Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 22

Clavier sat by the bar, ordering another glass of Whisky. This bar was always crowded by the humans and not so much of his kind. This particular town knew the existence of his kind. Stefano’s name was well-known here. The daemon High Lord could be the evilest person or could be the kindness person around here. That depended on the people he had to deal with. Clavier had witnessed the High Lord killed five men without batting his eyes — without lifting his fingers.

“A bad day for you, Master Hubert?” the bartender asked as he poured another glass of whiskey for the doctor.

Clavier rubbed his jaw. “You could say so, Bob.”

“Maybe the lady could entertain you for an hour or two.”

He chuckled. “Not tonight. I have work to attend to.”

As much as he wanted to understand Stefano's doing for resurrecting the woman, Clavier found himself tangled in a mess of his own thoughts. Who on this realm could understand the High Lord anyway? Even the real Adeline sometimes complained that Stefano was too complicated at times. Clavier knew that being immortal could really lead to a loneliness. He felt that way for his entire life, unable to find the right woman. But Stefano was lucky enough to have spent a thousand years with the real Adeline before her tragic death. Now, he had strayed away towards the dark path.

"Love is such a complicated thing ever!" Clavier grunted.

The bartender chuckled. "Found a right woman now, Master Hubert?"

The daemon looked at him. "Tell me, Bob. How did you and Loise fall in love? Did you feel the spark? The tingles? Like the ones, they wrote in the novel? Did the universe stop spinning?"

This was the real Adeline's fault for forcing him to read those romance novels as she said he needed to sharpen his skills if he wanted to date a woman for real. Not just to bed them. Clavier knew exactly what he wanted. Love wasn't what he wanted. He had seen Stefano's situation. There was no way he would get involved in such a complicated matter in the history.

Not that Clavier was heartless. He knew he was capable of loving someone. He just couldn't picture himself as a family man or marrying a woman. If women already complicated his mind even before he married one, then what else he wanted to expect if he married one? He would literally lose his mind.

Bob laughed with a hand on his big tummy. "My Lord, Master Hubert. Life is not always like in the books."

"You didn't answer my question."

"Master Hubert, love is not just about what you feel by your hands or see by your eyes. Sometimes it could be different things. Trust your heart when you see a woman of your life."

How he wanted to trust his heart when his heart all ever wanted was to bed every woman he laid his eyes on?

"I guess my heart knows what he wants." Clavier grinned.

The bartender laughed. "Oh Master Hubert, you never failed to amuse me. Maybe that was what the ladies liked about you."

Clavier turned around briefly and five blonde women waved at him. Right, his wicked sense of humor was what those ladies were looking for.

Bob came closer. "You could bed every woman you see but when the right one comes, your heart would just see her and no one else."

"That's scary."

Suddenly, the place fell into a deep silence. People stopped chattering. The cigarettes' smoke didn’t raise towards the ceiling. Clavier raised his glass to his lips and drank the remaining of the liquid. Being a daemon who had lived over thousands of years, nothing surprised him anymore.

“You must talk Stefano out of it,” she sat down next to him.

“For argument sake, My Lady, Stefano doesn’t listen to anyone but Adeline.” He replied, grunting because he didn’t intend his night to be spent talking with Stefano’s mother.

He had enough mess to think of.

“Are you going to sit by the side watching him breaking more rules?”

Clavier turned to her. “To be honest, you never liked Adeline. You despised her since the moment Stefano laid his eyes on her. You treated her as if she had committed the greatest sin known to the world.”

“A mortal like Adeline had no place to be amongst us.”

“She was a daemon,” he corrected her rudely. "Your son turned her into a daemon. That gave her had every rights to be with us."

Clavier never understood why Eleanor despised Adeline or any human in that matter. She never showed any compassion towards anyone. Not even Stefano. Maybe that could explain why Stefano chose not to listen to his mother ever since he took command of the Council.

“You still answer to my command, Clavier!”

“Wrong,” he glanced at her. “I answer to Stefano, the High Lord of the Daemon Council. My mother answers to you.”

He tapped the counter twice before he stood and ready to leave. Clavier reached for the money inside his pocket and put it on the bar before he jiggled a gold coin on his right hand. An old habit he always did.

“You were there when Adeline died,” Eleanor called which caused him to stop walking to the door.

Clavier stared at the ceiling with his eyes closed as he took a deep breath. Using his guilt for failing to protect Adeline was never going to work on making him do Eleanor’s bidding. He could live his entire life hated by Stefano for failing to protect Adeline but he could never live his life if he betrayed his oldest friend.

The doctor had more senses than just succumbing to someone’s blackmail. It would take more than just provoking his guilt.

“I could live with that guilt,”

He took out his black gloves from his coat pocket and wore them as he turned to face the mother of the High Lord.

“But could you live by if Stefano found out that you were the ones who hired those assassins to kill Adeline?” he continued.

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