Alpha Neil

By Aaliyah LeVasseur All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


"LET GO OF ME!" I struggle under his grip. I notice my skin is getting redder by the second. It's burning from the contact as I continue to try and get away from him. "You are mine! You're staying here, I am not going to let you run again." He shakes my arm roughly growling. He leans down and sniffs my neck making my wolf go into a frenzy. His breath grazing my neck, "I'm never letting you go." He whispers only for my ears to hear and I shudder. My knees weak and eyes blurry. *** Halei is a fierce she-wolf who has been through everything, thick and thin. She's never been accepted by her parents. Abused by many and still made it out alive. She is special having abilities that only happened because of what she's went through. Alpha Neil is the most feared Rex that has ever lived. He is relentless and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. But what happens he meets the one.

1. Hide and Seek

My breath hitches in my throat and my eyes stinging willing me to blink.
I cannot.
I cannot!
"I'm coming for you!" It sounds as if a whistle has attacked my ear. Darn these hearing abilities. I move slowly still holding my breath as I near the stream only I know about. I seem to have to hide here everyday. I snap my head both ways to see if he has somehow found me.
I jump in the water and make sure I get every once of me wet. Wiping and splashing my scent away. After I get up I run my hands through my silky hair and wipe the remaining water off my face.
I look around once more and take one huge gallop into the next tree I see swinging from it to the next like I was Tarzan.
I've done it so many times, it's natural to me.

I stop abruptly at the creaking sound I hear.
He couldn't have tracked me.
I smell around to see if it's truly only him, it's not. The strong smell shows how powerful it truly is, though I can not make out what it is.
Another creak sounds, closer.
My heart begins to race and my head begins to throb.
I have to get out of here.
I begin to move through the trees faster than I ever have before. Swinging from limb to limb so fast I almost miss one.
The faster I go the more Reece tries to take control.
She knows better. My body isn't ready for the transformation yet. I could die!
I just missed a branch and crash to the floor with a loud thump. I hiss and rub the back of my head. I pull my hand from the back of my head and look at it.
Crimson red covers my fingers and now is the time my body begins to wince.
My eyesight begins to get hazy and I can't even push myself up right now.
I feel the presence of someone higher than me just steps away, I await my fate laying here painfully as I stare out into the trees above me.
The being stares down at me with its piercing blue eyes that seem to be glowing.
My eyes welcome the darkness.
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