Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 21

Stefano stood there in the darkness watching her. Adeline was in a deep sleep with the moonlight shone to her porcelain skin. Her head was whipped from left to right and back and forth as if she was having another nightmare.

Few things began to rise in the air in the room. It didn’t surprise him at all. From the moment he resurrected her from the grave, he knew something was definitely different in her. Something stronger than he ever seen in his thousands of years of life.

He made his way to her side and put his cold hand on her sweaty forehead — seizing the nightmare from her mind.

“Show me what you truly are, my love,” he whispered before he loomed his lips near hers.

A blue energy escaped from her slightly ajar mouth, entering his. A strand of her life essence. Something that would tell him a lot of things about her. Series of memories began to replay before his eyes — taking him deep into her past — the past she still couldn’t remember. Her mind was blank but not her essence. It contained the memories of her past, of who she was and what she was.

“A demon wolf,” he stared at her beautiful face. “Born with the blood of Vampire King and blueblood werewolf woman, fed with the blood of Lycan King and a—” he trailed off. “—white witch.”

That explained why he smelt such a powerful energy on her skin. Four types of blood were running in Adeline’s veins. Even his powers were nothing compared to what a demon wolf was capable of.

So, the prophecy of the demon wolf was true after all. His father told him about the prophecy all the times like an old movie on repeat. His father was known for being an absolute enthusiast when it came to supernatural creatures.

“There was an old prophecy,” he said softly as they sat down by the stairs in front of the castle. “About a woman who was born as a new species. A species that was nothing but myth and legends.”

“Is this about the demon wolf again?” Stefano groaned, closing the book he was reading so that he would focus on his father’s story.

“Don’t be grumpy, my son.” his father waved him off.

“Alright, let’s listen to your story once more, Father.”

His father poured two glasses of wine and handed one glass to him. Stefano nodded in appreciation. At least the wine would bring him through the story his father was about to tell him although he remembered every word his father would say.

“A young girl born with the blood of Vampire King and blueblood werewolf woman, fed with the blood of Lycan King and a white witch but stronger than them all. She would be the last descendant of the royal families of vampire, werewolf, and lycan as there would be no more of her ancestors left by the time she reached of an age. As bright as her future would be, darkness would always lurk around her. We, as a daemon, we wouldn’t be able to identify a demon wolf just by looking at her. Trust me, my son. A demon wolf is such a trickster. It could blend itself among other species and nobody would suspect it until it was too late.”

“Why are you keep telling me the same story?”

His father sipped the wine. “Nothing, I guess. I really wished I could see a demon wolf by myself. It’s such a fascinating creature.”

Stefano tried to read his father’s expression. Just like himself, his father knew how to mask his true expression well.

“Stefano?” Adeline looked at him in a puzzle.

He was snapped from his own memories by her voice. Stefano had brought home a demon wolf. The same story his father told him. Now she was right here in his bed.

“Were you having a bad dream?” Stefano asked her, pretending he wasn’t the one who intercepted the dream.


“Come here,” he wrapped her body in his arms, resting his chin on top of her head. “I will protect you. Do not worry, my love.”

“Can you stay until I fall asleep?”

“Of course,”

Adeline laid down on the bed with her hand held into his, close to his chest. Within a few seconds, she was already in a deep slumber. Stefano caressed the bottom of her lips before he leaned in a plant a feathery kiss.

“I do not fear death,

For I have known it.

You took away my breath,

At the moment you kiss my lips.

Do not grieve at my grave,

For I am not there.”

He recited the real Adeline’s last note for him on the night she died.

Immortality was both a curse and a gift. He had walked on Earth for thousands of years and watched the people he knew succumbed to death. Many told him he should cherish his immortality for he didn’t know what death would feel like.

Death greeted him when he saw her on that night. His life was never been the same ever since. He was drunk in her eyes like an old man in the local parlor, singing love songs for unrequited love, telling tales of the maidens he had bedded, making a fool of himself.

Adeline was his death.

“In your love, I shall live.

In your arms, I shall come home.”

Stefano pulled the duvet up to cover her more before he snuffed the burning candle next to the bed. He left the room, closing the door softly, taking one last glance on her.

“Forgive me, my love,” he whispered as he closed the door completely.

For a creature who spent all his life being awake, Stefano spent a significant amount of time in his study, reading books. Something both he and Adeline enjoyed during their time together. The bedroom was a different story. A daemon could go to sleep but not necessarily. He could spend his entire life without sleeping not even a wink.

“Do you want some wine, My Lord?” Josef asked as the High Lord passed the hallway to his study.

“That would be perfect, Josef,” Stefano replied.

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