Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 13

Of course, Cohen had to be put in the darkness for a while. Amanda hated putting him in the dark because she knew how much Mira meant to him. But, she couldn’t risk the same incident all over again. She might be a witch but she had no speedy healing like the Alpha. Speaking of the Alpha, nobody had seen him since he had gone mad two days ago. According to his mother, he went away for a few days to gather his thoughts.

Amanda knew better. He was mourning again.

“You could have called me earlier than this!”

That was Vincent’s voice for sure. Oh, how she missed hearing his voice. They hadn’t talked to each other for months.

He entered the office with Liam and his step came to a halt when his eyes met hers. Vincent quickly peeled his attention to somewhere else as if it was painful for him to look at her.

“Where’s the Alpha?” He asked.

“Out somewhere,” Liam replied. “Look, we couldn’t tell him anything yet. The last time Amanda mentioned his mating bond, he lost his mind.”

“What about his mating bond?”

Liam explained everything to him. Vincent wasn’t a man of many words either since nine months ago. He just nodded here and there to indicate he was catching up with every information. By the time Liam finished explaining, Vincent went out for a short time and returned with a 6-bottles crate of beers.

“Do you have any lead?”

Amanda was startled at how husky his voice sounded. He looked disheveled up close. He was growing facial hair and looked like he hadn’t had proper sleep for the past few days.

“I had a theory,” She replied.

“Better than nothing.” He shrugged his shoulders but made no approaching step to her.

Amanda wanted to cry and pounded on his chest because that was how much she missed him. She knew that her request to part way from him after Mira’s funeral was hurting him.

Vincent was packing his bag when she entered his room. They were planning to leave after Mira’s funeral, knowing that they would continue her work which was saving more people.

“I want you to leave me alone,” Amanda said softly, hoping he didn’t hear it.

He stopped and turned around, “Amanda, what are you talking about?”

She was fidgeting with her fingers. “I said I want you to leave me alone. I think we should go separate ways.”

“What happened to Mira wasn’t your fault. You did your best to bring her back to life.”

“Vincent, I said leave!” She pounded on his muscular chest.

“No!” He shouted on her face before he kissed her hard.

Amanda melted once again at his touch but she hated it. She hated happiness now. She hated everything related to that. Affection and love because Mira didn’t get that anymore. She died because they failed to protect her.

Amanda pushed him away, “Just leave me alone! I don’t want you to stay!”

Her palm connected to his cheek. Vincent flinched for a second. As soon as he picked his composure, he picked his bag and left the room, bumping against Liam and Brandon along the way but he decided to keep his mouth shut. Amanda dropped on the floor and cried her heart out. That day she had ripped herself apart.

“Tell me,” He snapped her from her thoughts.

Amanda shook her head, “Yeah sure.”

She flipped the pages of the same book until one big title came to their sight. She pointed to the big word.

“Yes, I could see that. It’s a myth.”

“Demon wolf was a myth once.”

Vincent leaned back, shaking his head. “There is no way this could be true.”

“Vincent, you think I’m mad,”

“You are mad.”

His eyes weren’t focusing on the book. His eyes were focusing on her — with anger. She knew he couldn’t concentrate on anything else unless he said everything that had been bothering him.

“Is there something you would like to say?” She stood up and put her hands on her hips like a mother was about to scold her son for coming home drunk.

He narrowed his eyes at her. “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe you could explain where the hell you’ve been for the past nine months!”

His nose was flaring like a dragon ready to breathe out fires and smite her to ashes except that he was a werewolf.

“You left! That’s what happened,” She replied.

That wasn’t true. She asked him to leave.

Vincent looked taken back by her statement. His lips pressed into a thin line before he spoke, “I’m here only because Mira’s body was taken. I’m not here to beg you to take me back because you were the ones who asked me to leave.”

Amanda looked away, feeling her tears were about to fall. His words were piercing through her soul. He was right though. She was the one who asked him to leave. It wouldn’t make sense if he begged her to take him back. But oh Goddess, she really wished he did that.

For the past nine months, she regretted her decision in asking him to leave. Amanda regretted that her words had caused pain to him. She regretted that she slapped him on that day when all he did was trying to be the best for her. But, her anger took the best of her and she lashed out on him. He didn’t deserve that. He saved her life countless times and that was how she repaid him by slapping him and asking him to leave on which he did leave because he knew what was the point of staying if she didn’t want him.

Not a day passed by without Amanda crying just to think about it. She was no different than those bad people. All she did was giving pain to Vincent. The pain that he didn’t deserve. Now, his words were piercing her wounds once again. She deserved it. She knew she did.

He didn’t want her anymore and that was painful to accept. Amanda looked at him. He could barely hold his stare on her. She had lost him completely.

“The sooner we solve this matter, the sooner I would be out of your peripheral vision,” Vincent said.

Reluctantly, she nodded. “It was a daemon who took her body. The Earth’s oldest supernatural species.”

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