Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 11

After a meeting with the Council, Stefano retreated into his bedroom and hoped to catch a short break before the next meeting. For someone like him, he didn’t need to sleep to function but sleeping was one of the few things that reminded him what it felt to be a human. He didn’t get that privilege. Never did. But his Adeline did. She wanted him to feel as much humane as she once was.

He lied down on his bed and closed his eyes. A few minutes later, something was surging in his body. Such power could only happen when he was time traveling. Before he could stop the power, for some unknown reasons, he was pulled back in time. Stefano recognized this dark room. This room only happened for those who were time traveling for the first time. But this wasn’t the first time he had traveled through time. He had done it countless times. Why was he here again?

Stefano spun 360 degrees, trying to look something unusual about the dark room. Then, he saw her. His Adeline.

No, not Adeline. Someone who looked like her.

A mirror slowly materialized far ahead of her and she went there and was occasionally looking behind her back as if she knew she was being watched by him. The moment she stepped into the mirror, he was pulled into a different timeline.

Stefano saw her again. But this time she was watching another woman who looked like herself. A spitting image of herself.

A spitting image of Adeline.

So the following began again. The 1989 Adeline kept on looking behind her just like the other one. Maybe they knew he was following them. After all, he wasn’t in his spirit form. His physical body was there with him. The 2018 Adeline was in her spirit form so there was no way for the 1989 Adeline could see her.

He kept on following the 2018 Adeline from one time to another until he didn’t see her anymore because he was thrown into another different timeline for an unknown reason. Something that never happened before. Stefano took a deep breath and imagined the 2018 Adeline. The moment he opened his eyes, he saw her was crawling on the floor, trying to reach for the mirror when a vampire was watching and smirking at her state. Her energy was weakening. If she didn’t leave the time traveling before her energy depleted, her spirit would be stuck there forever and her physical body would die. So, Stefano had to do it. He pulled her out of there without revealing himself.

“Time traveler,” Clavier affirmed. “Except that, she traveled as spirit.”

Stefano nodded, “Yes, something that could have gone wrong.”

He never saw anyone did time traveling in a spirit form. Stefano time traveled with his physical form. Anything could happen to the physical form if it was left unguarded.

“Where was she on the first time you lost her?”

“I don’t know. I was thrown into a different timeline like there was a strong force pulling me away.”

“Where did you pull her out?”

“Outside a dungeon.”

“So, there were three of you guys time traveling. Her, the vampire and yourself.”

Stefano shook his head. “I don’t think the vampire was time traveling. I couldn’t explain it but he wasn’t time traveling.”

“We all know certain parts of time traveling would be left unaffected and someone there might realize that we are time travelers.”

“Yes, but the vampire was part of the memories.”

“Maybe he saw you. Not her.” Clavier pointed out. “Like when you said the 1989 Adeline kept looking behind her when you and 2018 Adeline tailed her. Maybe she didn’t see her 2018 version. Maybe she saw you.”

“There could be the possibility.”

“Did you see her after?”

Stefano nodded, “I believe it was a few days after that day. I saw her strapped to the metal table. The vampire was draining her blood with some kind of machine I never saw. She saw me but she must have thought she was hallucinating because of the blood loss.”

“Why didn’t you help her?”

The Lord of the house gave out a long breath. “I tried and I was thrown further into the timeline. I couldn’t get back there after that.”

“Why waited nine months?”

That was a good question if Stefano must admit it. Why he waited for nine months? He went there to her grave about a few days after her funeral and that was when he felt a very strong spell was guarding around the grave. He had to go back and forth from his study to her grave to learn more about the spell. Whoever put the spell surely knew how to work the spell to its maximum potential. It was a very tricky spell as well. It took him nine months just to learn the true nature of the spell.

Having her grave rested on the strongest magic energy line wasn’t helping him either. The energy was constantly fueling the spell to ensure it would never be broken.

“A very powerful spell was placed at her grave.” He told Clavier.

He told him everything he learned about the spell. He was running out of ideas. He did everything he could to break the spell. The only way for him to dispel the spell was by blocking the magic energy line from flowing towards her grave because he couldn’t find the ultimate way to break the spell. If he blocked the magic energy line, his own spells that he cast over her grave to prevent her body from decomposing, would be weakened and it would die. Her body would decompose before he could bring her out of the grave. There were so many works for him to do alone just to get her physical body out of the grave.

“Someone must be very strong to use such a strong spell.” Clavier rubbed his jaw, thinking. “Not to mention her grave was strategically placed on a strong magic energy line.”

“They must have known it.”

Clavier stood up, “I hope you wouldn’t disturb the past, Stefano. Enough with this—” he gestured to Adeline, “—natural order you’ve disturbed by resurrecting her back to life.”

“If she was your wife, would you do it?”

“If I resurrected my wife from the dead, she would hunt me with a butcher knife instead of feeling grateful.” the doctor said nonchalantly. “Which is why I’m still not married.”

“Point taken.”

The doctor headed to the door, ready to leave, “By the way, she’s very beautiful just like the real Adeline.”

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