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Fantasy / Romance


The kingdom of Erminia is governed by the General. Holding one of the greatest power of the world, the General has the responsibility to govern his kingdom against the Syndicate, an organization focused in getting the General’s power to lead the world of Anthepony to its ruin. The General’s life is dedicated to his people and the safety of the whole world. Countless of generations, the family of Dreen holds the bloodline of the Generals. What will happen if the if the current General turns out to be a kid who is clearly not ready to take over a heavy burden of his family.


The chains around my wrists forbids me to go anywhere. It was getting painful and the healing powers I had already diminished after I entered this place. Attempting to enter their territory in the middle of my rage was a big mistake. No, everything was a big mistake. Right from the very start. Proving the vision wrong and trying to change it was the biggest mistake I could ever make. I have no one but myself to blame for this mess.

Looking out the small bricked window covered with anti-magic metal rods, I could see the smoke coming from afar. The explosion continued as heavy smoke covered the skies. The kingdom of Erminia had to pay for my carelessness and if it wasn’t for me, this wouldn’t have happened.

If only I was ready to --

“It’s been a while, General.”

My heart almost skipped out of my chest after hearing that familiar voice. A voice I always dreamed of hearing once more.

He was the reason why I’m here. The reason why I couldn’t let go.

Looking to the right, I saw him standing behind the bars. He had that infamous smirk and I missed it so much. Seeing him like this, throwing himself to the dark because of what I’ve done hurt me the most.

Though my body was naked and growing cold, I struggled to stand up. My powers had already left me and I couldn’t conjure any of the elements. In this place where I’m helpless, this person in front of me should be the one who would protect me but he’s long gone.

The person I loved and cherished doesn’t exist anymore.

Just because of that big mistake.

I tried reaching up to him but no matter how far I staggered, he kept distancing himself.

All I wanted was to be with him but if we remained together, the whole world of Anthepony would suffer.

No one could change the curse of our bloodlines. All of our ancestors suffered from it.

I dropped down on the floor, feeling the coldness of the air and the dampness of the floor.

“...I’m sorry,” I mumbled, resisting the urge to cry like a kid I was once.

No matter how many times people remind me of my duties as the General, only this person could make feel weak. No matter how much power I have in me, I couldn’t go against him.

I guess…I had no choice but to surrender to the curse.

This really freaking su --

“ -on. Neon.”

I woke up and saw those crimson-colored eyes staring right into my eyes. It was no longer cold and I was blessed to have a blanket covering my body. I was back in my room in the Dreen castle. The fireplace across from where the canopy bed, the tall glass windows closed with the view of the mountains surrounding the kingdom of Erminia.

I’m back.

My head was resting on Alex’ arm and I could feel the warmth of his body. My body felt heavy because of the many visions I see every night but even so, having Alex beside me comforted me in a way nobody could.

Snuggling close to him, I bit the tears forming in my eyes.

I had to hold onto him for as long as I could.

Until the day comes where I would break his heart and lose all the love he had for me.

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