Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 14

Daemon was different from a demon or the demon wolf. Daemon was known as a godlike deity. They had power incomparable to any other creatures ever walked on Earth. It was said that daemons were the first creature to walk on Earth before anything else. That made them the world’s oldest species. However, there was no confirmation they ever existed. People passed down stories like that. Just like how the stories of demon wolf happened. If a demon wolf could exist through a myth, then daemon could too.

And according to the legend, a daemon was the only powerful creature could use the resurrection spell without causing a catastrophic event.

“Should we be happy that Mira was resurrected or should we fear what this—” Vincent trailed off, “— daemon could do to her?”

A question that Amanda didn’t manage to ask herself but she was glad that Vincent mentioned it because her mind was too occupied thinking about him. Now, this daemon theory came into mind, she had to figure out something. Everyone heard stories about demon wolf and said it didn’t exist but it actually existed. What if daemon was more than just stories?

Amanda turned to the next page, “If a daemon resurrected a person, there could only mean one thing because they don’t just resurrect someone for fun.”

“Mira reminded the daemon of someone he knew.” Vincent murmured, looking at the book.

“Or they were planning to use her.” She added.

“There must be something we could do to find her, right?”

“I haven’t thought that far yet.”

“Then, we better start thinking.”

The atmosphere went to silence again.

“I’m sorry.” Amanda’s voice came out as a whisper but for Vincent, he could hear her loud and clear.

He didn’t say anything as he got up from the chair and left. Vincent had always by her side day and night until the day of Mira’s funeral. That was Amanda’s own mistake. She asked him to leave and he did because she didn’t want him to stay anymore. It hurt her right now knowing that she had lost him.

Amanda got up from her chair and went out of the office, following to where Vincent might be. He was at the backyard with a phone plastered to his right ear.

“I did the best I could,” He mumbled to whoever on the other end. “This is just a professional courtesy.” He paused for a few seconds. “Okay, take care.” He glanced over his shoulder and said, “I know you’re there.”

Amanda came out from her hiding. “Vincent, I...” She made her way to his right side and sat down. “I know what I requested from you nine months ago is hurting you. And slapping you that was a big mistake. I shouldn’t have done that.”

He went silent as he continued to listen to her. “It hurt me too knowing that you weren’t there anymore. I get it, it was my mistake. My fault for asking you to leave. And I know you are here just to help Alpha Cohen finds Mira. I just hope you would forgive me.”

They sat in silence again. Amanda was more afraid that he refused to forgive her. But it was all his choice. Whether he wanted to forgive her or not, that was up to him after all that she did to him.

“I forgave you,” Vincent replied, looking ahead. His expression was hard to read. “You always expected me to do all the heavy lifting while you couldn’t decide whether you wanted me or not.”

“You were right.”

“You asked me to take care of you. I did. You asked me to kiss you. I did. You asked me to sleep by your side and chased away the bad dreams. I did. You asked me to make love to you, I did. I did everything you asked me.”

He was right. Everything she asked him to do, he did it all without hesitation. If she asked him to kill someone, he would have. Her selfishness had cost her greatly.

He leaned on his chair. “What else do you want me to do, Amanda? What else do you want me to sacrifice for you?”

Amanda couldn’t answer him. She continued to listen to him.

“I was supposed to watch Mira’s back since she helped me to fake my death. I was supposed to stand by her side and helped with everything I could. But she asked me to stay by your side, knowing that you were afraid to be alone. I sacrificed everything so that I could stay by your side. She knew what it felt to be all alone and wasn’t afraid of it anymore. You didn’t know that. I sacrificed five years, watching your back, wiping away your tears and chased away your bad dreams when I could have been there for her to help.”

Her tears fell.

“Tell me. Where did I go wrong until you didn’t want me to stay?”

Amanda shook her head. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“No, I did something wrong.” He glanced at her. “Staying by your side was where I went wrong.”

Her tears fell more. It hurt her so much. And he did nothing to wipe away her tears. She had to stop being selfish. She had to stop hoping he would return. At this point, he was far too gone for her to reach.

“I should have stayed by her side instead.”

“Vincent, stop please,” Amanda begged.

She couldn’t take any of his words anymore. He put his fingers under her chin and lifted her face up. Vincent placed a feathery kiss on her lips.

“Loving you was a mistake.” He mumbled before he patted his hands on his knees as he stood up and ready to leave, “Good talk.”

Just like that, he walked away like before. No looking back. No hesitation. Amanda’s hand clenched on her shirt, right above where her heart was.

She had to accept the reality that Vincent would never come back to her.

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