Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 17

How much time would it take? For him to heal from this pain? The past nine months wasn’t enough. Would it take him a lifetime to heal? The pain was too much even when he breathed.

13:48. He closed his eyes, hoping the time would pass faster.

He reopened his eyes and checked the clock. 13:49. He closed his eyes again and reopened them again. 13:50. He did the same action a few times and only one minute passed each time.

It was true. Time passed slower when you were in pain. Time moved faster when you were happy. Cruel, wasn’t it? The world was cruel enough. Now the time had to be cruel to him too. As if other things weren’t cruel enough for him.

All these times, he was no longer living his life. He was just surviving and hoping for the best. He didn’t have a goal or purpose anymore. He didn’t know how long he would survive this way. He closed his eyes, focusing his will on the mating bond. Even he could feel it wasn’t weakening or breaking. What could that mean? Did someone do that to him? Tampering with his mind by reconstructing his mating bond?

“Honey,” Georgia knocked the slightly ajar door as she came in with a tray of foods.

The previous tray she sent this morning was remained untouched on the table. She replaced the old tray of foods with new ones. Cohen was a man of big appetite but now he barely even touched the foods. Did he even look at it?

It broke her to see her son this way but she knew there was nothing she could have done easing the pain. All she could do was praying hoping the Goddess would ease his pain.

“Honey,” she sat on the bed next to his body. “Your father is going out for a run. Why don’t you join him? It had been a while since you boys run together.”

“I didn’t want to shift, mama,” Cohen mumbled, turning his back to her.

He didn’t want his mother to see him this way. Weak and helpless. What kind of an Alpha would be like this? Emotionally unstable. Miserable. Broken. If Liam challenged him for the position, Cohen was no doubt would lose. But Liam wasn’t a greedy person. Power didn’t mean anything to him.

“Okay,” Georgia’s voice cracked again.

She wiped her teary eyes and picked the old tray of foods and left him alone in the room. The moment she arrived on the ground floor of his lake house, Georgia collapsed in her mate’s arms, unable to hold onto her tears.

“Honey, give him some time,” Eric soothed her. “Let him on his own. He would come back to us again.”

“It’s painful seeing him that way,” Georgia mumbled on his chest.

He took a deep breath, “I know. The best we could do right now is to support him to go through this hard time.”

“What if he never recovered?”

“Honey, do you not believe in your own son? Cohen might feel weak now. Every wolf who lost their mate would feel the same. But it doesn’t mean he would be weak until the end of time. He just needed some time to recover. He’s stronger than any of us.”

Yes, Cohen was stronger. Since he was born, Eric knew his son was destined to be someone greater than all his ancestors. Losing mate wasn’t an easy thing to cope up with. It could do a lot to a werewolf. Particularly an Alpha like Cohen. Eric refused to acknowledge his son’s weakness right now. Cohen had every right to mourn and be helpless and miserable.

Cohen shut his eyes as he was able to hear his mother’s sobs downstairs. His pain wouldn’t heal. It would just pass towards those who were close to him. How was he going to brave himself when all he could think of joining his mate in the Afterlife?

Back in the pack mansion, Liam and Amanda had spent hours arguing whether they should tell Cohen or not about their new findings. As usual, Liam protested. He was just as stubborn as the Alpha. That added more frustration to the white witch.

“Tell him!” Amanda argued with Liam.

Amanda had heard enough of Georgia’s cries every time the older woman came to the pack mansion. Maybe the news of Mira could be alive would do something to Cohen like jolting his mind to stability.

“The last time you told him—”

“Goddess, Liam!” Amanda groaned in frustration.

Sometimes, she felt like she wanted to strangle him to death. Liam was too occupied leading the pack and getting the Alpha’s work done. He didn’t have time to worry about anything else. That was where Amanda decided to come in. She knew she had no place in this pack but their wellbeing was important to her. Mira would have wanted her to take care of them too.

“How many more tears Mrs. Kingsley have to shed seeing her son that way?” Amanda pointed out.

She understood that Liam was taking a precaution just in case Cohen went berserk again. From her perspective, it was better for them to involve him in this regardless of his mental instability. This was the only way to make Cohen focused on something else than blaming himself constantly. Everyone was blaming themselves for failing to protect Mira.

“What if he goes berserk? What then?!”

“You have a dozen Alpha challenges on your back. And now you’re adding one more by putting Cohen in the dark about his mate.”

The beta grunted. He didn’t want to put his Alpha in the dark. But he couldn’t risk him to go berserk in a town full of humans.

“Liam,” Amanda put her hands on his shoulders as she said, “Maybe Mira could be really alive. She could be out there. If we tell Cohen about it, maybe he could get a grip of his mind once more.”

“The word maybe isn’t convincing enough.”

“You don’t need to be convinced. You just need to have faith in Cohen. He’s stronger than we think he is. He survived on his own for nine months without shedding blood. Have faith in him. He has every right to know.”

“Tell me what?”

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