Dark Indiscretions

By Shakuita Johnson All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

Chapter 8

“Hey, Nate, I need you and Taz to meet me at Taz’s place... What? Oh that. Sorry. My mom needed me... I will... That’s why I’m asking you guys to meet me. Some crazy shit is going on and I need your help to figure out what exactly... Thanks... See you guys soon.”

Now that that was out of the way, hopefully when Krista told them Jenny’s story they could help her piece together what the hell actually happened. “Don’t worry, Mom, let’s see if Nate and Taz can help. Maybe Taz’s Betas will be there as well.”

Ha! Somehow Jenny knew the shit was about to hit the fan. Whatever was going on was just getting started. She could feel her blood tingling and she just knew that it couldn’t mean anything good. She just wanted to relax and unwind a little. Now two innocent humans were dead and she had no idea who the fuck it was or what he or she was trying to accomplish. She should have gone home last night instead of falling asleep. She knew better.

Twenty minutes later, Jenny and Krista pulled up to a nice little house, pass the iron gate, with two men waiting on the porch. Awesome! She really didn’t want to involve any of them in this mess, but Krista had already managed to do that. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to call her in the first place. That’s what she got for overreacting. Well, time to greet her new sons-in-law.

“Hello, Ms. Johnston, I am Nathan Brimming and this is Taser Jameson. ‘Taz’ for short. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” At least they were both cute.

“Thank you, and it’s nice to meet you both as well. I regret that it’s not under more pleasant circumstances.” There, see? She could be cordial.

“So Kris, what had you so worried over the phone, babe?” Look at Nathan acting all concerned. Freaking cats!

“Oh well, the reason I left so early this morning is because... Hey wait a minute; what the hell is his problem? What’s with the face?”

That’s what Jenny was thinking. Taser was looking rather put out.

“My problem is the blatant disrespect from certain members of MY PACK this morning. Son of a bitch, Jackson thinks he’s going to get away with speaking to me like that. We’ll just see about that. If he’s not here like I told him to be, there’s going to be a serious problem.”

“Really, Taz; I told you to get a grip and let it go,” Nathan said. “You were out of line, and so was he. I’m sure it can be settled later. Right now Kris needs our help. Okay?” Well, well, well. Jenny wondered what all that was about.

“This isn’t over, Nate, but you’re right. Kris needs us right now. Sorry about that. So tell us what happened.”

After moving into the house, Jenny told them her story until she had fallen asleep, and what happened after she had woken up. They seemed amused at first, and then horrified—which was a shocker to her because they had probably ripped a few people up before—when she told them about the condition of the bodies. She hoped they didn’t think she did it and if they did, well... she really didn’t care. Jenny knew she would have never killed those people. She’s not saying she hadn’t killed before, but those murders she remembered. Those she could never forget, no matter how much she wanted to.

“Well?” Krista asked. “What do you guys think could have happened? I smelled a fourth scent but my nose isn’t as strong as either of yours.”

“We could always go back and see if we can get close. If someone has found the bodies already it won’t matter. But if we can get in there and try to catch the scent, we might know them if we run into them,” Nathan suggested.

“Great idea. I don’t really want to go back, but I want to know what’s going on and who’s trying to set me up.” If they could help, then great. If not, no harm done.

“Maybe we should bring your betas along just in case,” Krista said to Taz.

“No. Seeing as how they haven’t showed yet, even though it’s been several hours, we can go it alone. Besides, I’m still pissed at them.”

Holy crap. Alphas. Nathan really wished Taz would let it go already.

“Look, we’re not going over there for a pissing contest. I just want to see if they would be willing to help. It may make it easier for them to feel comfortable around us. We know what others think of Mystics. We’re not stupid. We hear the name-calling, and we can smell the fear. If they don’t want to help, that’s fine. We can’t make them. It’s not really even their problem.” Ha, Krista sure told him. While Taz was stuttering and sputtering she had grabbed her keys and was out the door.

“She’s right, Taz. We aren’t going over to start a fight. Just to see if they are willing to lend a hand. Now let’s go, babe, before she leaves us.”

The only thing Taz could think about this whole situation was that it was bullshit. He was the alpha, damn it. How the hell was he supposed to lead if no one listened to a thing he said? So maybe he was looking for a fight. He was still freaked out about having mates and wanted to take it out on someone. But maybe picking a fight with Jackson wasn’t a good idea. Jackson could wipe the floor with him if he wanted to. He just hoped he wasn’t still pissed, or things were going to get ugly and someone might just end up dead. Mainly Taz. What the hell was he thinking?

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