Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 20

Their right arms aligned with their shoulders and her back was rested against his chest as they danced to the music in the middle of the room. Stefano placed his left hand on her hip before he started moving and she made her movement corresponded to his.

He stretched their right arms upward before Adeline spun three times. Then, her back was on his chest again.

“You are always a very good dancer, my love,” Stefano whispered next to her ear.

His cold breath and lips touched her skin, sending shivers to her body. She didn’t want to welcome his touch but at the same time, she welcomed it. There was too much conflicts in her mind.

“I have a very good teacher, I assumed.” She replied, leaning her head to the other direction when he leaned to kiss her shoulder.

He chuckled, “Your compliment makes me humble.”

He spun her once so that she would face him. That was when something happened. An unknown flashback.

He put his hand on her lower waist. Not Stefano’s hands. Someone else’s hand was rested on her lower waist. Then, he asked her if she wanted a dance. They danced and danced as if the world was just about the two of them. As if the moment was just the two of them. The warmth of his hands was comforting and the cologne he was wearing, it felt like it was made for her to sniff on. His kiss on her shoulder felt so right.

Adeline couldn’t see his face. There was a blinding light behind him, blinding her from taking a good look on his face. Who was this man? Why did she dream of him? Was this even a dream? The way he made her body shivered to his touch, wanting for more — that didn’t feel like a dream. The way his lips touched her skin — it felt like he was meant to kiss her skin. It felt like her entire body was meant to be touched by him.

“My love,” Stefano touched her hand and instantly the flashback ended. “Maybe you need some rest.”

“I—I,” Adeline paused. “I need some time alone.”

“Yes, of course. Anything you need.” He kissed her forehead. “I’d be in my study if you need me.”

She picked her dress and walked as fast as she could as if the place was suffocating her. It only took one tries to get to the garden, the only place she felt like she wasn’t suffocating. Adeline took a deep breath with her eyes closed as she was trying to focus on the unknown man she saw earlier.

The way he touched in her in that short flashback, it felt so real — so right. It felt like home. A real home. She could still feel his touch on her lower back and the kiss he put on her shoulder. It didn’t feel anything like Stefano’s kiss.

She placed her hand right where she felt the unknown man’s lips. The touch of his lips was lingering on her skin. It felt so good.

Then, she remembered. It was wrong to think of another man while she was married to Stefano. Her mind was supposed to be thinking of her husband, not some unknown man. Too much conflict. Her mind was chaotic.

“Damn it, Adeline.” She cursed to herself. “You are home. Stefano is your husband. This place is your home. Get your mind straight.”

Stefano stood by the window of his study, observing Adeline who was still in the garden. He knew she was beginning to remember something and he also knew he had to do something about it. There was no way he could lose her after getting her.

“She’s started to remember things?” Clavier asked as soon as he entered the study. “Her mind worked a wonder. The High Lord ignored him. “I’ve treated many patients with a different kind of memory loss. This Adeline showed a fast recovery rate.”

For someone as coldhearted as Stefano, he showed a significant amount of compassion to Adeline. Or to someone who looked like the real Adeline. Clavier never thought this daemon High Lord could ever show compassion to anyone until he was destined to meet the human woman Adeline Domenico. The daughter of a farmer. They met when an epidemic had killed everyone but her in her village. She was dying and Stefano couldn’t let it happen. Since then Stefano was the guardian angel behind his coldhearted demeanor. Adeline was the only person who could break his ice wall just simply with her smile.

“She’s reeking with a powerful source of magic energy. I could smell it on her skin.” Stefano mumbled without tearing his gaze from her.

He had to step up his plan if he wanted Adeline stayed. Her energy would heal her mind before he could do anything else.

Clavier joined him by the window. “And you just realized that now?” he sipped on his wine. “I realized that on the moment I treated her.”

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” he demanded.

The doctor chuckled. “Since when you ever listen to me when it comes to Adeline?”

Stefano sighed. “I supposed you are right. I was too consumed trying to prevent her old memories from coming back.”

“It’s not her memories or energy you should worry about.” the doctor paused. “It’s the love she has for the Alpha that should be your main concern.” he glanced at him briefly. “Mating bond works on a mysterious way, don’t they?”

The werewolf was the luckiest creature of all that could experience something as sacred and beautiful as the mating bond. Not even death could break them. Once two souls were bonded, they would stay bonded for eternity, until the end of time. Stefano and his real Adeline had spent centuries observing and studying about werewolves. They were always amazed at how the mated werewolves acted around their mates in a different situation.

“Yes, they work in a mysterious way.” he agreed.

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