Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 19

Vincent stared at the Alpha, stunned. Ophelia Jade? One of the current Councilors of the Werewolf Council? But Ophelia wasn’t married or mated. Some said her mate rejected her. Some said she just hadn’t found him. Or did she lie to cover up something?

“Her ex-husband —” Cohen paused, trying to find the right term. “Anyway, Ophelia was married once to a man who had this crest.”

“Okay, so he’s the guy that Mira warned me about. Or could be someone from his family.”

“When I was fighting in an illegal ring a few months ago, I saw a man with this crest but he wasn’t Ophelia’s ex-husband. He was running the largest illegal rings and sex trafficking business across Europe.”

“Did he recognize you?”

“No, I was about to leave when I saw him. The host of the ring gave a briefcase to him. I snuck into the office and checked it.”

Cohen grabbed his bag and walked out of the changing room when he suddenly retreated back in again. Without fully closing the door, he watched a group of four men came out from the office of the gym owner. He spotted a crest on the necklace worn by one of the men who was talking to the gym owner.

“Get rid of it as soon as possible,” the man with the crest said.

The gym owner nodded and shook his head, “Trust me. I’d get it done. Come on, another big match is about to start.”

The gym owner escorted the men away. Feeling the coast was clear, Cohen stepped out of the changing room again, looking around to make sure he was alone. Luckily the next match was starting so everyone would be occupied watching that. He checked to make sure there were no hidden cameras around before he snuck into the office. A black briefcase was placed on the desk along with two files labeled Vincent Hale and Winston Forest.

Without wasting time, he opened the briefcase and saw two daggers used for each case was there, along with their tag. He recognized these daggers well. Mira had the same dagger.

Taking a picture of each dagger using his phone, he snuck out again. Why would the two cases files were there?

He took out two photos of two separate which was the evidence for Vincent and Winston’s case.

“He had the exact daggers in the briefcase. The design, the red gem, and the engraving. It was the same as Mira’s dagger in our possession right now.” Cohen leaned back to his chair, “And a week later, Dalton gave me a call saying two evidence went missing from the Council’s archive. The dagger for your case and the dagger for Winston’s case.”

“So, someone is getting rid of the evidence?”

“Yes because Dalton was close to crack the mystery of the real killer for Winston’s case. The person who framed Mira during the brothel incident. Someone must have heard about it so they decided to remove both evidence.”

If Mira warned Vincent about the crest and the owner, that means she had a lead all along. She just didn’t go after them. Why? Could they be very dangerous until she didn’t want to come after them? She had killed a vampire who was centuries older than her. What made this family could be any far dangerous than the Kincaid?

“You want to find out about this crest and the owner?”

“I’m not asking you to risk your life here, Vincent. Mira warned you about them so she must have come across them before.”

It was hard to tell anything. Sure Vincent and Mira worked together but the majority of the time, Mira worked on her own. She much preferred to work alone, without a team. Vincent and Amanda would only tag along when she requested them to. From Mira’s perspective, she didn’t have the time to worry about Vincent and Amanda’s life if things went south. Working in a team was as effective as working alone. Mira wasn’t the kind of person who would follow her own plan until the end. Let alone following other people’s plan. She would improvise along the way to ensure victory would be on her side. She was the Lone Wolf after all.

“Where’s the fun in cowering behind and wait for things to fall back together?” he grabbed the drawing and the photo.

“If it gets too dangerous, walk it out.”

“I guess you are going after the Council now.”

“I just wanted to finish what Mira had started.” Cohen murmured but his tone was evident that he was going after the Council for something else. “So yes we are going after the Council.”

“That’s the spirit. Alright, I’d see what I can find out about this crest.”

Vincent left the office. Cohen sighed and looked at this room he had made as his working place. Nearly twenty years he had used this room as an Alpha. After nine months of absence, his skills might be blunt but he could always sharpen them.

Mira wouldn’t want to see him being pathetic and failed in everything else. Maybe there was still another chance for him to redeem himself. And he shouldn’t waste that chance. Chances didn’t come by every time he needed them.

But first thing first.

He had to start with being the Alpha his pack needed him to be. Cohen knew he owed his pack an explanation for leaving without a trace. He owed them an apology. An Alpha didn’t apologize but he would make an exception. His father was right. Leaving a pack without a real Alpha was like an open season for a challenge. Not only he endangered Liam’s life, he also endangered his entire pack. They could have been attacked during his nine months of absence. That would be something Cohen could never forgive himself if they were attacked. He knew Liam very well. The beta wasn’t kind of guy to back down either. He would fight to his death rather than giving up the pack and go home like a coward.

“Liam, gather everyone in the backyard in one hour.” Cohen linked him.

The next step would be solving this case. If Mira was really alive, he would bring her home. If she wasn’t, he would bring her home too and put her at rest for real.

He reached for her photo on his desk and stared at it, “I’m coming for you, baby. I’m coming for you.”

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