wrong with her. She kept looking around as if she was looking for something. Maybe it was just his hunch but something was telling him, Adeline was hiding something. Clavier watched her in silence, reading more and more of her weird body language. Deep inside, he wanted to question her. It couldn’t be she felt uncomfortable around him. He had accompanied her to many occasions and events.

Adeline’s eyes were restless and her fingers were fidgeting.

About an hour after the carriage left the town, they were ambushed. The carriage they both rode on was catapulted into the air and it pinned Adeline once it fell to the ground while Clavier was thrown out, heavily injured.

“Ade….” He crawled towards the carriage. His legs were badly injured. “Adeline.”

Mustering the remaining of his power, he pushed the carriage away, freeing her from it but her wounds were too great. With his trembled and bloodied hands, he cupped her face, transferring his energy into her body hoping it would at least giving her consciousness. Or at least it would jolt her heart.

“Adeline, wake up.” He murmured. “Ade—”

Clavier screamed in agony when a spear was struck into his body from behind and he was lifted to the air which caused his body to arch in a 'U' shape. His hands wrapped around the spear, wanting to break it at least but the metal burnt his palms instead.

“Leave her alone!” He shouted when the attackers took Adeline away.

“Stefano, if you could hear me, we are under attack. They’re taking Adeline away.” He prayed in his mind, hoping the pray would get to his friend in time.

He struggled at the tip of the spear, slashing his own flesh deeper. He wanted to break free. They were taking her away. Stefano wouldn’t get here in time. Clavier channeled his power or whatever left of it onto the ground, catapulting himself few meters into the air but nonetheless he was freed from the spear. He grabbed it and threw it to one of the attackers. He saw Adeline’s opened her eyes slightly before the attacker caught the spear he threw.

“No, Adeline!” Clavier stretched his hand as if he could reach her.

“You don’t get to blackmail me, Eleanor.” He spat.

His hands balled into fists and his gesture caused anything made of glass shattered inside the bar. He spent the entire three centuries hunting for those who responsible for Adeline’s death. Both Clavier and Stefano found a dead end. Not for Clavier though. He didn’t actually found a dead end. He found a clue that was hinting Stefano’s mother could be responsible for Adeline’s death. And the only reason why they couldn’t find her body was the only reason why Stefano couldn’t resurrect the original Adeline.

“You broke your own son by killing the only person who taught him what love was,” Clavier muttered through clenched teeth. “And I’m going to be there when he rips you apart. I’m going to pour your blood on Adeline’s empty grave.”

“What proof do you have?” Eleanor chuckled but it came out restrained.

“Stefano resurrected the woman for a reason, Eleanor.” Clavier turned his back to her. “I swear on Adeline’s life, if you hurt the new Adeline, I’d be there to rip you apart myself.”

That was a promise he was willing to fulfill.

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